Wednesday 2 October 2019

Let's Pound It Into Our Faces! | Poundland #6 Skincare Review

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Welcome to a brand new post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about, the No 6 range from Poundland. I've been reviewing it for a while and I thought that it was time to tell you my thoughts on the range.

#6 Anti-Ageing Day Cream

Yes, I know, I'm 22 and I don't need anything that has Anti Agin or Anti Wrinkle... Saying that, are two words on a box going to stop me from trying a beauty product from Poundland? Hell no!

This oroduct states that, it will fight visible signs of ageing with Collagen, Ceramides, Sweet almond oil, Algae extract & Vitamins A & E.

When applying it, it spread very easily and felt like a slightly water based cream. This is mainly expected from a day cream, as a night cream is thicker. I enjoyed this as it meant that I could apply it quickly first thing in the morning before a busy day. When the product had settled, it felt quite matte, but didn't feel dry. That sounds weird, I know, but I thought that this was great as it meant that I knew that it had settled down on my skin but that it wasn't going to dry my skin. This meant that for cold days, I knew that this would be great. I used this for a good month, and honestly, I loved it. It made my skin feel smooth and like I wasn't waiting hours for an expensive cream that boasts to do everything but actually does nothing to sink into my skin.

Now, the product does claim to have Sweet Almond Oil, which should give it a sweet smell. Sadly, I didn't think that this was the case with the #6 Day Cream. It smelt more of Baby Powder than anything else.

A circular white tub with #6 in big grey font with anti-aging day cream in smaller grey font with a grey circular lid on a bright background

#6 Eye Masks

I love a good under eye mask. Well, I love any eye products. Anything to make my eyes look like I've actually slept within the past month, instead of anxiously thinking about the real life nightmares within society and my life, are always a godsend.

Sadly, I can't find any details about them online, so I'm just going to dive straight into my opinion.

These were slightly more watery than I was expecting. I've only really used the gel ones. These stuck on really well but honestly, I didn't feel much results. My eyes did feel more hydrated but I'm not sure if that was because of the masks or, because well, the water was just hydrating my eyes. You do get at least 6 pairs of these in a pack which is a great price compared to most eye masks on the market!

A rectangular white packet containing oval shaped clear pads with #6 in big grey font with anti agin eye masks in smaller grey font on a bright background

#6 Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Everyone needs an eye cream in their life. The under eyes are one of the thinnest skinned parts of your body, so, we should all be taking extra care of them.

This product states that, it fight visible signs of ageing with Collagen, Ceramides, Algae extract & Flaxseed oil.

Again, this has a very watery texture... Thinking about it, it might be the Algae extract that is in all of the #6 Range. It is very cooling and is wasy to apply. The product does come in a nozzle based bottle which means that you can dot some straight onto the eyes, or control the amount that you're putting on via putting it on your finger and then applying it to the under eye area. I love this one, but my main critique with it is, that I wish it contained some Caffeine or something to help cover up under eye dark circles to make it a powerhouse item to use when getting ready in the morning. I do love it though and it is amazingly priced for only £1.

A triangular white syringe style bottle with a white cylindrical lid with #6 in big grey font with anti agin eye cream in smaller grey font on a bright background

Check Out The Range Here.

Have you tried any of the #6 Products from Poundland? Let me know down below! 

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