Saturday 22 August 2020

Allure By Jorlaska FM 837 Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I was kindly gifted a fragrance by the wonderful Jorlaska over at Allure By Jorlaska. 

Allure By Jorlaska is a wonderful small business that is ran by the wonderful Jorlaska. They specialise in creating inspired fragrances, and Vegan and Cruelty Free fragrances. They also even donate a percentage of their profits to amazing charities that help those that are less fortunate as the majority of society. 

I was kindly sent the FM837 Fragrance which has taken inspiration from the Bad Boy fragrance by Carolina Herrera. 

A picture of a long rectangular black box lid next to a rectangular black box with a glass rectangular bottle filled with light liquid with a black label with 837 in gold font on a bright background

List Of Notes Within The Fragrance:

Top: bergamot, black pepper, white pepper

Mid: cedarwood, sage

Base: tonka bean, amberwood, cocoa.

The packaging of this product is amazing. The fragrance comes in a sleek yet elegant rectangular box with metallic details that glimmer and twinkle in any form of lighting. The fragrance itself is presented in a rectangular glass bottle that screams style. This is definitely a bottle that would look great on a shelf that is able to be viewed by all. 

I have used this a few times to ensure that my opinion is consistent, as sometimes fragrances can smell slightly different when using it more than once on the skin. 

When I first sprayed this onto my skin, the first sort of scent I got was a sweet yet musky citrus hit. I believe that this is due to the Bergamot in the top notes of the fragrance. The Bergamot came out of the scent a lot more than the Peppers that are included in the top notes. In my opinion, the Peppers add a touch of spice to the Bergamot, instead of taking over the citrus notes of the Bergamot. When I think of Pepper in any form of fragrance, I end up expecting it to be the main note which can be great in some fragrances, but can be off putting in other fragrances. I loved how it slightly complimented the Bergamot and weirdly amplified the citrus elements of this product. 

The mid notes of this fragrance were interesting to me. I love Cedarwood in fragrances, as they add another dimension to the fragrance. I also think that Cedarwood goes great with anything that has a spicy or warming element to it, so I wasn't surprised that when the mid notes kicked in, that I picked up on the intoxicating scent of Cedarwood and Black Pepper. I was surprised that Sage was included in the mid notes of this fragrance. The main reason is that, normally, Sage, like Pepper has a tendency to overtake other notes within fragrances and sometimes Sage ends up making the fragrance have a predominately herbal scent to it. 

The base notes were the most interesting to me within this fragrance. I love Tonka Bean. It gives anything that it touches a kiss of sweetness. As I have smelt this quite often in other products, the Tonka Bean hit me like a ton of bricks and I loved it. Especially as it blended with the Amberwood and Sandalwood to create a sort of sweet, less abrasive woody scent to me. The Tonka Bean also mixed with the Cocoa note to create a sweet earthy scent which I really enjoyed. I was intrigued by the Cocoa, as I haven't really ever noticed a Cocoa note in fragrances before. I was expecting the Cocoa to make everything chocolate like, but instead it added an earthy rich hit to the fragrance. 

Would I buy it again? Yes I think that I would. I love trying new fragrances and if I find one that I like then I know that I am going to buy it again within the future. I think that this is best worn in either the Summer or Autumn season in my opinion. It also had a great lasting power to it so I would love to try other fragrances by Allure by Jorlasks to see if they have the same lasting power. I think that this is a great scent to wear when going on socially distanced adventures with others. I haven't tried the Bad Boy fragrance, so I think that post COVID, I may have to try it and compare it against this fragrance. 

Have you tried this product or the Bad Boy fragrance by Carolina Herrera? Let me know down below. 

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

The product by Allure By Jorlaska was gifted to me in return for a blog post. All opinions, and, ramblings are my own. 

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