Monday 15 October 2018

Roll Up! Roll Up! | Trinity Kitchen Supper Club

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! Today, I thought that I would talk to you all about when I was invited to the Trinity Kitchen Supper Club. I was going to do it a couple of weeks ago, but I've been busy with Lush Showcase, Uni, and having a really bad cold. If you love food, then keep reading!

A bright yellow neon sign saying Trinity Kitchen with the kitchen in cursive white font on a bright background.

If you haven't read any of my posts about Trinity Kitchen, then, Trinity Kitchen is a open plan food court in the heart of Leeds city centre, that offers a plethora of food from different cuisines and countries, such as Vietnam, America, Mexico, and many more. Trinity Kitchen also offers the citizens of Leeds, brand new food vendors on an eight week rota, which ensures that they get to enjoy a selection of different food vendors throughout the year.

Drama Bites 

Drama Bites is offering a 100% vegan Punjabi menu with a colourful explosion of Indian food and an amazing authentic taste, including veggie samosas, Aloo Tikki and gluten-free pakoras.

I decided to try their Pakora Box, because I absolutely adore pakoras no matter what. The Pakora Box came with some Mango Chutney, and Vegan Yoghurt Mint Sauce. The Pakoras were lovely and crunchy on the outside and, fluffy but still warm on the inside. They were wonderful spiced. Sometimes with Indian food, it can be a bit spicy for my palette, but these morsels were warming but still flavourful. The Mango Chutney was sweet but still tangy. Sometimes, chutney's can be a bit too sweet, but, you could tell that there was a bit of sourness which went well with the dish. The Vegan Yoghurt-Mint Sauce, was honestly the best thing I've tried ever when it comes to sauces. I couldn't believe that it was Vegan, which meant that my stomach could be calm and still get that cooling, refreshing kick from a Yoghurt based sauce/dip. I could honestly have that on everything! 

A silver metal table covered with a white rectangular cloth with drama bites in bold brown font on a white background

A rectangular metal table with silver metal small rectangular boxes with food in with a black board in front saying Turmeric and Ginger in white font on a bright backgroind
A long tall rectangular board with Masala Fries in white font on a bright background

A square golden brown cardboard box containing a mix of round and triangular light brown pakoras  with splodges of white and orange dips on a circular table on a blue background

Let's Go Wild Boar

Let’s Go Wild Boar will be serving up something tasty for meat eaters with dishes including pulled pork boar burgers and succulent boar sandwiches with all your favourite toppings.

I decided to opt for a Cheese Boar Burger. The vendor had many options including, Pulled Boar Burger, and A Blue (Cheese) Boar Burger, but I decided to go for a classic one. The Bun was soft and pillowy, the cheese was melted and oozy. and the burger, well... The burger was meaty, but not fatty, and well seasoned. I love it when a burger is well seasoned, because it just makes everything else pop. I wolfed this down, and I would wolf down ten more like a beast if I could! 

A tall dark haired man in a black uniforn behind a rectangular metal table with two rectangular boxes saying burgers fries and drinks on a bright background

A golden round bun with a dark brown circular flat meat patty with red round tomatoes and green lettuce in a golden brown square cardboard box on a circular table on a bright blue background

A tall black rectangular board with Cheesy Boar in bright white font on a bright white background

Tikk's Thai Kitchen 

Award-winning Tikk’s Thai Kitchen is also returning following popular demand. Showcasing Southern Thai street food at its best, the Yorkshire-based vendor will be featuring its famous dishes including crispy prawns, chicken satay skewers and beef massaman curry, with a crisp Singha beer to wash it down.

I have actually tried Tikk's Thai Kitchen before, and I loved it, so I got them again. I decided to go for some Sriracha Mayo Fries. They were the best fries I have ever had. The fries themselves, were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The Sriracha Mayo meant that they were spicy but addictive, as they didn't blow your entire head off. The Spring Onions that were decorated on top of the dish, ensured that with every bite you got a mixture of textures with the sauce and fries themselves. I loved these, and they are amazing for when the weather drops and you feel a bit cold! 

A rectangular black van with a square logo saying Tikks Thai Kitchen in white font on a bright white background

A square golden brown cardboard box containing rectangular gold fries with green slices of spring onion and flickers of red chillies on a white oval table on a blue background

Thai Khrim

Thai Khrim is also back by popular demand with fresh, hand-crafted Thai ice-cream served with a mountain of toppings, all handcrafted before your eyes. Its ice cream tacos and freshly made waffles are ones not to miss.

I love ice cream. My stomach may not, but I do, so when I got to order something from Thai Khrim, I was spoilt for choice! I decided to go for Nutella & Peanut Butter! Thai Khrim, are well known for creating works of art via their ice cream tacos, and, rolls. Therefore, I watched the creator swirl the mixture and then create delicious rapturing rolls out of ice cream! He asked if I wanted any toppings, and well, because I think you should go big or go home, I went big! I decided to go for Whipped Cream, Sprinkles, Marshmallows, Oreos, more Nutella, and, Chocolate Sauce! I would recommend trying one, even if it's just to see the craft that goes into making one! 

A tall man in a white outfit behind a large rectangular silver metal table witth a sheet of white ice cream on top holding a rectangular metal knife rolling ice cream up on a white background.

A white cylindrical paper cup containing bright white ice cream rolls flecked with brown nutella topped with white whipped cream, blue sprinkles, brown, black oreos and white marshmallows on a rectangular silver table on a white background

Have you tried any of the new vendors at Trinity Kitchen? Have you ever been to Trinity Kitchen? Let me know down below! 

Thanks for reading this food based blog post! I hope that you come back next time for another blog post! 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

This post is in collaboration with Trinity Kitchen in exchange for food. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

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