Tuesday 26 February 2019

Trying Itsu For The First Time

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Welcome to a brand new post! Today, I thought that I would talk about one of my favourite topics, food!

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Itsu is a Asian based restaurant chain that sells, a mixture of, sushi, wraps and hot food and drinks. Created by Pret A Manger founder Julian Metcalfe, the original Chelsea store of Itsu was unique and contemporary for it's time. Five years later, we opened our first takeaway shop in vogue house, headquarters of Conde Nast’s publishing empire. This little itsu boutique still thrives today.

I walked into the restaurant for the first time and saw all of the bright lights and vibrant coloured packaging of the fresh products in the fridges, and, realised that I would need a few moments to choose on what I wanted to eat. (Most of my close friends know that it takes a few minutes, or twenty, to choose on wht I want because I normally want everything!)

Itsu do a mixture of hot and cold items within their stores, from, soups, to sushi, to curries, to rice dishes and everything in between. I decided to grab something cold. As it was the night after a friends Birthday party, I decdied to grab something and take it back to my flat so I could watch Netflx.

I finally decided on the Veggie Sushi Collection. I think that it's best to try and include Veggie items into your diet especially when it comes to food that has already been made. This dish came with a mixture of smaller Carrot and Cucumber Sushi, bigger Sushi which I think contained Lemongrass, Veggie Dumplings, and, Edamame Beans.

Small Sushi:

The Sushi that I first tried, was small but powerful. It contained a mix of Onions, Cucumbers and Coriander. I love Coriander and I love Sushi, so I already knew that I was going to love these. They were the right size to grab onto a Chopstick, and, dunk into an assortment of superb sauces, such as, Soy, Teriyaki or Hoi Sin

Big Sushi:

These Sushi were amazing too. The only problem, that, I had with these is that, they fell apart really easily. I don't know if it was because the Rolls weren't rolled u[ tight enough. The main flavour, that, I got with these was Lemongrass. I love Lemongrass!  They were bright and just went perfectly with the Soy that was included in the pack.


I love dumplings! Big, small, veggie, meat, spicy, cool, savoury, sweet. I love them! My main problem with the dumplings within the Itsu box, is that, the amount that came in the box needed to be multiplied by ten! They were fresh but slightly spicy at the same time. I loved to slightly dip them in the Soy-Wasabi mix that I made, as it meant that some of the food was crunchy and other parts were saturated with spicy goodness!

Edamame Benas

I normally don't enjoy Edamame Beans that much, mainly, because within Bento/Sushi boxes, they are normally within their pods. This means that you normally have to unpod and them deshell them a tiny bit, which isn't the reason why I buy or enjoy Sushi Boxes. I normally enjoy them so I don't have to cook or do much when it comes to eating. These came in a sort of Spicy mix. I loved the spicy aspect but I wasn't sure on how you would be able to enjoy them with a chopstick. I did also fiud them a tad dry, so I decided to, pour the rest of my sauce mix on top of them. I think that these would be good on their own via a sort of Pan Asian inspired Salad of some sort.

Have you tried anything from Itsu before? Have you tried any of their Sushi before? Is there any other great Asian food establishments that I should try out? Let me know down below!

Check out Itsu.

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