Friday 16 November 2018

Have You Heard That God Is A Bath Bomb? | Lush Goddess Bath Bomb

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Welcome to a brand new post! I thought that, today, I would talk to you about the Goddess Bath Bomb, that was released at Lush Showcase.

If you don't know about the Lush Showcase, then Showcase is an event that happens once a year, to showcase the new products that are coming within the next year at Lush, to press and customers that have got tickets to come to the event.

Ingredients & Smell: 

List Of Ingredients:

Sodium Bicarbonate Citric Acid Titanium Dioxide Jasmine Absolute Osmanthus Absolute Rose Oil Sandalwood Oil  Oudh Oil Cream of Tartar Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa Butter Water (Aqua) Cornstarch Argan Oil Fair Trade Shea Butter Synthetic Fluorphlogopite Sodium Coco Sulfate Tin Oxide Cocamidopropyl Betaine Maltodextrin Laureth 4 Dipropylene Glycol *Eugenol *Limonene *Linalool Perfume Colour 77491 Colour 42090:1 Colour 45430:1 Colour 42090 Colour 19140 Colour 17200 Colour 45410

The Bicarb is essential in any bath bomb to ensure that it fizzes and bubbles in the bath. Nobody want a bath bomb that just plops and dissolves, do they? Jasmine is the main front in this bath bomb, so when the Rose mixes with it, it creates a fresh floral base for the product. The Oudh and Sandalwood adds depth to the product to ensure that it's just not flowery, and the Osmanthus adds fruitiness to the bomb. Personally, I think that the Rose and Jasmine are the most prominent in this product.

Background Of The Product: 

A fan of Ariana Grande's asked Lush to create a bath bomb based around Ariana. After months of tinkering and mixing, Goddess was born.

What Does It Do In The Bath?: 

When the bath bomb first fizzes in the bath, the colour slowly seeps out from a light blue to a deep purple throughout the duration of the bath which helps to a create a sort of slight, ombre effect in the water. The lustre that is in the middle of the concave hole in the product spreads throughout the water to create an iridescent effect. The butters that are in the ballistic slowly seep out at the end to create a foam on top of the coloured water which, then, hydrates the skin due to being so moisturising.



Opinion On The Product: 

I think, if you like deep floral scents, and/or Ariana Grande, then this bomb is for you. Personally, I liked it but I wasn't instantly addicted like I was to The Experimenter, or, say the new Luxury Lush Pud. I think that its good for one of those times where you want something light and floral and a bit more moisturising, then say, Sex Bomb. I love the concept and I kinda love the design, even though I did think it was a bit of a weird look at first. I think that this bomb is definitely one, that you have to try yourselves before making a decision on it.

Have you tried Goddess? Let me know down below! 

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