Saturday 15 August 2020

Got Nuts? | Snickers Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I recently went to B&M and grabbed some goodies, so I thought that today I would talk to you all about the Snickers Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread. 

'Snickers + Peanut Butter...yes, you better believe this stuff exists! Snickers Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread is HERE and it's FILLED with crunchy peanuts with hints of sweet caramel and chocolate!! Delicious naughty 'n nutty peanut butter as we know and love it...swirled, stirred, and satisfying!' - The Protein Pick & Mix. 

A tall cylindrical glass jar filled with light brown peanut butter with golden swirls of caramel and swirls od dark brown chocolate with a circular black lid with a yellow rectangular label that says snickers crunchy peanut butter in black font on a bright background

There was good points and bad points about the texture of this product. I adored the mixture of splintered Peanuts, smooth Caramel and slightly chunky pieces of Chocolate. I loved that every spoonful tasted slightly different which made me wanting to go back for more and more. Sadly, the thickness of this spread put me off a bit. The spread was as thick as tar. I get that Peanut Butter and Caramel won't make for the thinnest of mixtures, but, is it really a spread if it's actually too thick to spread on food, such as, Toast?

I love Smickers so I was expecting the Spread to taste of Snickers, but sadly, I was slightly let down. I think that the best thing about Snickers is that Peanut layer in the bars normally has a salty edge to it which balances the bar out. However, the Spread didn't have that salty edge which made the product a bit bland. The Caramel and Chocolate just made the Spread too sweet for me. 

Would I buy this again? Maybe. I think that if I saw this on offer in the Supermarket, then, I would pick some up and use it when I wanted to bake something, but otherwise I'm not fully sure if I would buy it again sadly. 

Have you tried this product? Let me know down below. 

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

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