Monday 10 October 2016

Zeos For Men QU3 Range


The guys over at Zeos For Men sent me some amazing male grooming goodies to try out so I thought that I would talk to you guys about them today.

Zeos For Men are all about creating simple exactly what you need male grooming products for the modern man. They started to help the evolution in male grooming products in 2014 via their warm waxing kit and slowly have kept up to this with all of their other amazing products. The whole point of Zeos For Men is to make yourself look as good as possible with the least amount of hassle as possible!

Face Wash: 

Black bottle with a description of the face wash.

The first product that I tried out was the face wash as I knew that I would be using this a lot due to well things such as lactose intolerance causing breakouts and such. This product cleanses deep into the pores so you get a really good sort of fresh cleaned feeling after. It's also got Vitamin E and B5 in and is Vegan so you know it is a great product. The smell of the whole range/this face wash is a very clean sort of spring water scent which I love first thing in the morning as it instantly wakes you up! (£7.95.)

Face Scrub

Black sleek bottle with description of face scrub on.

This face scrub scrubs so well. It gets into all the nooks and crannies of your face to get rid of all of hose dead skin cells and just makes your face feel completely brand new which I absolutely love! Generic face scrubs sometimes are a tad too harsh whereas this one from Zeos For Men has Shea Butter in which means that if your face is a tad sensitive like mine then it won't feel like you've had three layers removed in one go and will feel like a normal light face polish! All the products in this range have the Vitamins within and are all Vegan which I absolutely adore! (£7.95.)

Shower Gel

Black sleek bottle with description of shower gel on front.

I've used this a couple of times now and it works like a treat! It removes odour and dirt so well that you feel as fresh as a new baby! I also think that this product refreshes and awakens yourself due to the smell and sort of cooling feeling it has. I love using this first thing in the morning! It's Vegan and it's great for the hair as well! (£4.95.)


Black bottle with description of moisturiser on it.

I always love a good moisturiser! Moisturisers always help sort my skin out when I need a boost of moisture plus they're great for when the weather gets quite cold and you need something to keep your skin from getting dry. This product has Shea Butter in so it definitely keeps your face in perfect tip top shape and has good Vitamins in which means that you're always making your face great. I always have this in my bag for when I need it! (£8.95.)

Have you tried any of these? Let me know down below!

Thanks to Zeos For Men for sending me these wonderful products! I hope that you check them out as they are really worth buying and trying for yourself especially if you want skincare thats amazing yet simple. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. Let me know if you want more skincare orientated posts and I will see you next time for another post!

Jamie x

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