Tuesday 24 May 2016

Travelling To A World Of Paradise | Cabana Leeds Road To Rio Menu Event


I was invited to Cabana Leeds to try out their new Road To Rio Summer Menu. I did a opening event of the restaurant a long while ago and if you haven't checked that out then I shall leave that here for you to check out!

Cabana is a Brasilian restaurant that was founded by two people Jamie and David. One Brazilian, one English. (Brazilian/Brasilian... Everyone has a different way of spelling it...) They both visited Brazil once and decided to visit Brazil and decided that there was nothing within England that represented Brazils food in an amazing way so they decided to set something up in the UK. They wanted to bring three main things back as these make Brazil amazing. Food as Brazilian food is amazing. The eccentricity of the cities of Brazil as everyone just comes together to make Brazil an amazing place and the outlook that Brazil has which is that everything is good. They have many branches within the UK including living within The O2 Arena and being in major shopping centres such as Trinity Leeds.

We entered the restaurant after browsing several stores within the shopping centre such as Topman, Gobstoppers and many others. We were introduced to the people behind the PR that had sorted the event as I had tweeted about the event beforehand. Myself and Luke were then told about what would be happening throughout the event which included many things such as live entertainment and churros.

We then made our way to the bar because well every good event starts off with a good drink... The new cocktail on the block at Cabana was a Raspberry Caipirihna (a twist on the classic Caipirihna which Cabana are well known for.) I then sat Luke down on a table whilst I went to go take a few photos. We then moved nearer to where the action was as I felt that we would be out of the way which may mean missing out on a few things. We finally sat down in somewhere where the action was and were given some Malagueta Hummus With Cucumber and Carrots. This dish is a part of the new set lunch. The hummus was nice, the malagueta sauce gave it a kick to give it that Brasilian vibe and the Cucumber contrasted well with the kick. We chatted for a while until the next dish arrived.

The next dish that was arrived. This one was Spicy Malagueta Chicken Lettuce Wraps. This consists of well Spicy Malagueta Chicken wrapped up within Lettuce. I think that these are great to have with drinks. I think it sums up the whole Summer vibe of the menu up very well. It also means that you can have some and then feel smug because well they're wrapped in Lettuce therefore they are very healthy! The sweetness of the Chicken went really well with the slight bitterness of the Lettuce! I think that some Malagueta Mayo might be best on the side in case you want to dip the wraps into anything.

We were then topped up with more Raspberry Caipirihna's/ They are sweet but slightly sour at the same time making them a great cocktail to enjoy outside! We then sipped a bit of the drink as the bartender had been a bit overexcited when making it which isn't a bad thing in my opinion! We were then given a bowl of Bahian Coconut Curry each. This dish is under the same set menu as the Hummus which I will go a bit more detail at the end of the post. The coconut curry is mild. It's served with biro biro rice and a choice of mini skewers in the form of Spicy Malagueta Chicken, Steak or Halloumi so there's a choice for everyone there! I loved this curry as I'm not a massive fan of hot curries. This had a more sweet flavour to it with a hint of spice. The coconut gave it that sweet flavour but I think that it worked really well within the curry. I loved it that much that I said yes when offered another bowl of it!

This next delicious piece was created for all those people who are slightly sick of the same old stale sandwich when it comes to lunchtime at the office! You have the choice of two which means that you can try two and then come back again and again at lunch for the one that you love! There's Salchipapa which consists of Pork & Papaya Sausage tossed with Sweet Potato Fries and Malagueta Mayo and there's Lulapapa which is the same but instead of juicy sausages, it's Crispy Lula Squid which sounds amazing! I tried both and I still can't decide which I love more. The Papaya in the Sausages give it a nice Summery Kick as you wonder what it is within the meat that makes it taste so nice but at the same time the Squid one was amazing. It wasn't rubbery at all but it was Crispy which I love. The main star of this would have to be the amazing Sweet Potato Fries. They were just delicious.

The last dish was Churros. Oh my god, I loved these! They were sorting all of the churros out on the table next to me and I kept resisting the urge to shuffle over the next table and just take all of the churros. They were crispy yet fluffy which I love as you have the contrast of the crispiness and the fluffiness of the inside. They were then covered with Cinnamon Sugar. I love anything with Cinnamon on which makes these Churros even more delicious! The chocolate sauce that was served with it was dark and delicious.

Cabana are also now offering a set menu on Monday all the way through to Friday until 5pm. It comes at a cost of £9.95 for two courses. There is now also an Early Bird Menu which is on every day from 5 until half six. This consists of a main course, two sides and a drink for £9.95.

Have you been to Cabana before? Have you tried the new Road To Rio menu/anything mentioned in this post before? Let me know in the comments section below!

Thanks to Cabana and their amazing staff for putting on such an amazing event! Thanks to MCG PR for sorting out, putting on and inviting myself to such a great event! I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time for another post!

Jamie x

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