Sunday 28 September 2014


Meow, so this blog post is going to be about depression.. Now, I know that this is a very taboo topic but I would like to talk about this particular topic.. I have done a video about depression even though it is pretty shit but I felt like doing it this way via a blog is a lot better.  I am sorry if this blog post might trigger/scare you and if this does affect you then please do not read on..

Depression is a mental illness and it should not be taken lightly nor should it be shunned or ignored. Depression is a serious thing as it is an illness and we don't talk enough about it. I am not a professional so if you feel like you have depression then try and talk with your GP about it.

Depression is more than just feeling meh for a day or so.. Depression is when you feel sad constantly and there is generally no time set period for when you're meant to feel 'better'. Generally telling someone to feel better soon or to snap out of it or you should feel better as there is worse things happening in the world/stop being miserable are some of the worse things to tell someone with depression.

Depression generally feels like a spiral and I feel like I had it but I never talked to my GP about it but it feels so shit.. It feels like you've fallen down a well and you're never going to get out no matter how much you try because any effort made (in one day when you feel okay and somewhat 'happy') comes back down and you slip and feel depressed and hating everything in the world but sometimes when help happens then it feels like a piece of rope has been brought down for you to be brought back up to life and have a second chance of being truly happy.

The symptoms of depression can include such things such as continuous sadness, lack of appetite/over eating, having no motivation, not liking things that you used to love, suicidal thoughts and other things. If you feel like any of them sing to you then you should contact a GP.

So my video goes on about a certain celebrity having depression and ending their life. As they were in the public eye, their death was publicised vastly.. This annoyed me as the public then went on to care about just that one person that had depression. They forgot about everyone else that has it. One in ten people have been diagnosed with some sort of depression and to see that little help had been given out until that moment annoys me.. Where were people when someone was thinking about ending it all? Where were people when soimeone didn't want to get out of bed because they felt like their life was nothing? Depression can happen to anyone and people diagnosed with it should be helped 24/7 not just when someone famous dies of it..

I'm sorry that this is a bit of a ranty post but I hope that this has helped someone in some way.. I shall do another blog post about self harm and anxiety so thats why I haven't mentioned it here.. I am not a professional so if I urge you to contact a professional.. I hope you like this blog post and I shall see you very soon...

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