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Dearest Reader, It’s Time To Have The Most Decadent Of Baths That You Will Ever Have! - Lush | Bridgerton Range

Hello dearest readers! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! The wonderful Community Team and Finley at Lush sent me some of the products from the regal brand new range at Lush that is Lush | Bridgerton. 

This range has been created in collaboration with Netflix and Shondaland to celebrate Part One of Season Three of Bridgerton. 

A photo of a light brown square box containing white popcorn pieces on the bottom with a bee engraved yellow oval shaped body balm, a purple and yellow macaron style bath bomb with b engraved on one side and lush engraved on the other, a silver glitter coated diamond shaped bath bomb with a crown engraved on top, a a small clinical plastic clear tub with a clear circular lid with creme anglaise body lotion written in white font on a black label with crowns and diamonds printed onto it with yellow thick body lotion contained in the tub and a tall cylindrical clear tub containing thick jam like red shower slime style body wash with a clear circular lid with a yellow label that has see and be seen in red font  with flowers printed on with lush Bridgerton in black font on top with a purple card behind them that says lush| Bridgerton in white font on a bright background

Colour, Clarity, Carat, Cut Bath Bomb 

Use this bath bomb and you will understand why its The Diamond of the bath bomb world! This bath bomb contains Bergamot Oil, Litsea Cubeba Oil and Benzoin Resinoid to create a truly uplifting citrus scent that screams sitting outside in a wonderful garden during the warm weather to me! Not only does this bath bomb smell gorgeous but it looks it too! This bath bomb has took inspiration from The Diamond reference that runs throughout Bridgerton to ensure that not only does it evoke opulence but that it becomes your favourite bath bomb via its scent, its shimmer and its bath art! Some of you may know the scent of this bath bomb as The Elephant in The Tea Room which was a bath bomb that was a part of Lush’s Mothers Day 2022 Range. I love the design and smell of this bath bomb as you can probably tell and honestly if you want to wow someone with a product from Lush right now I would definitely suggest Colour, Clarity, Carat, Cut! Priced at £7. 

A blue and purple diamond shaped bath bomb coated in silver glitter slowly dissolving into a tub of water on a bright background

Two Families Bath Bomb

Two different scents come together to create one truly magnificent bathing experience! 

This bath bomb contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Absolute, Neroli Oil, Bergamot Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Tonic Absolute, Cocoa Absolute, Yuzu Powder and Lavender Powder, This bath bomb is a brand new design for Lush. If you are familiar with Lush’s Bubbleroons then imagine that but in a bath bomb format. For those that are unfamiliar with the concept then imagine a macaron that is traditionally two meringue cookies sandwiched with an uber rich buttercream or ganache but in beautiful bath bomb form so two bath bombs sandwiched together with skin softening butters. This bath bomb is sandwiched with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter which are known for making the skin feel soft and supple. Each half of this bath bomb-roon contain a different scent. One half is scented with one of Lush’s retro scents Yuzu And Cocoa which has been described in the past as chocolate orange but I mainly get a mixture of citrus, coconut and cocoa which to me is a scent that reminds me of Summer! The other half is scented with Lush’s Deep Sleep scent that is available in many formats such as a. Epsom Salt rich Salt Cube Bath Bomb or Massage Bar! Deep Sleep contains Lavender and Chamomile to truly help you relax. To me, Deep Sleep reminds me of being in a field of Lavender and Chamomile on a breezy Spring morning! You can use this bath bomb as one truly regal bathing experience that is full of contrasting scents, colours and softening butters or you can separate the bath bomb to create two bathing experiences! The choice is entirely up to you, dear reader. I love the concept of this bath bomb/bath bomb-roon. I do hope that Lush bring more of these out in the future as I love anything that contains a skin softening butter as I know that my dry, dry skin will drink it up! Priced at £5. 

A macaron shaped bath bomb , one side is blue  and purple with a b engraved into it and one side is yellow that has lush engraved into it slowly dissolving into a tub of water on a bright background

Honestly I am very tempted to grab some macarons, use Two Families and bingewatch part one of the new season (now its available to watch) on Netflix! 

See and Be Seen Body Wash 

Is it better to be a wallflower or to see and be seen? Oh dearest reader who will ever the answer to this conundrum? 

This body wash contains Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Fresh Strawberry Juice, Pakistani Rose Absolute, Rose Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Geranium Oil which to me creates a truly decadent Turkish delight inspired scent. If you have been shopping at Lush for a while then you may know the scent of this Body Wash as Rose Jam which is a perfect representation of the scent itself if I do say so. I think that this body wash is inspired by Strawberry Jam and honestly I’m not mad about it but I do love jam so I am probably bias. When I say Jam, I am primarily discussing the texture of this Body Wash. If you are expecting this Body Wash to be a thick balm like texture like Posh Chocolate or Yummy Custard then you may be disappointed. The texture of this Body Wash reminds me more of a Shower Slime from Lush than say Posh Chocolate Body Wash. Even though the texture may seem a little less nourishing than Posh Chocolate, do not be alarmed dearest reader as this Body Wash really does nourish the skin! I have dry skin and used this the other day and I stepped out of the shower with soft and supple skin! If you want to feel like you’re washing in a beautiful English Rose Garden or love anything Rose then I would definitely give this Body Wash a go! Priced at £18 for a 240g tub of deliciousness. 

A cylindrical clear plastic tub containing thick red raspberry jam like body wash with a yellow and white label with flowers printed on it with see and be seen in red font with lush body wash in black font on a bright background

Creme Anglaise Body Lotion 

Who doesnt want to cover themselves in decadence? 

This body lotion contains Meadowsweet Infusion, Glycerine, Organic Almond Oil, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Organic Jojoba Oil, Tiger Lily Extract, Organic Avocado Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Orange Flower Honey, Brazilian Orange Oil, Myrrh Resinoid and Vanilla Absolute. The smell is an intriguing one. I associate Creme Anglaise as a scent from Lush with Hair Custard as I am sure they shared the same scent so when I smelt this and realised that it was not like Hair Custard I was a little bit perplexed. To me when I take an inhale I do get Vanilla which was the prominent scent note in Hair Custard but then when it settles down I get a mixture of scents. I get floral which will probably be coming from the addition of Tiger Lily and Meadowsweet but I also get a slightly smoky undertone mixed with a big burst of Almond. If you are a big fan of Lush then imagine a mixture of Snowcake, Turmeric Latte and Vanillary with a dash of Death and Decay thrown in for good measure. The texture of this body lotion reminds me slightly of thick yoghurt. I have dry skin so I take lotions, balms and massage bars from Lush seriously and this is quite moisturising. As a dry skin babe, this lotion absorbs into my skin quite beautifully and the scent lasted all day when I applied it first thing in the morning! Priced at £12. 

A small cylindrical clear tub filled with golden thick body lotion with a black and blue label with creme anglaise in white font with body lotion lush in small black font on a bright background

Bee Body Balm 

Time to spread that social buzz about whilst you smell gorgeous! 

This Body Balm contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Illite Butter, Fair Trade Organic Mango Butter, Almond Oil, Organic Rose Hip Oil, Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil. I know that this is a Bridgerton collaboration range but if the Lush Manchester stores don’t have this beautiful Bee out and proud on the shop floor then I will be very disappointed! This body balm smells of Honey I Washed The Kids which for those dearest readers that don’t know about the scent is a truly divine honey-toffee scent with a slight citrus undertone that just makes the fragrance sing. This body balm is thick but still manages to glide on the skin beautifully. If you haven’t tried a Body Balm from Lush then imagine a slightly richer and thicker version of their Massage Bars. I love anything moisturising, I love Honey I Washed The Kids and I love Bees so this product was definitely made for me! Priced at £10. 

A oval  shaped yellow body balm with a 3D been coming out of it on a bright background

Lush | Bridgerton Perfume 

A perfume truly fit for a Lord or Lady! 

This perfume contains Ylang Ylang Oil,m Rose Oil, Rosemary Oil, Mint Absolute, Jasmine Absolute and Sage Oil. This perfume was created by Emma Vincent, one of Lush’s innovative perfumers, for her own wedding! When I heard about this, this made a lot of sense because to me, the perfume does give off English Garden Wedding vibes! When I sprayed this perfume, the first note that jumped off my skin was a very bright green scent. Grassy almost. If you have smelt Grass from Lush then imagine that but a little bit more delicate. Once this note had died down a bit the next note that I got was a big sort of breezy coconut scent. I know that may sound a bit bizarre to you, dearest readers but do trust me. If you have smelt Furze from Lush then imagine that with a but more of a fresh undertone. Once the breezy scent toned down a bit, the final note that I got was a very big herbal floral scent. Imagine picking a mixture of Jasmine and herbs from a garden. Mixed all together I did quite enjoy this on my skin and it did give off spring wedding vibes.  I can definitely gravitating to this fragrance when it is warm outside! I think that this may be a complex scent that either you will love or loathe. But then again dearest readers, that’s the fun part of smelling scents from Lush. Seeing if they work or don’t on your skin. Priced at £35. 

A tall rectangular glass bottle filled with clear liquid with a black cylindrical lid with a purple rectangular label with a diamond etched on it with lush | Bridgerton written in white font on a bright background

Thank you again to the wonderful Community Team and Finley at Lush for sending me this beautiful box of goodies! 

Have you checked out the Lush | Bridgerton range? Are you watching Season 3 Part 1 of Bridgerton? Who is your favourite character from Bridgerton? Let me know down below and on social media! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

This post was in return for products sent via PR. All views and opinions are my own! 

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