Sunday 10 February 2019

Lush Soya Bran Exfoliator Body Scrub

Hey everyone!

How are you? Happy that January is finally over? Sad that the rest of the year is going to fly by?

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about, a new naked product from Lush, that I got to try by going to the new Naked store in Manchester.

A bright gold square compact scrub full of little whiite pieces of sugar and oatmeal on top of a rectangular black bag on a white rectangular table on a bright background

I heard about Lush Manchester Market Street being turned into a new Naked shop, and well, the Lushie in my head, told me that I had to go ASAP. The weekend after the launch of the newly refurbished Lush store, I decided to go into Manchester to meet up with a couple of friends, so, I thought that I would check out the new shop as I might as well as kill two birds with one stone.

If you haven't heard of a Lush Naked Shop, then imagine your favourite/local Lush store, now imagine all of the products having no packaging where possible. Obviously the items at a Lush store that need pakaging aren't sold at the Naked store, but to make up for that, the store contains exclusive products that you can't find anywhere else!

I had a look around the spacious shop (if you would like me to do a post on the shop itself, then let me know via the comments or social media), and decided that I wanted to get a new product to try out. After uhmming and ahhing with a friend between the, shower oils, body masks, and, body scrubs, I finally decided on a product. Soya Bran Exfoliator

List Of Ingredients & Scent: 

Granulated Sugar Fine Ground Oatmeal Soya Bran Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter Glycerine Lauryl Betaine Sodium Laureth Sulfate Lemon Peel Powder Bergamot Oil Neroli Oil Brazilian Orange Oil Sicilian Red Mandarin Oil Tangerine Oil Dried Blue Larkspur Gardenia Extract *Limonene *Linalool Perfume

The Sugar ensures that the product has a coarse scrub to ensure that all the dead skin on your body disappears, but, the Oatmeal within this product ensures that it's not too coarse. Oatmeal is very well known for soothing sensitive/irritated skin. The Cocoa Butter ensures that the skin stays soft and smooth which is needed in the British cold weather. The Red Mandarin and Lemon Peel Powder, give this Scrub a very citrus scent, but, the Gardenia gives it a bit of a floral (which reminded me a bit of the old Dorothy Bubble Bar mixed with Lemon Cheesecake.)

How To Use:

So, with naked products, there are many ways to use the product due to its solid form. I wet it lightly via the sink or shower, then, i massage it into the skin in circular motions to ensure the sugary scrub works it's magic. I then leave it on for an extra 30 seconds, and then rinse.


I loved it. For someone with sensitive skin, its a sensational scrub. The Sugar, Oatmeal and Soya Bran, are soft exfoliants therefore they don't irritate the skin that much. The Scrub as a whole, gets rid of dead skin and makes you feel super smooth.

Overall Thoughts:

I loved it. it had a fresh scent to it. I love how Lush are creating new and creative ideas to help the environment and cut down on waste upon plastic. However, my main problem with the Scrub, was that the Oatmeal and Soya Bran made the product dusty, so if it wasn't in a form of tub or anything, it would make it a bit hard to handle. It only becomes a problem for myself when travelling, but, I loved the product and can't wait to try some of the other naked products that are now available at the Lush Manchester Market Street store.

Have you been to the new Lush Naked Store? Have you tried the new products from the Naked Store in Manchester? Let me know down below on or Social M edia.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x


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