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Lush Christmas 2019 First Impressions: Bath

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about my first impressions of the bath products from the Lush Christmas 2019 range. Yes, I know that it is early, but its better to be early than late... Am I right? 

(This will be a three part series, consisting all of all the bath, shower, and, other products within the range within three different posts.)

A selection of spherical and square bath bombs in rectangular light brown boxes with rectangular black tags next to them which say words including, Golden Wonder, Fireball, Snowman Dreaming in white font on a bright background


Amazeballs are a brand new concept for 2019, They're a 3 in 1 bath bomb. They contain bubble bar powder in the middle and a stopper in the top therefore you can get three baths out of one product.

Fly Me To TH Moon 

Fly Me To The Moon instantly makes me think of Never Mind The Ballistics, which has a sort of Banana and Lime scent to it. I love the design on it but for this one and the rest of the Amazeballs (except for Jingle Bells) seemed like a bit of a pain to pick up in store. Either, they would nearly roll off the stand, or, the topper would instantly come off and therefore powder would too. This seemed stupid as it meant, that you were already losing some of the product before even leaving the store!

A spherical pastel pink bath bomb with a pink spherical topper on top of it on a bright background

Dont Let The Bells End 

First of all, my impression was, I hope staff say the name of this one right and don't slip up sometimes as that might be a bit awkward... This one smells so sweet and would be great for an evening Bath where all you want to do is forget life and sink into a luxurious bath. The smell of this one reminds me of the Bakewell/Marzipan scent that Lush have released before. I can also imagine drinking a warm hot chocolate whilst using this product would be amazing.

A bright golden spherical bath bomb with a hexagonal light yellow stopper on top on a bright background

Holly Golightly 

I love this one. Spicy yet a tad sweet. Honestly, I wished that it had more spice in it. I think this one would be amazing for first thing in the morning sort of bath!

A bright white spherical hollow bath bomb with lines on the top of it with a silver sparkly hexagonal spherical stopper on top on a bright background

Snow Fairy 

This is the first year that Snow Fairy has come out in two Bath Bomb forms. Snow Fairy is, definitely a love, or, loathe scent and I urge you to smell it at least once in your life. If you love SF, then you will love this as it is the product that has been made for the truest of Snow Fairies. This one is also great to give as a gift for say, a Secret Santa or maybe a little stocking filler!

A spherical large hollow pink bath bomb with a bright yellow star stopper on top in a large rectangular light brown box on a bright background

Bath Bombs: 

Jingle Bells 

I love the sort of design on this though as it screams Christmas and festive to me. The scent is Zesty but Spicy at the same time, and almost, gives me a sort of Karma (Orange and Patchouli) sort of vibe

A spherical white shimmery bath bomb with a 3D red bow on top on a bright background

Golden Wonder

This is a Christmas Classic for me, and, if it ever goes I will hunt whoever discontinued it and scream at them... I love the zesty scent of this bomb, and even more, I love what this product does in the water! I appreciate the hell out of the fact that it takes 7 whole days to create one and every year I pray that it comes back. Boozy and citrusy. What more can you want in life?

A close up of a square bright yellow sparkly bath bomb with a white engraved bow on top on a bright background

Shoot For The Stars

Sweet, rich and oh so comforting! I love this one. I've had it pretty much every year that I could get my hands on it. I love the silkiness of the bomb, thanks to the gold stars. Speaking of said gold stars, I love anything with Glitter in! Everyone should try this one at least once!

A close up of a large blue spherical bath bomb with golden stars all over it on a bright background

The Worlds Smallest Disco

I got this product last year and I loved it! I love the fact that it is black, as it instantly matches my soul... The spots of colour slowly melt into the water to create an bath experience that goes from dark to light. The scent has changed this year and I still love it as it's citrusy. I love anything Citrus based!

A group of black spherical bath bombs with colourful circular spots of colour on the side in a large light brown rectangular box on a bright background

Santa's Grotto

The design of this bath bomb is very unique and different, I feel. I love it just for the design alone. Sadly, I'm not the biggest fan of the scent sadly, its grassy and florally. but it has something that I can't put my finger on which makes me not the biggest fan of the product. I think it might be one of those ones that is better in the water than in stores.

A green spherical bath bomb with engravings all over it and silver shimmer on a bright background

Chris The Camel 

This is a cute Bath Bomb! I'm always a bit confused about Lush creating Animal shaped products, as you're basically drowning/killing it which can be seen as cute and kitsch, but also can be seen like its a tad going completely against half of Lush's ethos. I love the scent though as its spicy but fresh at the same time. I love anything that is spicy and I can't wait to use it.

A light green-yellow camel shaped bath bomb with a bright blue saddle on top on a bright background

Luxury Lush Pud

I love the Lux Lush Pud scent. So fresh and tangy! I also love the different spots of colour that melt and swirl into the water from this bomb. In my eyes, this is a Christmas Classic for me when it comes to Lush!

A bright purple-pink spherical bath both with a white top with green holly on top on a bright background

Luxury Lush Pud Giant Bombshell

This one would be amazing as a gift. I love the fact that it has Extra Large Sea Salt in it to give a different dimension to the bomb! Personally I would use it as two separate bombs or even four if I could crack each piece into two as it is massive. I love the Lux Lush Pud scent though!

A bright massive purple bath bomb with light brown rope in the middle with a white top with green holly decorated on top with big spots of different colours on the side with other spherical bath bombs in the background on a bright background

Not So Secret Santa 

Lush are definitely killing it with the concepts this year! I love the sort of cheeky peeking Santa that this bomb is based on. It gives me Peeking Santa vibes without it being as creepy as the old Peeping Santa Soap. If you love Cheer Up Buttercup, or anything Lemon based, then get this because it is Lemon personified!

A group of white small spherical bath bombs with bits of white, red and black paper sticking out from the top and sides of the bombs in a large light brown rectangular box on a bright background


This bath bomb definitely shines your bright Red heart up, just from being cute. I love sort of Paper Ears as this means that it's less likely to break off when getting it home. If you love Cherry Bakewell based scents, or, Marzipan, then you will love this bomb. I'm not the biggest fan of Marzipan, but, I've slowly been warming up to this scent lately!

A selection of a red white and brown spherical bomb with two white paper angles on top in a large light brown rectangular box on a bright background

Pop Art

Pop and Art should always belong together. The shape of this bomb screams the same sort of mould as the Berry based Harajuku bombs, such as, Blackberry and The Comforter Bombs. The colour of the bomb is a bit one note but its the inside that matters with this one. I love the sort of smoky, sweet scent which reminds me of Burnt Toffee with this product. I've also watched a video on this product and seen that this bomb pops for a good 8-10 minutes which I absolutely adore!

A popcorn shaped yellow bath bomb on a bright background


I love the alcoholic drinks Fireball, so when I heard about this bomb, I was honestly hoping that it shared the same scent as the drink. Sadly, this was not the case, but I still love the scent as its Cinnamon and Almond. If you love Cinders from any of the previous years, then you will definitely love this one as its the same scent. I can't wait to see what this does just from the colours on the outside of the bomb!

A spherical brown bath bomb with yellow and red pointed spikes to create flames around it on a bright background

Snowman Dreaming 

I love the shape of this product, as I love anything that is Snowman based, but I'm not the biggest fan of the scent. I'm not the biggest fan of the Twilight range, and can only cope with it in small doses. As this shares a similar scent as Twilight I wasn't enamoured with it.

A group of white bears in a large light brown rectangular box on a bright background

Snow Fairy 

This is Pink, shiny, and can be smelt from a million miles away. It has a bit more of a realistic creaminess this year, compared to the general synthetic smell that Snow Fairy has. I love anything with Glitter in so I can't wait to see what this happens. If you're confused about the Amazeballs, but still want your Snow Fairy fix, then this is a good way to get it.

A bright pink spherical bath bomb with a sparkly snowflake made of silver and gold lustre on the side on bright background

Bomb Bombs: 

A Bomb Bomb is basically a two part bomb set that makes up a certain character. These are amazing as gifts, to anyone including yourself, or can be used as either one big bomb, or, two separate bombs. It's entirely up to you!


Sorry, but this looks more like a version of the Toy Story Aliens, rather than an Elf to me... The scent is slightly spicy but sort of fresh and something that I would love to enjoy, whilst its still that weather where you don't know whether or not, to take a coat out with you, on your travels.

Two green spherical bath bombs, one plain green and one with a blue pointy hat and two circular white eyes with black circular dots in the middle on a bright background


I love Penguins, but this looks more like the Kappa Bath Bomb from the Harajuku range, rather than a Penguin! I love the sort of sweet but citrusy smell of this product though!

Two spherical bright blue bath bombs, one just bright blue, the other with two circular white eyes with circular black dots on a bright background


This one kind of gives me Cyberman vibes with a Santas Hat... The scent reminds me of something that I can't completely put my finger on it. I get slightly delicate notes mixed with a punch of citrus? I'm not completely sure and I think I might have to sniff this one again!

Two white spherical bath bombs, one plain white, one with two white eyes with circular black dots and a red hat on a bright background

Bubble Bars: 

Candy Cane 

I honestly wanted this Bubble Bar for, no other reason than, being able to push it into peoples faces, and shout, 'Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco! I was expecting this to be instantly mint, so it was a bit surprising to find out that it was more sort of fruity when I smelt it.

A candy cane shaped bubble bar with red and white stripes all the way down it on a bright background

Santa Reusable Bubble Bar 

I did think that this had a big element of whimsy built into it when I saw it for the first time. I do love the reusable Bubble Bars, but I seem to find that the products don't stay omn the sticks for long, and thus become a bit fiddly to use sometimes. I get more of a Lemon Blossom/Verbena vibe from this one.

A circular white bubble bar with two circular black dots and a red hat on a thin cylindrical red straw with white stripes on a bright background

Polar bear Plunge

I want five of these, and I haven't even used this product yet. A cute bear that smells of a deep mint scent. Can Lush make anything more perfect for me when I find it hard to get ready first thing on those freezingly cold days? The mint is sort of a refreshing Mint like Christingle compared to a deep layered Dirty sort of Mint. Eitherway, I adore it and can't wait to use it.

A white large polar bear shaped bubble bar laying down on a bright background

Yog Nog 

Why is this shaped like a Garlic Bulb? Or a bit like a Hersheys Kisses? I love the scent of this as I love Yog Nog anything and I love the shimmer on this one. I can't wait to try this one out with the rest of my Yog Nog goodies!

A bright gold pointed oval bubble bar with shimmer on a bright background

Magic Wand 

Again, the wand part of this Bubble Bar has always been a bit of a disappointment with me. This was a part of the Goody Bag from my first ever Lush Bloggers Event that I went to in Leeds, and, is a symbol of mine and one of my best friends friendship, so this holds a lot of memories for me.

A bright pink star with a bright pink thin cylindrical straw on a bright background

Bath Oils: 

If you want something that will moisturise you whilst you're soaking in the tub, then Bath Oils are definitely for you! Run a bath, pop the product in, and let it melt, all of its essential oils and your worries in life, into the water.

Dala Horse 

Lush always deliver with the cuteness! Sadly, I couldn't hold this for long to properly smell it due to the fact that it was slowly melting from my body temperature. I did get a sort of creamy fruity smell. Kind of like Peachy with a bit more depth. I can't wait to try this as I might be able to get more of the scent when its melted into the water!

A Pink and Yellow Horse shaped bath oil on a bright background

Warm Sock 

Warm Socks and Cold Days is the epitome of Winter for me. I love the fact that this is pretty much a little sock! The scent is very Spicy and Cinnamon based which will instantly warm me up in the Christmas period!

A sock shaped light brown bath oil with a white trim on the top on a bright background


This product has a light Peppermint fragrance which I absolutely adore. I think that this would go amazingly with Polar Bear Plunge!

A white circular bath oil with a blue silver shimmer all over on a bright background

Bath Oil Tablets:

You use the rope to either hang these on your Christmas tree, or to hang on the end of your tap so the water can run directly onto it and melt directly into your bath,

Four large rectangular bath oils with either a tree, Santa, cinnamon stick, or, Snowman on them in various colours on a large dark brown rectangular table on a bright background

Cinnamon Orange 

I love Cinnamon and I love Orange, so when I saw this, I knew that I would love it. It's spicy bit fresh at the same time. It also contains a piece of Cinnamon and Orange which will ensure that it fully infuses into the bath. 

A large rectangular light brown bath oil with a piece of light brown rope on the top with a dark brown cinnamon stick and a dehydrated semi circular light brown piece of orange embedded into the tablet on a bright backgtound

Santa's On His Way 

I love the cute little design of a Santa that's upside down that's on the front of the product. This would also be a great product to use on Christmas Eve! It's got a slightly deep fruity smell which reminds me of Satsuma's!

A large light brown rectangular bath oil tablet with a light brown piece of rope on the top with an red and white half of a upside down Santa on a bright background

Retro Tree 

This one is screaming to be hung up on the Tree! This one is Zesty and Citrus based. It reminds me of Avobath and I love Avobath!

A large dark yellow rectangular bath oil tablet with a piece of light brown rope on the top with a green triangular tree embedded on top on a bright background


Snow always screams Christmas to me and so does this Bath Oil Tablet. I love the sort of vivid colours on the tablet! The smell is crisp and sharp. The product reminds me of Whoosh in some way shape or form.

A large bright green bath oil tablet with a light brown piece of rope on top with a white snowman embedded into it on a bright background

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Check out Lush for more info on any of these products.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. If you've tried any of these products, then let me know your opinions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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