Sunday 3 July 2022

Keeping My Skin Cool & Refreshed All Summer Long | The Body Shop Summer 2022 Range First Impressions| Refreshing Passionfruit & Cool Daisy

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I saw that the other week that The Body Shop released two new ranges for their Summer 2022 Collection and I thought that today, I would talk to you all about them.

DISCLAIMER: My blog has decided that it only wants to have photos on the left hand side compared to its usual centre position so all photos in this post will be on the left hand side. 

Refreshing Passionfruit:

A white hand holding a cylindrical bottle wifh a white square label that says refreshing Passionfruit shower gel the body shop in black font filled with purple liquid with a circular black lid on a light brown rectangular shelf on a bright background

Shower Gel:

‘Made with 92% ingredients of natural origin, including passionfruit extract and Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera, our vegan shower gel lathers up a treat, instantly transforming from a light gel texture into a rich bubbly foam. It leaves skin feeling cleansed and refreshed, so you can jump in the shower, rinse, jump out, towel dry and dive straight into summer.’ - The Body Shop.

The texture of this shower gel was amazing. Slightly gelatinous and lathered up in the hands in a way that I hadn’t seen before. The way that it lathered up was that the consistency stayed the complete same whilst the scent increased in power. Even though I’m particular with textures I actually didn’t mind that the lather was more of a serum texture as much as I thought I was going to. 

The scent of the Refreshing Passionfruit is to die for. If you have smelt the old Passionfruit range from The Body Shop that was out a fair few years ago then imagine that multiplied by ten with a touch of floral added to it. You can definitely detect the floral notes when smelling the product but it doesn’t take over the fruitiness of the Passionfruit which I’m quite glad about.

The rest of the range smells pretty much the same so I won’t be focusing on the scent for the rest of the range unless I need to. 

Body Yoghurt 

But you shouldn’t have to wait around for that full-body freshness. That’s why our Body Yogurt is made to absorb instantly (even on damp skin!), so you can jump straight out of the shower, moisturise and dive into summer.’ - The Body Shop. 

I love the texture of the Body Yoghurts. They’re lightweight but moisturising and the prefect thing to use in the Summer heat. I mean I want moisture but I don’t want to be waiting forever to let something to sink into my skin. I believe this also has menthol in which ensures that my whole body is cool which I really enjoyed as I have been getting into enjoying menthol in body care recently. Definitely something to get for those people who are impatient. My only problem is that with it being a big pot, I can see myself getting through this and wanting to go onto a different scented product. 

A zoomed in photo of an open u shaped yoghurt st type dark green and purple pot on a white bright background

Body Scrub

‘Made with ingredients of natural origin, including passionfruit oil, our vegan body exfoliator has an energizing scent and buffs away dead skin cells to leave your birthday suit feeling softer and smoother. It even leaves skin feeling instantly refreshed and gives all skin types a sunny-looking glow.’ - The Body Shop.

The scrub of this scrub is made up of Kiwi Seeds which gives a slightly gentle but still quite deep scrub to the skin which I really like. Due to the other ingredients it is scrubby but doesn’t strip the skin like some other abrasive scrubs. This means for anyone with dry skin like myself it won’t leave you feeling dry after which lets be honest is what we are trying to achieve at the end of the day. I have tried a fair few scrubs in my time and I really enjoyed this one. 

A zoomed in photo of a dark green and purple circular cylindrical pot with some scrub showing through the top  with a green and purple lid at the side of it with a photo of a Passionfruit on top with the body shop refreshing Passionfruit I’m body scrub in white font on a striped light grey rectangular shelf on a bright background

Body Mist 

Made with 95% ingredients of natural origin, including passionfruit oil and hyaluronic acid, our vegan body mist leaves summer skin feeling instantly hydrated, cooled and refreshed and smelling as tangy and summery as a passionfruit. It even leaves dry skin feeling soothed and quenched with moisture and gives all skin types a little radiance.

Who doesn’t love a body mist for when you need to refresh in the warm heat? I love TBS Body Mists as they not only add a bit of scent to the body when it is needed but also adds a bit of moisture and as someone who is forever referred to as a human lizard due to the dryness of my skin I am forever grateful for something that does more than one thing for me. I have been using this a lot lately and just like the Raspberry Mist from last year I wish that this became permanent at TBS. 

It does have a bit more of the floral notes that I have mentioned previously compared to the rest of the range but I can definitely cope with that. If you hate floral then just be wary. 

A naked person showing their side and back with long dark brown hair holding a cylindrical green and purple spray bottle with the body shop refreshing Passionfruit body most in black font on a white label on a bright background

Cool Daisy:

A photo of a cukdienixal clear bottle filled with purple liquid with a white label with cool daisy the body shop on black font next to a u shaped yoghurt pot in purple with white cream in it with cool daisy body yoghurt in black font next to a cylindrical plastic body mist bottle filled with clear liquid with a white label with cool daisy body mist the body shop on Blac font on a light brown rectangular shelf on a bright background

Shower Gel

Again, like the Passionfruit, this gel doesn’t lather up per se but does gel up more than anything which to me is the same consistency as when you squirt some out of the bottle. I think with this new formulation, it ensures that the moisturising ingredients in the product do what they need to whilst the scent becomes stronger more than anything when you rub it in between your hands.

The scent of this product is a quite interesting one. I was expecting it to be floral and honestly synthetically sweet but it wasn’t. It was floral which is to be expected due to it being Daisy scented but it had a bit of a fresh peppery underbite to it which cut through the sweetness of the floral notes in this scent beautifully. Definitely one that I would wear on Summer Picnics.

For the rest of this range I’ll be focusing on texture as the range share the same scent and do not smell severely different so I don’t see the point in repeating myself a lot.

  A cylindrical bottle with a. Cykdiencual small green lid filled with light liquid with the body shop cool daisy shower gel in black font with some daisy on a white label on a bright background

Body Yoghurt

‘Good for dry, thirsty skin in need of a drink, this body moisturiser gives you 48hr hydration and leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. You can even slather it on damp skin straight after the shower, leaving you smelling as fresh and floral as a meadow of daisies.’ - The Body Shop.

Again, the texture of this product to me is perfect. I love how it’s lightweight and sinks into the skin pretty much straightaway but is moisturising. As someone who is severely impatient I love this for when I need some moisture but don’t want to be waiting ages before getting ready and heading out. This will also help to keep you cool during the day as you can instantly top up where you need to during the day and in a quick second the skin will drink it up.

A photo of a u shaped white yoghurt pot style tin with a circular white lid with the body shop cool daisy body yoghurt in black font on a bright background

Body Mist

'When you’re feeling a bit hot and bothered, give your skin a few spritzes of our special edition Cool Daisy Hydrating Body Mist. It’s super refreshing and gives you an instant hit of hydration, leaving you feeling cool and smelling as fresh and floral as a field of daisies.' - The Body Shop.

Who doesn't love a good Body Mist? This one has a slightly fine spray which means that a little goes a long way. The spray has a cooling effect for me which means that you can spray yourself throughout the day to stay cool and hydrated. The Miist also comes in quite compact packaging which means that it is easy to just shove it in your bag and take it with you wherever you need to.

A whore small cylindrical bottle with a spray with a white label that says the body shop cool daisy in black font with white daisy’s on it on a bright background

Would I buy these products again? I think I would buy a couple of them but as some of them come in quite big pots such as the Scrub and Yoghurts I know that they would take me a while to get through and once I finished one of them I know that I would want to try something in a different scent due to using the same scent for so long. I give the Refreshing Passionfruit a 8.5/10 and the Cool Daisy a 8/10.

Check out The Body Shop. 

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know down below.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie xThe Body Shop

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