Saturday 5 November 2016

The Body Shop Briggate Store Revamp Preview At Lamberts Yard


I got invited to an event that was all about the relaunch of The Body Shop Leeds Briggate store which will be open by the time this post goes up so I do urge you to go and have a look if/when you are next within Leeds.

It started off with myself and Luke heading off to Lamberts Yard, a venue that I had never ventured to before, but once we arrived there we couldn't exactly figure out why the doors were not opening so after a good five minutes hmming and a swift tweet from the tap of my fingers we were in.

We walked up the festive inspired staircase's which led to the event space. Once we had entered the event space, myself and Luke were greeted by Annika and Lisa and was told about what was going to happen throughout the event which I will go through with you in a bit more detail throughout the post.

The first thing that I dragged Luke to was the 'watering hole' because I am an animal and I needed a drink due to humidity of the day. At the watering home, there were two drinks on offer. The first one was a Vodka and Raspberry Cocktail which was loosely based on the new Frosted Berries range and a non-alcoholic Apple Sling for the drivers of the night. This drink was based on the new Spiced Apple range that is also a part of the Christmas range at The Body Shop.

Come to watering hole, its where all the animals go to cool down!

We then chatted to a couple of bloggers including Lizi and Lucy. Myself and Luke then crawled like a lion over to the beauty bar where there were demonstrations, expert advice and hand and arm massages going on. I watched the lovely woman apply products to Lucy's arm. These products were to help Lucy's skin out for the cold weather. Whilst that was going on, I had a little play of the face masks that The Body Shop have on offer. (These include a Charcoal mask, a British Rose one, an Acai one, a Honey one and a Ginseng based one. They're all priced at £15 per mask.)
A mixtyre of The Body Shop products, 

Lucy's arm. 

I then grabbed another drink for myself and left Luke where he was stood as a presentation about all of the wonderful things that The Body Shop have to offer was abou to start. It started off with an animalistic version of Jingle Bells which was dubbed Jungle Bells. After this, the presentation was about the details of the new Leeds Briggate store which includes a personalise your own body butter bar, an events space, a complete new layout and a community wall for Leeds.

Body butters that are all about Leeds! Cute panda! 

After this, I found a little stand which had most of the Christmas range on so I decided to use Snapchat to promote the new range, The Christmas range consists of three scents. Frosted Berries, Spiced Apple and Vanilla Chai. These scents cater to everyone as you have a fruity scent, a clean scent and a creamy scent. I tried some of the products including tthe beautiful body butters, the new body gel lotions, the shimmer mists and lip balms.

Let's get wild! 

Frosted Berries contains juicy berries, white flowers, praline and fresh vanilla which creates a sort of fruity pastry tart fragrance, I was a bit hesitant on this as I loved the Frosted Cranberry range last year but I had one whiff of this range and instantly fell in love with it, It's like the Cranberry range but a tad bit sweeter.

Spiced Apple consists of crisp apples, cinnamon, orange and white flowers. This scent reminds me of the Glade Apple fragrance that comes out at Christmas as it's Apple & Cinnamon based. I'm not the biggest fan of Apple scents but I do love Cinnamon and as Orange gives it a slightly festive yet citrus hint, it means that I love this scent! It's just so warming!

Vanilla Chai consists of Madagascan Vanilla, Milk, warm spices and brown sugar. I'm not the biggest fan of anything with a scent of milk and honestly I wished that there was more spices in this for myself as I love anything thats Chai but it is a scent that is sweet and comforting! It kind of reminds me of the scent of Cocoa Butter in a weird way!

We also had some amazing food during the night which included Goats Cheese & Red Onion Chutney Panini's, Salmon and Guacamole, Cheesecake and Brownies. I was a bit hesitant when it came to trying Smoked Salmon and Guacamole together but it really worked! The cheesecake was a bit messy to weird to eat due to it being on a big tablespoon but I still devoured it anyway and the brownie was gorgeous especially with the garnish of cream and strawberry on top of the dense yet decadent treat.
Some of the make up that is at The Body Shop. 

Myself and Luke had a wander around and then said our goodbyes. When we said our goodbyes, the superb staff handed myself and Luke a goodie bag which contained an advent calendar which I'm going to refrain from opening until December and then throughout December I shall be opening the doors of the calendar via my Snapchat (which is thejamiesowden if you want to add it.)

If you live anywhere within Leeds or in the surrounding areas then I urge you to go and check out the new concept store at The Body Shop which is located on Briggate in Leeds opposite Harvey Nichols and Victoria Quarter.

Look at the cute panda! 

Have you tried any of the new Christmas ranges from The Body Shop? Let me know down below!

Personally, I had an amazing time at the event and would like to thank the PR team and everyone that was at the event via The Body Shop for putting on an amazing event! I can't thank them enough for gifting me an amazing advent calendar.

Thanks for reading this blog post! I hope that it has entertained you and hopefully it has persuaded you to have a look at the new ranges!

Jamie x

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