Wednesday 5 October 2016

Period Is Not A Dirty Word


I thought that I would do another post that people would think is TMI because well why not.

Every woman has a period at some point within their life but any and everytime that they mention it to people it is classed as a dirty word and I think that it is time to drop the mic and make sure that everyone knows that it is NOT a dirty word.

Periods are shunned from most mainstream media as people think that it is too explicit to talk about and I personally think that it is not that explicit. It's a natural thing and I think that it needs to be talked about way more. I think that every woman should be talking loudly and proudly about their period experiences. I think that people should be talking way more about things such as period cups, tampons, how to cope with having a period, period sex and every other thing that comes with having a period.

I know that they only happen to women to ensure that they're not having a baby and guys cope with this for a week and think that its a time where they should run away and hide when in fact they should be supportive and just expect the worse because guess what guys they can't help it when it happens but you can help them. I think that guys would benefit from talking to women within their life and asking every question under the sun about periods and asking what would help the women within their life the best when it comes to their shark week so they can make sure they have the things that make that week more bearable on hand.

Talk about your periods in the comments section below and hopefully we'll be able to help each other!

I hope that you have enjoyed this little rambly/ranty post about periods and that you're having a great day even if its shark week for yourself! I hope that you come back to read the next blog post!

Jamie x

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