Monday 30 March 2020

Have A Break and Be The Inventor For Once! | KitKat Chocolatory Bars Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new post! I've been gone a while. due, to writing a ten thousand word dissertation. As we all know, we are in hard times at the moment. I thought, that, I would create some content to hopefully help you all escape the problems that we are all going through for a good five minutes.

On that note, I thought that today, I would talk to you all about KitKats. Yes, you heard right. These aren't any ordinary KitKats though! These are weird and whacky KitKats that the people at KitKat Chocolatory have created.

Two rectangular red boxes with white triangular cartons attached to the ends of the boxes. One says the explorer in black font on a rectangular gold strip and the other says the mixologist in black font on a rectangular gold strip on a bright background

KitKat Chocolatory is a concept brought to you by the wonderful people at KitKat. You get to make your own KitKats from a plethora of combinations. This concept was at York Chocolate Factory, but it might now be at John Lewis at their Oxford Street branch. Don't take my word for it though, as that's only what I have seen on the internet. Along with this create your own concept, KitKat Chocolatory have also created some innovative and interesting bars that you can also get at the Factory or John Lewis. I got mine from my local John Lewis a few weeks ago. They do a mixture of singular bars which come with six fingers, or a multipack of two different bars. I decided to get two packs of the multipacks to enjoy as many flavours as I could possibly get my hands on.

The Explorer: 

'A pack of 12 crispy wafer fingers covered in chocolate. The pack contains six KitKat Springtime in Japan wafer fingers with a cherry-flavoured and apple filling covered in high-quality Ruby couverture chocolate, as well as six Jewels of the East wafer fingers with a pistachio and rose petal filling covered in smooth dark chocolate.' - KitKat Chocolatory.

Two rectangular chocolate bars. One pink with long green thin branches on it and red blobs to look like cherry blossoms on it and one brown with with punk and green bits all over it on a bright background

Springtime In Japan:

The bar looks magnificent even before you've tried it. On the front, it looks like your traditional KitKat but on the back, it looks like a magnificent art piece. The back resembles a Cherry Blossom with blasts of red and green running through the bar. The reasoning of this is due to Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) normally come into full bloom during the Spring.

The Cherry comes through instantly when you bite into a finger of this delicious delight. The Cherry is a sort of less intense Sour Cherry flavour which cuts through some of the milkiness of the Chocolate. After this, your mouth gets an intense textural contrast, via, the smoothness of the chocolate, the crispiness of the wafer, and the chewiness of the Apple pieces. Last but not least, the fruitiness of the Ruby Chocolate comes blaring through. The Berry sort of hint from the Ruby Chocolate makes you realise how elevated of a KitKat this is.

I honestly hope that KitKat, well KitKat UK bring this out as a permanent within the future. I think that it would be a great Spring product in the UK, as most Spring time sweet things are based on Strawberries and Cream, therefore this would be a fresh stand out against all of that.

Jewels Of The East: 

I liked this one, but I also had a problem with it.

I love Pistachios. I love the flavour they bring and the texture. So. it was great to have a different texture within the KitKat. I love the texture of the wafer. but having that little bit extra crunch just made the chocolate bar that little bit better. I love the sort of fresh nut flavour that the Pistachios brought, as it cut against the slight bitterness of the Dark Chocolate.

Sadly, my problems included the Rose Petal element of the bar. I love Rose anything. I love the taste of Rose in things, and I love the slight sweet floral scent that Rose brings to a lot of things, Saying this, the petals didn't really add much to the bar, except aesthetics. They just didn't add anything and it was a bit of a shame. I think that having Rose Oil within the bar might have been a bit better.

The Mixologist 

Two dark brown rectangular chocolate bars, one with light golden circular pieces all over it and one with orange bits all over it on a bright background

'A pack of 12 crispy wafer fingers covered in chocolate. The pack contains six KitKat Whisky & Ginger wafer fingers with a whisky flavour and ginger filling covered in dark chocolate, as well as six Zingtastic Gin & Tonic wafer fingers with a gin and tonic flavour caramel filling (made with sugar and sweetener) covered in milk chocolate.' - KitKat Chocolatory. 

Zingtastic Gin & Tonic: 

I'm not the biggest fan of Gin and Tonic, but these are pretty fantastic. The Caramel is slightly crunchy which gives a different textural element to the bar. The Gin and Tonic flavour isn't too full on that you only can have one, but its not too subtle that you're looking for the flavour for a good five minutes after you've eaten a finger. I'd definitely have these again.

Whiskey & Ginger: 

Okay, so I'm already going in with a bit of a bias, due to loving both Whiskey and Ginger. I love this one. When you bite into it, the Whiskey instantly hits you, but after a minute or so, the Ginger punches through and stays there for the rest of the flavour experience. I love the taste of Whiskey and Ginger and Dark Chocolate as the Ginger kind of cuts through the Dark Chocolate slightly and the Whiskey gives you a hit that you weren't expecting.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite flavour of KitKat to date? Are you a two finger, a four finger, or a chunky sort of person? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading! 
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