Monday 23 April 2018

Does It Work, Work, Work? | First Impressions Of Fenty Beauty Body Lava & Fairy Bomb

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Welcome to a brand new post. As the title says, I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the new body highlighters, but in particular, the new Body Lava and Fairy Bomb, that are available via Harvey Nichols and Fenty Beauty.

A white hand holding a large cylindrical glass bottle with Fenty Beauty written in block white small font on the front of it with a light brown sparkly liquid on the insde on a light background.

Unlike other beauty reviews on Jamie Sowden, I am going off my first impression of these products. you don't have to agree with me, and, there are many other reviews on the internet but the opinions in the post are mine.

That post-vacay glow is now yours year-round thanks to Body Lava. This smooth, gel-based body luminizer glides on and leaves skin feeling dewy to the touch. Get ready to bathe your skin in a high-shine finish that does to your body what highlighter does to your cheekbones. Celebrate the look and feel of glistening skin after a day of island hopping. Light-diffusing micropearls blended with a sheer tint of colour accentuate all skin tones for a silky, sun-soaked sheen any time of the year. Strip down in Who Needs Clothes?!, a rose gold, or glow up in Brown Sugar. Delivered in a generously sized bottle, Body Lava's ultimate drenched-in-light radiance - plus its addictive floral vanilla scent - was born to dew your body right. FENTY Beauty is 100% cruelty free.

I wandered into Harvey Nichols with my friend, Abbey, the other week, to have a look at some products. We stumbled across the Fenty Beauty counter, and, thought that we should finally see if the new products were wotth the hype that they were receiving on platforms such as Social Media.

The outer bottle that contains the product has a high fashion expensive glass look to it which ensures that you feel fabulous holding the product, before, you've even pumpled out some of the product. The product retails for £46, so, it's great that the packaging is lavish and fabulous, as it makes you feel like the product is already worthy of purchase before even using it.

The product comes in two different shades, Who Needs Clothes?, and Brown Sugar. I tried both at the counter. Who Needs Clothes is a silver shimmery colour, which I guess is for us pale folks who want to sparkle like Diamonds, and Brown Sugar, which is, for those with a darker complexion and want to feel like the only person in the world, but on me it looked like really bad streaky fake tan. The shimmer on both were to die for. The shimmer would look amazing, especially when the Sun hits it, but let's be frank, England gets sunny weather for one week, and then we don't see it again for another 4 years.

The smell of Body Lava is mainly, Vanilla with a hint of Peony, I would say. I think that some may find this a little bit overpowering, but I, personally love it. Most cosmetic brands have products that don't smell of much, so I love how Fenty have released a product that is nearly as good enough to eat as it it is to apply it.

The texture, sadly, is the main disappointment for me. When you apply it, it has a wet oil texture to it, which is expected due to the description, but when you leave it to dry on the body, it becomes really sticky and tacky, which doesn't feel right at all on the skin. The tackiness calms down during the day, but honestly, for £46, I expect it to glide on and to sink into the skin without leaving a sticky feeling.

Like no body luminizer you’ve ever seen before, this limited-edition Glittering Pom Pom is pre-packed with superfine 3D shimmer, born to let loose with every touch. Just dab and glow! Ultra soft and larger-than-life Fairy Bomb makes old school glam an everyday luxury, delivering smooth, hyper-reflective glitter in all its glory. Bless your body from head to toe in a superfine glittering veil. The single rose gold shade, Rosé On Ice, coats skin in the perfect prismatic pink designed to light up all skin tones. Plus, it’s softly scented with irresistible vanilla coconut for a full-on sensorial experience you can’t get enough of.

So first of all, a Highlighting Bomb is a completely new concept to the beauty world, and, I give kudos to Fenty for that.

The scent is a little bit sweeter than Body Lava, but I still love it as it represents the Fairy-ness of Fairy Bomb. I love how the scent lingers so, you don/t need much of a fragrance on top of it, which is fab for those days, where you want to look fab with minimal effort.

The packaging again is exquisite and lovely, but, I wouldn't expect anything less for a product that retails for £34. The box that it comes in could definitely be used for many other things such as little trinkets and jewelry as it has that luxurious bazaar feel to it.

The product itself is a cute pink puff that you dab to release the highlighter on the body. The only main problem that I found with it, was that, you had to forcefully dab/batter yourself to get the highlighter due to it being in one main place. I feel like trying to do this in a morning when getting ready, would end up in, injuries and screaming at a beauty product. I think that a puff with highlighter in it for £34 is a bit expensive, even I'm a cheaper puff, and you get more than just a highlighter with me... I think that the novelty of it is good, but, I would definitely prefer it in a powder in a form of pan form.

Apparently, you're meant to use both products together. Even though, this might be a great idea and it would mean, that, you smell amazing and look sparkly as hell. I don't think that it would be worth the combined £80 price tag.

Let me know what you think of these new two products down below. 

Shop Fenty at Harvey Nichols and Fenty Beauty in the UK. Other stores for worldwide purchase include Sephora and many more.

I hope that you're having a great day. I hope that you enjoy this blog post and I hope that you come back to read another one soon!

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