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Oops I Did It Again | Lush Liverpool Spa Haul

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the products that I bought whilst I was at Lush Liverpool Spa. (Read my post about Lush Liverpool Spa here.)

Bath Bombs: 

(All these Bath Bombs are available at all stores at the moment. Go to your local store and give them a try!)

A collection of ridged tear drop shaped reddish pink shower bombs on a white shelf with comfort zone in white font on a square black card on a bright background


Kappa's are known to be folklore Japanese Demons. They are known to be blue-green, love Cucumbers and assault people in water. This bomb is blue, contains Cucumber and has a quite clean refreshing scent to it. Perfect for the warm weather we've been having at the moment

A blue spherical bath bomb with two white circles and two black dots on a bright background


This Bomb shares the same scent as Wiccy Magic Muscles/Volcano Foot Mask. It's bright red and also contains Mustard Powder to warm you up. This would be amazing on a cold sort of day or when you've done a bit too much exercise and your muscles are aching.

A spherical red bath bomb with speckles of gold and orange with a star design engraved on it on a bright background


Who doesn't love Sushi? This Bomb looks exactly like a Sushi Roll but instead of a Crab and Avocado filling, you get a FUN filling. The FUN makes the bath creamy from what I know.

A circular white bath bomb with a black outer ring and a circular orange inner circle on a bright background


This one smells of Grapefruit, so if you enjoy anything that is Citrus based then you will love it! This one comes in two parts. When you push the two parts together, in the bath water, the water glows! How mystifying! You can always use the two parts separately instead, if you want to!

A blue spherical bath bomb with a gold circle in the middle with a star design on a bright background

Star Spell

Will this spell make me a star? Let's try it and hope for the best! If you have ever tried any of the Carrot Range and loved the smell, then this is the bomb for you! It's a great one for the sunny days but also kind of great for when you feel down and need a bit of uplifting! I can't wait to use this one!

A yellow semi spherical bath bomb and a pink semi spherical bath bomb sandwiched together on a bright background


Who doesn't love a good Sumo wrestler? Yokozuna is actually the highest rank that anyone can get within Sumo Wrestling. This one has a slight Salted Caramel/sweet scent to it. If you love scents such as Butterball, then you will love this one! It also has a bit of Sea Salt to it to scrub at your skin to ensure that your skin is ready to wrestle anything that comes at it!

A triangular shaped light brown bath bomb with a brown spherical ball on the top with two black dots with a white cream in the middle on a bright background

Shower Bombs: 

Comfort Zone

Get in the comfort zone with this one! If you love The Comforter Bubble Bar/anything with Blackcurrant in then you will love this one. These bombs are perfect for travelling with. This has gone into all stores, so, go into your local Lush and give it a sniff!

A collection of ridged tear drop shaped reddish pink shower bombs on a white shelf with comfort zone in white font on a square black card on a bright background

Red Pill

I'm bad with decisions. Which Pill should I choose? Ooh. Ahh. I choose the Red Pill!. This shares it scent with Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb. (Does anyone remember that bomb? I miss it.) If you love anything with a Cinnamon kick then you will love this one. Great for cold mornings.

An oval red shaped shower bomb with a rectangular thin strip in the middle on a bright background

Supernatural Powers

C'mon Cauldron, bubble me up a spell! This contains Fresh Rosemary and Sage which is known within Supernatural Spells all around the world. This one would be fab on a cold night I feel or for when you want something with a bit of a grassy scent.

A neon yellow cone shaped shower bomb on a bright background

Tantric Energy

Ooh. Ahh. it's such an amazing sensation when you push it in and then push it back out especially when you're dripping wet. Tantric Energy is here to make you feel good within! (If you thought that my opening was funny but suggestive then go and read the description for this Shower Bomb on Lush's website.) If you love Jasmine and glitter then you will definitely love this one. Jasmine is also known for being an aphrodisiac scent too!

A sparkly purple standing up square tear drop shaped shower bomb on a bright backoground

Wake Up Call

Wake up, wake up, it's time to get up and go! If you love Cup O' Coffee Face/Body Scrub, then, you will love this! This one will definitely perk you up first thing in the morning. If you love Coffee, then try this, as it'll mean that you get to cover yourself in Coffee to keep you perked up for the day!

Bath Oils: 

Aint No Mountain High Enough

There's never a mountain high enough! This Oil is cute as it's shaped as a little mountain and smells of Lemon and Grapefruit. If you want something to go along with a bath bomb (like Avobath/Dragons Egg) or something uplifting that will condition your body, then this is perfect for you!

I Want A Pony!

Who doesn't want to have a pony? If you love Comforter and want something that will make your whole bathroom smell of beautiful Berries/want your body to be smooth and nourished then this is definitely for you!

A white and pink pony shaped bath bomb with black circular dots for eyes on a bright background


Do you ever get impatient for the bath to be drawn so you can just shove your favourite Lush product in and enjoy some me-time? Me too! This contains Rose and Pink Pepper Oil to give a spicy sweet combo. If you love anything with Rose but don't like it to be over the top floral then you will enjoy this one.

A bright pink standing up elephant with a cylindrical trunk with two circular black eyes on a bright background


Honestly, I got this one because well I relate to the Oil via identifying as the name of this oil. This one contains Brazillian Orange and Violet Oils which gives the product a floral Violet scent with a bit of a citrus kick. I just love the look of this and if you love anything Violet such as the old favourite Space Girl or the Big Haircare Range then you will love this!

A heart shaped pink and white bath oil with pink hearts on the top of It on a bright background

Shower Gel: 

Dirty Springwash

One of the staples at Lush. I got this mainly to go along with the Dirty Scrub. If you love Mint or anything that is cool and refreshing then you will love this. A little goes a long way. You can get this in many different sizes depending on how much you love it.

A circle of light blue-green shower gel on a bright background

Body Scrubs: 


I've ended up on a bit of a Dirty/Mint obsession due to warm weather at the minute. The fun thing about this product, is that it looks like a Scouring Pad to ensure that you're not 'Dirty'. One side is a buttery fine scrub, whereas the other is, a coarser scrub. The best of both worlds.

A rectangular light blue and green layered sponge style block on a bright background


Lemon Verbena Face Wash Fresh Jelly

I got this mainly because well I love Lemons, and I loved the design of this product. These Cleansers are made in store at Lush Liverpool Spa, so if you want to grab one, then you'll have to visit Lush Liverpool Spa. It's a jelly cleanser which means a little goes a long way.

A light yellpw-blue oval jelly set in a yellow oval lemon skin on a bright background

Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser Roll

I love anything charcoal, as it goes with my everything should be as black as my soul aesthetic within life. This again is only available at Lush Liverpool Spa sadly. I love the Cleansers at Lush but I thought that as I am trying to be a little bit more Packaging Free Friendly, that I would try this as it requires no packaging.



There's nothing wrong with coming in Bronze! I got this due to it's scent. This product smells just like the Yog Nog range at Lush that is normally only available at Christmas, so I thought that I would get this, so I can enjoy You Nog all year round! You can use FUN for many things, such as Shampoo, Bubble Baths, Soap and much more.

Glow Worm

I got this one as the scent of this product is the same as the Avobath Bath Bomb, and boy do I love that scent in warm weather! Bright and citrusy with a hint of creaminess. This also glows in the dark so I got this one to see if it actually does glow in the dark!


Wham, bam, thank you Mam. I may have got this one due to the name and the colour. Its vivid yellow! If you remember the Neve Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb from a couple of Christmases ago, then you will love this product as it shares the same scent! Banana and Lime make for a fab bath product!

Mouthwash Tabs: 

Cuba Libre

Who doesn't love a good Rum and Coke, so to have it in Mouthwash form makes it even better! I got this as I wanted to see if it lived up to it's name. I also again am trying to get more on the Plastic Free lifestyle so solid mouthwash is a good way to start this lifestyle!

A tall cylindrical tub filled with light brown circular mouthwash pieces on a bright background


Who doesn't't love to Spritz themselves? This mouthwah product contains Grapefruit and Sea Salt to create an amazing Summer cocktail. I got these due to wanting to something that was a little bit different instead of Mint when it comes to mouthwash.

A cylindrical plastic clear bottle filled with orange circular tabs with a black rectangular table with spritz in white font on a bright background


Wasabi Shan Kui

Who doesn't love Wasabi? I mainly got this Shampoo because I had heard many reviews and things about it and well I love Wasabi so I was intrigued to find out what happens when you use it in a shampoo. If you love Citrus or things that will give your hair volume then give this a go.

A bright green circle of shampoo with dark green circular bits on a bright background

Shower Jellies: 


Come and bang on my bongos! I love this one as it has multiple colours in the product! If you love anything that's tropical then you will love this one! (If you're ever in a Lush store then give the a good slap and wobble.)

A clear plastic circular pot with a black label with bongo shower jelly in white font on a bright background


Gong. Gong. It's time for that shower! If you love the Golden Pear Soap then you will definitely love this. This one would be great for colder mornings. I love the colour of this product!

A circular clear plastic lid with a black label saying Gong in big white font with shower jelly in smaller font on a bright background


Lemon and Mccoconutty

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts and lemons too! If you love anything Coconut then you will definitely love this product. I love anything Coconut especially when it's slightly warm!


Cookie Dough Lip Scrub

Who doesn't love Cookies? I always enjoy Lush's Lip Scrubs especially due to having a lip piercing. I love anything sweet and because it's Vegan it makes it even better. If you like anything with a sweet kick then definitely try this one out. It's also at all Lush stores now too!

A circular light brown pot of sugar on a bright background

Golden Pear Body Spray

Shower me with this golden spray! If you've read my Lush Liverpool Spa post then you'll know how I got this spray. (Click here to find out how I got the spray.) (Thanks again, Lil!) I love Lush's sprays as they last for ages! Again, if you love the Golden Pear scent then you will definitely love this!

I hope that you have enjoyed this Haul. Have you been to Lush Liverpool Spa. Have you checked out of any of the new products that are at all Lush stores? 

I hope that you come back next time for another blog post!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

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