Monday 13 June 2022

Ritter Sport Buenos Dias & Hi There! (White, Mango & Passionfruit & Salted Caramel) Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I recently found two new flavours of the chocolate brand Ritter Sport and I thought that today I would talk to you all about them. 

A photo of two square packaged chocolate bars one with yellow golden wrapping with Ritter sport in black font and hi there salted caramel in dark gold font next to a bar in yellow wrapping with Ritter sport in black font with bueno Dias white mango and passion fruit in white and slightly pastel yellow font on a bright  background

‘Buenos dias or good morning from Costa Rica. Forget the morning, with this bar it's going to be a good DAY. Enjoy fruity mango and passion fruit wrapped in our creamy white chocolate. Deliciosa!’. - Ritter Sport UK. 

The first thing that hit my mouth was the texture of the chocolate. The White Chocolate has a creamy luscious texture to it that pretty much instantly melts in your mouth. After this, the thick mango and passion fruit cream hit my tongue which added to the smoothness of the white chocolate. after all this smoothness, the biscuit provided a much needed crunch which enabled me to go back for more and more due to that textural contrast. 

The taste of this bar was sublime. The first thing that hit my tongue and lingered on it until the end of me eating this bar was the White Chocolate. The White Chocolate provided a rich and creamy flavour that reminded me of quite sweet milk. White Chocolate is a little bit lost on me due to thinking that it always tastes like a mixture of milk and cocoa butter. After this, the mango bursted through and coated my tongue in a fresh yet quite sweet Mango flavour. I love anything that is Mango. Finally, the Passion Fruit came through mainly as an after taste. Sour yet very much needed due to the richness of the White Chocolate. Absolutely amazing. 

‘Hi There! from the south west! This bar is a must for any road trip not just route 66. Delicious salted caramel crisps & crunchy caramel pieces smothered in our creamy milk chocolate. Just make you ride SHOTGUN so you get your hands on it first!’ - Ritter Sport UK. 

The texture of this bar was nice but not amazing for me. This bar delivered a lot of crunch but that was it for me. I think that I need to stop instantly associating caramel with being a runny liqud. The reason I say this is because when bars offer caramel in the crunchy format I get annoyed due to this instant association. The crunch was nice when I took a bite of this bar but there wasn’t much contrasting against all that crunch except the chocolate itself. 

The first thing that I tasted when I took a bite of this bar was the smooth and creamy chocolate . The taste of the exterior of the bar tasted crramy and rich but not sickly which I really enjoyed. The caramel had a sweet yet slightly smoky taste to it which I adored. I love it when a caramel is slightly scorched but not completely cremated. The final thing that I tasted from this bar was the salt. I mean, if anyone knows me I am forever screaming for more salt when a product states that it is salted and this was no different. Even if I did want more of a salty flavour, what I liked about the salt in this bar was that it was sprinkled throughout the bar which meant that I got pops of slightly subtle salty flavour. 

Would I buy these bars again? 

Yes, I would. I think that if I saw either of these bars I would instantly grab them. Maybe the mango one more than the Caramel one but if I see them both when I am next out shopping for food then I will definitely pick them up. I’d give the mango a 8.5/10 and the Salted Caramel a 7.85 out of 10. 

Have you tried either of these bars? Let me know down below. 

Check out Ritter Sports here. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

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