Wednesday 2 November 2016

Fun With Festive Food | Browns Christmas Showcase With Michelle


A while ago, Browns Leeds invited me to come along to their Christmas Showcase and find out all about what they can do to help your festivities go off with a bang. I dragged Michelle along which is why this blog post is going up later than expected as Michelle's had to juggle university and editing a lot of photos.

There are so many brilliant places within Leeds such as West Yorkshire Playhouse, the venues that are on Call Lane, Leeds Corn Exchange, The Key Club, Trinity Leeds, Victoria Quarter, the new Victoria Gate and much more but the one place that a lot of people miss is the Browns restaurant that is within The Light Leeds. Amazing architecture, decadent decor and delicious food makes Browns Leeds a great place to visit!

Myself and Luke met Michelle in Leeds Train Station, we decided to do the general sweep of Leeds which includes Lush, Hotel Chocolat, Lindt and other places. We both decided that we were going to wear Christmas themed outfits around Leeds and also to the event to ensure that everyone knew that we were in the festive spirit even though it was September at the time.

We wandered on up to The Light Leeds and we made our way to the majestic Browns restaurant and found the awesome Kellie and chatted about anything and everything for a while. A marvelous member of staff asked me if I wanted a glass of Prosecco which I obviously said yes to and found a place for myself, Luke and Michelle to sit down.

The first canape that was served to us was Turkey and Cranberry Brioche Rolls. This canape basically consisted of a soft opened brioche roll with succulent turkey and slightly tart cranberry sauce. As I said, the Turkey was extremely succulent which I loved as Turkey is great if it's moist and not stereotypically dry. I also loved the softness of the brioche.

Next on the list was Goats Cheese and Sundried Tomato Crostini. Crostini means little crusts which explans exactly what it was. I loved the smooth topping against the slightly coarse crispy bread that it was laying on. I know that lactose is a bad thing for me but I loved the Cheese! It added some depth to the canape.

We then ate Honey Glazed Pigs In Blankets. I love Pigs In Blankets! The fact that they are small means that you can eat more than you should and not feel guilty about it afterwards. Making them Honey glazed also means that they have that sort of sweet/savoury moreish taste. I just loved these and could eat a full plate of them!

Next on the food train was Turkey Sandwiches and they were Gluten Free! I liked these quite a bit and to be really honest I couldn't tell that they were gluten free. I think that these would be really well for like a sort of Christmassy sort of day picnic with fairy lights everywhere and Eggnog and something citrusy served drink wise to go with it.

Then there was Cumberland Sausage & Ginger Cake Stuffing. I love stuffing! I love all stuffing. Say the word stuffing and I will probably love you for it. Stuffing is so good! I loved how the Ginger Cake gave it a little subtle hit of warmth but the Sausage gave it lots of flavour. Again, I could eat these for days!

Now comes the desserts! Who doesn't love a dessert?

There was three in total. The first one was a Brownie and I love Brownies! I seriously love brownies to the moon and back, I love how dense and chocolatey they are. This one was firm but crispy and easy to pop in the mouth. It was delicious!

The second one was White Chocolate Mousse. I'm not the biggest fan of Mousse's or White Chocolate but weirdly I loved this. I don't know if it was because it was in a small portion or if it was the contrast between the white chocolate and the raspberry or something else but it was wonderful. Gorgeous and sweet with the right amount of cream in it.

The last one was a Lemon Tart which is also known to the public as a Tarte Au Citron. It was the right amount of sweet and tart. The lemon against the sweetness of the base was simply divine. I also love the Blackberry and Mint garnish as it gave it an elegant feel. I also love anything Lemon-y or anything with Lemon Curd in it.

There were also two other drinks on offer to consume throughout the night which were Aperol Spritz and Mulled Wine which I absolutely loved due to the spices that were used to mull the wine in. It was my first time drinking it but it definitely will not be my last time drinking it.

If you want to check out Browns Leeds to peruse their other menus such as their normal drinks menu or to have a Christmas party at Browns Leeds then click here.

Have you gotten into the festive mood yet? Do you love the sound of any of the above? Let me know down below.

Thanks to the PR team for inviting myself, Luke and Michelle and the staff at Browns Leeds for hosting the extravagant yet amazing event! I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I hope that you come back to read the next post or some of my previous posts!

Jamie x

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