Monday 6 April 2020

Lush Harajuku Bath Bombs 2020 First impressions

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the seven bath bombs from the Harajuku range that dropped at all Lush stores, earlier in the year.

Notice: I smelled all of the products within this post before the lockdown and I didn't go out during these difficult times just for the intention of creating content. 

Temple Of The Sky 

First of all, I love the design of this product. For some particular reason, this bomb reminds me of Zelda. I'm not really sure why but it just does. The Blue and Yellow of the product, make me also think about the Spring. The bright blue skies mixed with the yellow of the blooming flowers that you sometimes see whilst on walks. The scent is amazing. Bright and citrusy. If you love anything that is bright and just invigorating when it comes to smells then you will love this one. I kinda think of this, as, a mixture of Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit, all crammed into a bath bomb!

A group of round yellow and blue bath bombs with an airplane design in the middle in a light brown wooden square box with a black rectangular label with temple of the sky on a bright background


I loved the look of this one. I can imagine that this product, will create a great colour when it is in the tub. This product does contain Lavender, but from the first sniff of this product, I didn't get Lavender. I'm not the biggest fan of Lavender, so that's a plus for me, but it might be different when it is dropped into water. This product reminds me of, Big Blue, from Lush. It also reminds me of that sort of clean Eucalyptus based Shower Gels that you find at most luxury brands such as Molton Brown.

A group of blue spherical bath bombs with a geometrical design all over them in a large light brown wooden box with a black label with tenor in white font on a bright background

Black Ninja 

Black Ninja is such a cute bath bomb. I love any product that is black, as it matches the colour of my soul. The main scent that I got from this one, was a mixture of Patchouli and Floral. I realise that sounds like such a weird mixture, but I kind of liked it. I do like most things that contain Patchouli though. This product also contains Popping Candy, so I would love to see how the little ninja pops off within the water.

A group of spherical black bath bombs with a white middle in a square light brown rectangular box with a black rectangular tabel that says black ninja in white font on a bright background

Rose Clay Salt Cube 

Rose Clay is one that I was confused at when I saw that it had dropped at Lush. I was kind of expecting it to be Rose Jam scented, due to Rose Jam being such a beloved scent at Lush. Nevertheless, the scent of Rose Clay Salt Cube is something that I haven't smelt before. It's slightly florally, like freshly picked flowers with a hint of freshness. If you like scents that aren't full on, then I would definitely recommend this one.

A group of light rose pink square bath bombs in a square light brown wooden box with a black rectangular label saying rose clay salt cube in white font on a bright background


Sadly, I don't think I was fully sold on this one. I always have a few that take me a few times sniffing before I love them when it comes to Lush products. I think that Flight is one of them. The smell was kind of a mix of fresh and woody. I think I would need to try this one in the bath before fully making my mind up on if I like it or not.

A light blue and white prickly designed spherical bath bomb in a light brown wooden square box with a black rectangular label that says flight in white front on a bright background


If you love Bath products, and you love any type of dinosaur based film, then I think that you're going to love this one. This is one of the cutest Bath Bombs that Lush has created in a long while. The scent is slightly earthy, but at the same time, it is slightly fresh. If you love sort of Grass based scents then you will love this one. I think that this is a great product to use when you want perking up a bit. I think that it would also be a great product to give as a gift too.

A pile of light green dinosaur shaped bath bombs on a square light brown box with a black rectangular table with roar! in white font on a bright background

Blue Gardenia Salt Cube 

Again, like the Rose Salt Cube, I was expecting it to be heavily floral scented. (If you're familiar with Lush, then I was expecting tt to smell slightly like Goddess). Instead, it smelt slightly crisp with a whisper of floral to em. Slightly like fresh cotton with some fresh flower petals mixed in for good measure.

A group of light blue square cubes on a light brown wooden square box with a black rectangular bale with Blue Gardenia Salt Cube in white font on a bright background

Have you tried any of these bath bombs? Let me know down below! What's your favourite Lush bath bomb?

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Thanks for reading! 
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