Friday 26 October 2018

Tips On How To Calm Down Anxiety With Sanctuary Bathrooms

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Warning: mentions of mental health and things related to mental health such as anxiety attacks and depression FsanFare discussed within this post. 

Welcome to a brand new post! I don't talk about it a lot, but, if you know me at all, then you will know that I suffer from mental health problems... Therefore, I thought that today, I would talk to you all about how I try to relax when my mental health isn't that fab. I have collaborated with Sanctuary Bathrooms on this post, please do check them out, as they are an amazing brand!

A large spherical white bath bomb, next to a long cylindrical white bottle with Nivea in white font on a blue circular bubbble with in shower conditioner in small black font with a bottle shaped bottle of prosecco with a rectangular bar of chocolate wrapped in a purple wrapper saying lacto free milk chocolate in white font on a white tiled background

Sanctuary Bathrooms, is an incredible family owned Bathroom supplier that specialises in full Bathroom Suites, and everything else that you need to create the perfect Bathroom based in the wonderful city of Leeds.

The main way that I relax when I'm severely anxious, or when I feel a bit bleh, to put it in simple words, is a bath. Yes, I get that it's probably a bit cliche, but s good relaxing bath can help. I love baths of every sort, but one of my favourites to help me relax, has to be Lush's Dragons Egg. It has Lemon & Bergamot Oils in, and Popping Candy. I'm not massive on ASMR videos, but honestly, Popping Candy in a bath is such an amazing and relaxing sound.

i also love getting a candle ready whilst it's running. If you want to carry on the popping/crackling sound, then I suggest Woodwick 'Seaside Mimosa.' It just helps to set the mood and well ensures that the room is full of amazing scent before you even get into the bath. I honestly am such an enthusiast when it comes to smells and aromatherapy helping us to get on with life.

Snacks are important when it comes to having a bath. Yes, when I have a bath to help my mental heatlh, I go all in. I try and stick to lactose free things, in regards of chocolate or anything of that sort. The main reason being that, if I'm using products to moisturise my skin, then what is the point in making my skin dry straight after via digesting lactose. I also have to have a drink when I'm in the bath. I normally try and go for a fruit juice. Yes, I know it's boring but it's just the best for me. If you wanted to, you could always mix some Prosecco with an Orange Juice to create a Bucks Fizz feel, if you're feeling fancy.

The other way that I like to relax when my mental health is bad, is weirdly to blog. Blogging helps me to escape whatever is troubling me, and helps me to talk about whatever I want to. I can talk about reviewing a face mask, or talk about the last time I went to a restaurant. I love to put music on, whilst writing as it just keeps my mind realising that something is on in the background, so it can't overthink.

Going out also helps me when I feel like everything is about to boil over. Whether that is, going on a  ten minute walk and snapping a couple of photos on my phone of things that I think look pretty, going on full on days out to places like Manchester, or, York, with people that I adore, or going on nights out with friends that make it that much more memorable and exciting. Doing any of these take my mind off the big thing, as my mind is normally focused on travelling and enjoying the day/might. or the friends themselves, so my mind can actually leave its worries for some time, and enjoy everything for the mean time.

Bingewatching is also a great way to help your mind calm down when it comes to mental health. You can get into your comfiest clothing, warmest of locations, grab some food, some drinks and just turn the outside world off, and escape to a world of your wildest dreams. Spending a day bingewatching a tv show and getting to know the characters inside out, or watching a full series of films, ensures that you are entertained and aren't thinklng of all the worries that have been building up in your mind.

The last tip I have is a simple one. Napping. Nappng solves everything. I know it's probably not the best thing to do, but, it helps REM and well helps you relax as soon as you actually gotten off to nap. You don't have to cope with anything that's going on for a couple of hours.

So, those are my tips to help with anxiety. Let me know if you check any of them out. Let me know if you check out Sanctuary Bathrooms. How do you help with any mental health problems? Let me know down below.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

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