Wednesday 30 October 2019

Lush Christmas 2019 First Impressions : Shower

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Round Two of the First Impressions of the Lush Christmas Range. This time, its all about those who are in the No Tub Club, which is also known as the Shower part of the Christmas range!

A selection of spherical and square bath bombs in rectangular light brown boxes with rectangular black tags next to them which say words including, Golden Wonder, Fireball, Snowman Dreaming in white font on a bright background

Shower Gels:

There are Liquid and Solid versions of all of these Shower Gels, therefore, I will mention them both within the same paragraph.

Yog Nog

I love anything Yog Nog based! Spicy and rich. It screams Cold Nights to me! This has some shimmer in. I tried it within the store, and, a little goes a long way! The scent pay off is amazing too with this product!

A circular pool of bright gold shimmery shower gel on a bright background


This product contains Neroli, which is apparently, a natural source of Serotonin, thus making you more happier if you use it. This has a weird scent to me. Slightly floral, slightly sweet, but mainly, Citrus. It has a lot of Glitter... I love that, but I know that, some people don't.

A bright purple-blue shimmery circular pool of shower gel on a bright background

Snow Fairy

I mean... Do I really need to explain Snow Fairy? If you haven't tried it before, then imagine sweet Cotton Candy/Bubblegum mixed with Pear Drops and tinted Neon Pink... I love this scent. I did use to hate it, but I now love it. It smells just like it normally does, and, is the same texture as normal. Go give it a sniff if you've never tried it!

A circular pool of neon baby pink shower gel on a bright background

Shower Jellies:

Santa's Belly

This shares it same scent with So White. I absolutely adore it, as it's sweet apple with a touch of Acidic crispness. I love the fact that a little goes a long way with this one!

A red circular pot of shower jelly with a golden square in the middle full of shimmer to represent a gold belt buckle on a bright background

Drummers Drumming

I love to dance to the beat of my own drum... (If you get that song reference, comment down below!) This Shower Jelly has a sort of Strawberry 'Refreshers' scent to it. If you've smelt Candy Rain, then you will know what I mean.

A cylindrical pink-yellow shower jelly on a bright background

Silver Bells

I need you all to not judge me, but, why does the shape of this one give me big phallic vibes? I love the Shimmer, and, I'd love to just rub myself in the Shimmer alone. The scent, reminds me of Watermelon, more than anything which is weird for Lush, as I have never smelt anything with a Watermelon scent from Lush before!

A dome shaped shimmery silver shower jelly to represent a Bell on a bright background

Shower Bombs:

Rudolph Nose

This Shower Bomb is huge! The scent gives me slightly Snowcake mixed with Wood vibes. Imagine Cherry Bakewell mixed with Wood. That's the vibe that I get from this product!

A round brown block with a circular red circle in the middle to represent Rudolphs nose on a bright background

Polar Bear Nose

I love the design of this one! It's also massive! This product smells a tad Violet-ish. I love that it smells like this as it screams something different for Christmas!

A dark grey oval shaped shower bomb with a silvery grey underside on a bright background

Snowman Nose

Snowman Nose is a very peculiar Shower Bomb! It has a very florally scent and looks like a tiny Carrot. When I saw the Carrot shape, I was expecting it to smell like Carrot Soap, but it doesn't. It smells sweet and florally.

A triangular shaped orange-yellow cone on a bright background

Body Conditioners:

Snow Fairy

Again, these come in a Liquid, and, Solid versions. This is so moisturising, and, Pink. If you ever wanted to imagine the Plastic's version of the beauty counter in Mean Girls, then, Snow Fairy as a scent would be sold in there.

A upside down flat based cylindrical neon baby pink naked body conditioner on a bright background

Yog Nog

The liquid is a tad drying to me and the solid is amazing for just a quick swipe or when you're in a rush. (I swiped it quickly whilst in the store and it was perfect.) The smell is a bit more floral, but as soon as that's settled, you mainly get the classic Yog Nog/caramel scent.

A upside down flat based cylindrical golden shimmery body conditioner on a bright background


These are technically a part of Shower, as, some do use Soaps to shower themselvs with.

Baked Alaska3

I love Baked Alaska, That citrusy tangy scent is a fabulous one to use during the Winter time. My only problem with Baked Alaska, is the Popping Candy, that is meant to represent Snow/Meringue. It looks like Dandruff and instantly falls off the product as soon as you touch it.

A 3d Dome shaped pink and yellow soap with a coating of white popping candy on top on a bright background

Golden Pear

I love Golden Pear. It's such a spic and slightly sweet scent. It reminds me slightly of spicy Cider! If you like the Golden Pear Bath Bomb, then you will definitely love this! It's a tiny bit stronger than the bomb!

A bright golden and green pear shaped soap with a black thin cylindrical stalk on a bright background


Just like its cousin Butterball./ This has a creamy yet relaxing scent to it. I love the shape of the soap, as its a cute little bear. As it is a little bear its a soap that all of the family will love! I love that it still has Cocoa Butter in it, as the cold months make my hands very dry normally. If you like Butterball, Butterbear Bath Bomb, or, the Shower Jelly that shares the same name, then you will definitely enjoy this!

A bright white bear shaped soap on a bright background

Snow Fairy

This has a lovely Snowflake based design to it. it smells exactly how Snow Fairy does but a tad bit muted.

A bright neon pink hexagonal shaped soap with a white snowflake design in the middle on a bright background

Winter Berry

This is oh so sticky. Its nearly solid Jam! The scent reminds me of Cranberries and I love that. This one would be really moisturising!

A bright red bubble rectangular soap on a bright background


Don't tap it, whack it! This has a bright Orange based scent to it. I love the fact that the outside of it, has a literal 3D design to it, which makes it look like actual Orange Peel!

A bright neon orange spherical soap on a bright background

Shooting Stars

I love this one as its Citrusy and bright. Everyone needs something Citrus based during Christmas!

A soap with two 3d stars stuck together in pink and yellow on a bright background


Magic Lamp

I think the way that these Christmas Kits are meant to work, is that you use the Fun and then the other product in the kit as sort of a finishing touch? I'm not fully sure... I love this scent as its citrus and rich at the same time. I love anything with Lime and Cognac in! If you love Celebrate/Bubbly/Golden Wonder, then you will definitely love this one!

A cylindrical bright shimmery gold log with a circular gold and blue product next to it on a bright background

Snow Fairy

Again, I love Snow Fairy so I love the scent of this. I'm still confused on the concept of these... If you know then let me know down below!

A cylindrical bright pink and yellow log with a circular pink and yellow product next to it on a bright background

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. Come back very soon for the third, and, final part of this series.

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Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

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