Monday 14 November 2016

Buon Appetito! | Gusto Cookridge Menu Tasting


I was invited to try out Gusto's new menu a while ago and I thought that I would finally talk to you guys about it.

Before visiting Gusto Cookridge, I had never visited a Gusto before which meant that I wasn't fully sure on what to expect when entering the establishment. Myself and Luke finally got to the building after an entertaining Uber ride and entered Gusto Cookridge in a rushed haze to find out that we were the first ones there... (Ah well!)

We were offered a drink and I went yes straight away as I drink like a fish. The wonderful staff at Gusto Cookridge served myself and Luke a Peach and Passion Fruit Daiquiri which contained Bacardi, Peach Liqueur, Fresh Passion Fruit, Lime Juice and Gomme. I loved it. I love Passion Fruit and things like that and it just screamed Summer on a Winter's night!

Peach & Passion Fruit Daiquiri

The starters then arrived. There were things like a meat and cheeseboard and other things but the favourite starter for myself was the Roasted Butternut Squash and Chickpea Salad. It was different but so delicious. I know that people think that salads are either just a side dish or are meant for Summer but they can be so versatile and can be carried on into the Winter months using seasonal produce.

The next round of food was all about Pizza and Pasta as Gusto's main influence is Italian food. I loved all of the dishes but if I had to choose a favourite Pasta and Pizza then I would choose the Seafood Linguine and the Florentina Pizza. I love anything that has seafood in and I love pasta so a Seafood Tagliatelie is an amazing dish in my eyes. The Florentina Pizza tasted delicious. It had an egg baked into the middle of it which sounds weird but it was so good and I will have to devour a Florentina Pizza again within the future.

Florentina Pizza

Mains time! I loved all of them! The fish dish which was a Fillet of Cod was lovely. It has so much texture going on just from the fish. I loved it but I think my favourite main would have to be the Fillet of Pork Saltimbocca. It was served with Sage and Tuscan Ham with some marvellous mash and Marsala sauce. I loved the soft texture of the Pork against the slightly thicker texture of the Tuscan Ham. The mash was smooth and delicious.

I then ordered another drink. This time it was a Raspberry and Rosemary Sling. This contained Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Disaronno, Chambord, Rosemary, Apple Juice and Lemon Juice, It was so refreshing but the Rosemary gave it a bit of depth.

Last but not least, it was time for desserts. Basil and Mint Pannacotta with a Plum Compote & Vanilla Cheesecake with Cherries. I'm not the biggest fan of pannacottas due to the texture of them but the Plum compote was so Autumnal and warm. The cheesecake was delicious and the Cherries cut through the richness of it.

That was everything. It was time to go so we said our goodbyes and ordered an Uber back to the train station.

Have you ever been to Gusto? Let me know down below.

Did you enjoy this post about Gusto Cookridge? I hope that you come back next time for another post.

Jamie x

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