Sunday 14 September 2014

Late Summer Haul

Hey, so I'm back! I've started college and I'm not that used to my timetable yet so I haven't set a schedule for typing nor filming yet...
This blog post will be about the things within the Late Summer Haul video.
There will be a few different categories which I break into within this video including clothing, posters and CD's. I'm going to go straight ahead and start off with the clothing category..

The first item that I bought was a Dan & Phil tee. It is luxurious, soft and greatly designed. The graphics on the front are somewhat of a portrait of them but at the same time it is animated. This top is great in colour and doesn't fade when washed, It is priced at £15. I will put all of the links at the bottom of this post as it is easier and you may want to buy more than one thing so it is easier that way. The next item that I bought was a baseball tee which is from Dave Giles merchandise store. It is very soft, gorgeous and very detailed. The detail on the front shows a mixture of animated characters/beloved people who sit at the top of the hierarchy within our minds such as the President of America or The Doctor from Doctor Who as these are lyrics within a well known song of his called I Am Who I Am as it explains basically what the title says. People are who they are and they need to embrace that even if they want to be a beloved character from a show on BBC. It was priced at £10 which is very good price wise as it looks like it has cost a lot to be made. I got a tee from Emma Blackery which was £15 and said Love Yourself and her name on it but I don't know whether I lost it in London or wherever so I will never know.. It was very soft and very baggy but at the end of the day I can't do much about it. It was priced at £15 which is okay as it looks like there has been a lot of effort put into the making of the clothing piece. The next piece of clothing is the floral top that I got from Primark. It came at the price of around £8 (I think?) but it feels like its made of a mixture of normal cotton and sort of a light mesh material.. It has a lovely vibrant print and reminds anyone of summer. I got this for Summer In The City so it fits the purpose. It has a gorgeous sculpted collar to it which gives the piece of clothing more of a luxurious feel but at the same time it gives it a smart feel to it too. It can be worn within Autumn with a sweater... It is an absolute bargain to be honest.

The next category that I am going to explain and analyse about is CD's so this should be a shortish paragraph. I only go on about 2 CD's within this chapter. The first one is 'The Taylor Swift EP' by Dave Giles. It is essentially a break up EP and as Dave thinks that Taylor does break up songs well (as most of the world agree), he thought that he would parody her within looks and create an EP which is worthy of a nod by the blonde bombshell herself. Music wise, this EP is amazing. It has different tempos within different songs and falls in a genre mainly of acoustic pop. The EP starts off with 'Why'd She Have To Sleep With Someone Else?' which explains mainly how the break up happened and how he felt about it as he mainly felt hurt. The songs mainly go on to explain how he felt and how he doubted himself ('Was I Not Fun') where he explains a bit more on how she changed and how he misses certain parts of the relationship at the same time. The EP then flows out towards the end of a relationship and how they will move on. Dave shows this exquisitely via I'll Be Fine (Give Me Time) where he explains a bit more about the break up and then goes on to realise that a break up isn't the worse thing within the world as poverty and death is still happening withiin the world. He gives us an extra song within the form of Days Like These. At the beginning, he starts to reminisce about his first date and pleads if he can recreate it and goes on to suggest what other fun things they can do such as 'go and eat so much food that they will have food babies.' He just wants to create more memories. The song as a whole is a very cute song which gives a final awh to the EP in a good way. The price is around £5 for a physical copy. Dave is a great artist and he puts so much effort into everything that he does so I urge you to buy this if  you haven't as it would mean so much to Dave and in return you will be getting a fabulous EP. The second CD (EP) that I will go on about is the US EP from Bribry. The EP cover consists of a white background with a bright orange coloured font with pictures within the word 'US'. The main purpose of Us is that it isn't just Bribry on the EP and that it is also his fiance Candice that is performing on the EP. The music itself is amazing. It starts with Hopeless which is a mid tempo and has a tune which is very catchy. The song goes on about how Bribry and his fiance weren't the socialist of people and how they found each other. Within the song, it goes on about not being the perfect couple and how it works which I feel like everybody needs to know about. The EP goes on to the second song titled 'Care' which Bribry thinks about dying alone and explains how lonely it can sometimes be and how all happiness has gone. He then goes on about how he doubts about talking about his feelings. He basically tells the viewer that 'he'll try to be a little bit stronger' and how he 'can't care for himself'. The penultimate song called 'Astronauts' which is basically about how he won't be able to go on without someone and how the world is changing and how he feels safe with someone. This song starts with a slow tempo and then goes onto a faster tempo with a piano slowly playing most of the tune. The last song which is called 'Older' creates a big twist for Bribry's music as he isn't singing for the most of this song as he gives the role to Candice. This final song is more melodic and slow than the others. She explains her emotions on about trying to make someone stay and how she doesn't want to let go. She then goes on about how they will grow old together and how their pasts wont affect their future. This EP is a great CD and I urge you to all buy it. The profits of this product go towards their wedding and the music is just impeccable. It is around the same price as Dave's EP for a physical copy.

The next category is mainly about posters. I bought 3 posters at SITC. The first one was the Emma Blackery 'YOUTUBE IS MY THING' poster. It is shiny in appearance. The poster is mainly purple but has a mixture of other colours running timidly throughout the poster. It is around an A3 size and also is signed by Emma. Just by looking at it, you can tell that there has been a lot of effort put into this product even if it is just a poster. It was £5 but I don't think it is available for sale via the Internet. The next poster is by E Lockhart. I got it when I purchased the book (which I am reading at the minute) We Were Liars. The poster is shiny but a bit smaller than Emma's but it is great graphically and basically shows a trailer advert for the book. It was free at the end of the day so it was a bargain really. The last poster that I bought was one from Cherry Wallis. Her content is great and I fell in love with her content mainly from the Cherry's kitchen series. The poster is around A4 size. The paper is soft in texture, the poster is very shiny and glossy. The poster mainly consists of her logo which is two cherries on a stalk together with smiling faces and a little tag badge thing below. It was a sky blue colour in the background of the poster which looks gorgeous in any light. At the bottom of the poster, it displayed Cherry Wallis in bold lettering and a signature near it which was the cherry on the top for me as she is an amazing person! It was around £5.. I think you can get them on her bigcartel but I'm not sure.

The next category is books but this should be relatively short. The first book is a notebook that I got for sitc and YouTube video ideas really.. It is dark coloured but has a floral print at the same time which makes a bit more decoratively.. On a few of the pages, the floral print stays with us in the corner of the page. It is a hardback notebook with lined pages. It is A4 and is around £2.50 from Wilkinsons. The second book is We Were Liars. This book is quite chunky but it is a great read. The novel is mainly a young adults book and has main themes such as adultery and love running throughout the novel. It only was £5 at a stall at SITC for me but should be less than £10. It is a great book.. I mean if John Green has great views about it then you know it should be somewhat goo d.

The last sort of category is mainly beauty but it mainly consists of two beauty products. The first one is Right Guard Total Defence 5. It fights odours, stains, lasts 48 hours, fights sweating and instantly fights them. It has a lovely musky but clean fragrance and was only £1.50 at Superdrug. The second beauty product is from Lush and it is the Honey I Washed The Kids soap. It comes in around £3.50 for 100g.. It mainly consists of honey and toffee which gives a rich fragrance to the soap and gives it a decadent feel. It is for the sweet toothed people mainly as honey and toffee are sweet smells but I love it. I use it on my face and body when needed but mainly on my hands. I love it to be honest.

The last thing that I want to talk about is Dave's tour. The tour consists of 9 dates in 9 venues. The tour will also include Danny Gruff, Robbie Cole & Matthias Harris who will be supporting acts on the tour. The tour will also include a band. This is Daves first tour on his own in a long while as for the last year he has being doing Upload Tour. The Upload tour is always amazing but Dave is an amazing singer on his own and he deserves to do his own tour without the Upload name labelled to it. Hopefully depending on how bad my anxiety is around the time then I will be going and I hope that you can too as Dave is brilliant and so is all the other acts to be honest. He doesnt do any other job so this is his main source of income so the more people going, the better it will be and the more he will be able to survive in this industry. Bri is also doing a new tour as he has just been signed to a record label. He shall be taking Candice along with him and Dodie shall be supporting him! Bri always puts on a great show so I hope that you can go to that too!

I'm sorry that this has been a bit shit but I hope that you have liked this post. The video isn't up just yet but I will make sure to put the link in when it has uploaded... I hope that you are having a great week and don't forget to watch the video when it goes and tell me what you think of this blog post!

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