Friday 3 June 2022

Lush Candles (Orange Blossom, The Olive Branch & Sleepy) First Impressions

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I recently saw that Lush had released candles and well I had to tell you all my thoughts about them so I thought that I would talk all about them to you today. 

A light white wooden rectangular table with three cylindrical small glass clear hars, one with orange blossom, one with the olive ranch and one with sleepy all in white font filled with orange green and purple wax on a bright background

Orange Blossom 

All of the candles featured in this blog post include a base of rapeseed, coconut and castor waxes and coconut oil. This base of waxes and oil ensures that the candles that Lush creates are paraffin, GM, soy and palm free. This candle contains Orange Flower Absolute, Bergamot Oil and Lebanese Neroli Oil. To me, the candles burn quite well. I had mine on for a duration of four hours to review them and after I left the candle to cool, I noticed that not a lot of oil had burnt which meant I could tell that I would get a good few 4 hour usages out of one candle. To me, this candle smells like when you walk into a spa that is filled with wood furnishings and bowls full of fresh oranges which contained some that are peeled and some that aren’t. I think that I will burn this one when I am using a citrus product in the bath or when I want a little citrus kick in the house by burning it in my hallway. 

The Olive Branch 

This candle contains Bergamot, Orange Flower Absolute and Galbanum Oils. To me, this combination creates a sort of citrus and green fragrance. Do I get olive trees? Not really as I think that this candle misses that sort of fresh woody note to it for me to counter it as a olive tree fragrance but I think that to me it reminds me more of sitting in a field full of olive trees with olives marinating through the  sun. I realise that this sounds bizarre but I think this is how I visualise the Galbanum Oil that provides that fresh green note. The burn was same for me as the one previously mentioned and I think that I would burn this along side a sort of fresh bath in the middle of Summer or in my front room. My only qualm with Lush releasing Orange Blossom and The Olive Branch is that they have similar ingredients and slightly similar notes (one focusing more on fresh and green and one focusing more on fresh and citrus). I wonder why they have brought these candles out that share similar scents and didn’t release one of these and something that doesn’t have similar scent notes such as maybe Breath Of God to replace one of the above but that’s just me. 


This candle contains Lavender and Yoang Ylng Oils. Again, barely any wax had burnt at the four hour mark which means that I know that I’ll be able to get a fair few uses out of this candle. To me, even though this shares it’s name with the well known range at Lush, this candle has a more herbal note to it from the lavender rather than the sort of floral note that Sleepy had. I quite liked it. I think that this candle would be best burnt alongside a night time bath or in the bedroom. I did use it in my bedroom before bed and not only did it make my room smell amazing but also settled me for the night. 

Would I buy them again? I think I would but I think that I would probably only buy two out of the three mentioned due to my previous comments about similar ingredients and scent notes. I really wish that Lush release more of these candles. I would love a Karma scented one as I love all things Karma, a Junk scented one and a Breath Of God scented one. I mean a Rose Jam scented one at Valentines would sell amazingly at Lush. I love the jars of these candles but I do wish that they were bigger. I’m not a size queen but at £12 I’d like a little bit more bang for my buck. I also would like to see if the base could be changed as someone who is sensory based I can give or take the rough texture on the top of the candles but I get why due to the waxes used. I can’t wait to see if Lush release more of these candles. 

 Have you tried these candles? Let me know down below. 

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This a blog was written in return for gifted items. All ramblings, views and opinions in this pos5 are my own and not influenced by the gifting of products. 

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