Sunday 26 May 2024

Our Human Rights Matter | Lush Human Rights Showder

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! 

Lush kindly sent me their new Human Rights Showder so I thought that today I would talk to you all about it especially as this product supports a great cause that is relevant to be UK right now! 

A rectangular detergent style box with human rights showder written in white font with lushbshowder in small black font in a brown square cardboard box surrounded by white scoops on a bright background

Lush have collaborated with EachOther which is a UK charity that focuses on giving a voice to those that are marginalised in society. As some of you may know, Rishi Sunak (the current PM until July 4th hopefully) has stated that he hasn’t ruled out taking the UK out of the European Human Rights Convention thus scrapping the rights that we know and in turn making the UK a dangerous place to live in. As someone who is marginalised in society (disabled and non-binary) I have seen the threat of many rights being scrapped over the past year and honestly todays society is a rough one to live in and I wouldn’t wish for anyones rights to be scrapped. I have for the past two years being writing to various MPs and mayors to try and talk about LGBTQIA+ and disabled peoples rights and now its your time to stand up for your rights! 

EachOther have created a survey to discuss the UK’s thoughts and knowledge on their rights and to discuss the thought of their rights being scrapped from them. Please do take part in the survey and make your voice heard! You can either scan the QR code on the back of the box of showder or click here to take part! 

This product contains Kaolin, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Peopermint Oil, Spearmint Oil and Euxalyptus Oil. 

This almagamation of oils creates a really uplifting scent! Some of you may know this concoction of oils as the scent of Salt Water Soother Salt Cube Bath Bomb. In my opinion, these two products smell the same but I do think that the Showder has a sort of more medicinal scent to it? I normally don’t notice the Eucalyptus that much when it comes to the Bath Bomb but when it comes to the Showder I can smell the Eucalyptus before I’ve even opened the box of Showder. The Mint really works with the Eucalyptus here to create a very Summery scent! I am inhaling the scent right now and it does remind me sort of a mixture of Outback Mate and Magic Crystals from Lush. 

I’ve been using Human Rights Showder for a few days now and honestly the scent has been amazing. My nose has been blocked up due to Hyafever and this has instantly helped! I definitely can see this being amazing to use when it gets warm! I have dry skin so I do like to use something that slgithly on the exfoliating side when I can but I try to not use too coarse of a product when I just want something quick and simple to achieve well soft and supple skin and this definitely does the trick! 

Following on from this, the texture is amazing! Its not too fine where you instantly put it on and it falls off yet its not too chunky where you kind off have to grab a clump and scrub away furiously at your skin to get it to work! 

If you haven’t tried a Showder before then imagine well a powder version of a shower gel! To use Lush’s Showders just grab some from the box, add water and apply to the body! 

Human Rights Showder’s packaging is so cute! The packaging of the showers at Lush take inspiration from iconic British Laundrettes and resemble to me vivid Washing Detergent packaging that’s inspired by the Pop Art era. I do know that a fair few of my readers have stated that the packaging can be a bit of a struggle as it is cardboard. The best way that I ensure that the packaging is easy to use is to decant some into a empty pot from Lush. If you do this then its easy to measure how much you have used or want to use! I also do this so I can take some with me when I travel to a different city without needing to take the whole box in my bag! I do love taking Showder with me when I’m away just because it means I know that there’s a product in my bag for when I need to scrub the grime off my body at the end of the day in a hotel. My final tip to ensure that you don’t struggle with your showder packaging is to ensure that you don’t keep it in the bathroom! Steam and cardboard never go well! 

This product is £14 for a 400g box. I have used the smaller boxes of Showder that were out at Lush for Fathers Day 2023 and they lasted ages so this 400g box will last forever! All the money except for VAT from Human Rights Showder will go towards EachOther. This is definitely a great product and the money goes to an amazing cause! 

Thanks again to the Community Team at Lush for sending me this amazing showder that is in stores for a great cause! 

Do check out Human Rights Showder at your local Lush store! 

Have you tried Human Rights Showder? Have you tried Salt Water Soother? Let me know down below and do take part in EachOther’s survey! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

This blog post was in exchange for a product gifted. All views and opinions are my own. 

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