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Having Some Fun With Barbie™ In The Tub | Lush X Barbie™ Range

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I recently went to Lush to check out the new Lush X Barbie range and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it. 

A wide angled photo of a pink b shaped bath bomb with a white background dissolving into a circular metal silver bowl and exploding pink and white colours into the blue water on a bright background

Lush has partnered with Mattel to create a one of a kind collectible collaboration range. 

The Barbie™ X Lush Collection offers a complete range of self-care in Barbie™’s quintessential pink hue, meant to be used and loved by everyone looking to reclaim the color as a symbol of empowerment, daring and being fearless.‘ - Lush UK. 

“Partnering with an icon like Barbie™ is truly a dream come true for Lush. Barbie™ continues to push boundaries and doesn’t let anyone underestimate her abilities. We imagined what Barbie™’s self-care routine would look like and created this range, meant to be used and loved by all. The collection is for everyone who wants to embrace the power of the color pink!” explained Melody Morton, Creative Concepts Director at Lush Cosmetics

Like the Lush X Asteroid City collaboration range, Lush have set up a pop up store on Beak Street in London that features everything pink for everyone to check out including this collaboration range and free pink drinks! If you have checked out the pop up then please do let me know your thoughts as I am unable to check it out due to not living near London. 

When I heard that Lush were collaborating with Mattel to create a Barbie range, I was ecstatic. Barbie has been a staple throughout my life and represents a lot to me. I know that may sound silly to some but as a kid, Barbie was a way for me to explore gender in a range of ways. Whether it was breaking down gender norms or just simply creating a world where anything could be possible, Barbie always made me happy. At the time, I may have been mocked for playing with what was considered at the time as a toy only for girls, if it wasn’t for Barbie I’m not sure if I would feel as comfortable in my own skin as a queer non-binary person in the North of England as I do. 


Barbie Bath Bath Bomb 

It’s time to make your tub into a Pink wonderland! This bomb contains Sicilian Lemon Oil, Tonka Absolute, Coconut Cream, Coconut Milk Powder, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and Ruby Cocoa Liquor. According to some, this bomb is meant to smell like the Strawberry Crumble Bubbleroon from Valentines Day but to me it does not. To me, it smells more of a mixture of Rose with a backnote of other floral notes with a touch of Strawberry to it. Inside the bomb, there is a heart shaped bath melt that contains a plethora of oils, cream and milk. I suffer from having dry skin so when I used this bomb and noticed that there was a surprise bath melt, I was amazed. The melt definitely nourished my skin! There is also a lot of glitter in this bomb which I adore but I do know that some don’t. I’d definitely grab this again and would love for the surprise melt to come back in another range! (I tried this in store and at home but the photos of the bath art featured in this post are from trying it as a demo at the Lush White Rose store). Priced at £6. 

A diagonal slanted photo of a large rectangular light brown box filled with pink and white b shaped bath bombs next to a rectangular pink card that says barbie bath bath bomb lush in white font on n a bright background

Barbie Bubble Bubble Bar

Vroom, vroom! It’s time to drive some fun into the bath! This bubble bar contains Tonka Absolute, Almond Oil, Olibanum Resinoid, Champaca Absolute and Sweet Wild Orange Oil. Lush state that this has a new Sour Cherry scent but to me the scent of this bubble bar comes across more as creamy Cherry. I think due to the Tonka and Champaca, it creates more of a sweet creamy scent with a Cherry note. In the bath, the cherry does come out a lot more than sniffing it in store but it does remind me more of Cherry Sweets or Cherry Yoghurt more than Sour Cherry. I love the car shape of this bubble bar as it reminds me of my childhood! However, my main problem with this product is that it is so soft and crumbly that by the time I purchased it and brought it home, it had already snapped and crumbled in the bag which was a bit of a shame. If you know anyone who loves Barbie or acherry flavoured sweets such as the Cherry Maoam sweets that you purchase in the UK then I’d definitely suggest this product. Priced at £7.  

A wide angled photo of some pink corvette car inspired and car shaped bubble bars in a large square light brown box with a pink rectangular card above that says barbie bubble bubble bar in white font on a bright background


Barbie Boombox Soap 

Boom, boom, boom! It’s time to wash your hands! This soap contains Organic Soya Milk, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter,  Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oils. Who doesn’t love a boombox shaped soap? It just screams kitsch and cute to me! When I heard about this soap I was expecting it to smell of Honey I’ve Washed The Kids due to ingredients but it actually smells more like the Rhubarb & Custard Soap to me which threw me off a bit. It does make sense though as I can see Barbie enjoying a Rhubarb & Cusrsd sweet or two. This soap is very softening due to the Soy Milk and Cocoa Butter! I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who is trying to encourage their children into washing their hands properly as I think the soap would help them and remind them of Barbie doing the same! Priced at £6

A photo of some pink rectangular boombox shaped soaps on a large light brown shelf with a pink rectangular card above that says barbie boombox lush in white font on a bright background

Barbie Handbag Soap 

Out of all three of the shapes soaps, I love the Bag design the most. I don’t know  it just reminds me of my childhood and Barbie the most. As a child, Barbie helped to define my identity and looking back on it now, Barbie and her handbag brought me a sense of gender euphoria. This soap is scented in the same scent as the Boombox Soap.  Priced at £6. 

A group of pink handbag shaped soaps on a circular light brown wooden platform with a pink rectangular cars next to it that says barbie handbag lush in white font on a bright background

Barbie Heel Soap 

This heel soap was made for washing! I think that this heel shaped soap would look beautiful in a soap dish! I’m sure it would look like your bathroom has turned into its own little Barbie closet! This soap shares the same scent as the other two soaps. I do get the point of the different designs but personally I do wish that the soaps were different scents that could’ve been marketed maybe as secret scents a little bit like the Question Block Bath Bombs from the Lush X Super Mario range. Priced at £6. 

A photo of a bunch of pink heel shaped soaps on a light brown rectangular shelf that has a rectangular pink card next to it that says barbie heel lush in white font on a bright b background


Barbie Dream Sugar Scrub 

Who doesn’t dream of having beautiful skin just like Barbie? This scrub contains Caster Sugar, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  Lemon Myrtle, Persian Lime & Ylang Ylang Oils and Ruby Cocoa Liquor. This scrub seems to have a new formula compared to other Scrubs that are sold at Lush. This scrub seems to be a bit more squishy than the other ones. This may be due to the addition of Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil. To anyone who hasn’t tried this scrub but is familiar with other products from Lush. Imagine a scrub like Ocean Salt or Orange mixed with the texture of a FUN. The scent reminds me of a sort of a zesty sweet with a touch of Banana. I don’t know why this is but it may be due to the Ylang Ylang which to my nose can give off a sort of fresh Banana scent sometimes. I know that sounds weird but it kind of works nicely! I guess if you’ve smelt Out Of This World from Lush then imagine that but with a bit of a sugary backnote to it. It’s definitely a scent that evokes memories of sweet shops in tbe Summer to me. I can definitely imagine Barbie using it. If you like a scrub that scrubs well but wished that it was a bit more softening to the skin or wished that scrubs from Lush like Scrubse came in more varieties then I would definitely recommend trying this scrub out! Prices start at £9 for a 135g tub 

A wide shot of some tall cylindrical pink plastic tubs filled with pink and white sugar scrub with pink lids stacked on top of each other all with rectangular pink labels that say barbie dream sugar scrub in white font on a large light brown shelf with a pink rectanguoar label next to it that says barbie dream sugar scrub in white font on a bright background

Barbie Body Balm 

Even in the summer, we need to make sure that our skin stays super soft! If you are unsure on what a body balm from Lush is then imagine a lighter  Massage Bar from Lush.  This body balm contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Ruby Cocoa Liquor, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Tonka Absolute. This heart shaped beauty is meant to smell like the Strawberry Crumble Bubbleroon and it does due to the Tonka mainly for me but I also get a sort of sweet chocolate note which may be from the addition of Ruby Cocoa Liquor which I think has been added for colour and a touch of luxury to the scent. Due to the butters and oils in this product  it is super nourishing on the skin. The oil that ends up on your skin from this balm sinks into tbe skin quite quickly and doesn’t leave that greasy feeling on the skin like other body products sometimes do. My only caution to everyone that purchases this product is to keep it in a cool dark place. It has been quite warm recently and if left unattended and exposed somewhere, this balm will melt quickly! We don’t want Barbie to be screaming “I’m melting!”, do we? If you know anyone who loves Chocolate coated strawberries and loves beauty then I would definitely recommend this Body Balm to them! Priced £10

A white hand holding a pink heart shaped body balm with a B for Barbie engraved into the middle of it on a bright background


Barbie Jelly Jelly Mask

Barbie wishes that she was ready for this jelly! This face mask might be a blast from the past for some including myself! This face mask once upon a time was more commonly known at Lush as FOMO Jelly Face Mask. This face mask contains Calamine Powdwr, Kaolin, Neroli Oil and Rose Absolute. To me this has a weird hints of cucumber to it but I don’t mind it. I used to love this for when my face flared up from spots and redness as it used to work a treat and I’m glad to say that it still does. A reason why I loved the Jaly Masks and this Barbie Jwlly Mask is that they are great for travelling with and don’t require to be chilled like the fresh masks from Lush. In regards to texture, it’s a sort of form jellt. I’d say even firmer than the shower jellies from Lush.  If you can still grab it I’d definitely recommend you doing so as I hope that Lush roll these back out soon! Priced £10. 

A stack of pink plastic cyldirndial shallow tubs filled with a light pink circular jelly mask with a pink lid and circular label that says barbie jelly jelly mask in white font with a pink rectangular label next to it that says barbie jelly jelly mask in white font on a bright background


Barbie Pink Shampoo 

Blondes have fun but what about Pinks? It’s time to turn into a BarbiePink Babe! 

This shampoo contains Marshmallow Root , Fresh Strawberry Juice, Lemon Juice, Beetroot Juice, Persian Lime Oil, Camellia Oil and Synthetic Musk. Yes this is Snow Fairy scented so if you’ve been yearning for a Snow Fairy liquid Shampoo since forever then I’d recommend that you grab this whilst you can! To me though, the scent is more a snow Fairy mixed with Toffee which you’d expect to be super sweet but weirdly the toffee cuts through that SF sweetness a little bit which I quite like. If you have bleached hair then please do be careful with this product as the beetroot juice can stain the hair. For this reason also it can be left on the hair for 20+ minutes to create a  more lasting Barbie inspired tint to the hair. Definitely one for those who just want to be living in their own little pink Snow Fairy world! For me, my hair is on the very dry side so I have to be a little bit cautious with haircare. Priced at £9 for a 100g bottle. 

A wide shot photo of some cylindrical pink plastic bottles filled with sparkly pink shampoo with a pink rectangular label that says barbie pink shampoo lush in white font  on a large light brown rectangular shelf with a pink rectangular label next to it that says barbie pink shampoo in white font on a bright background


Barbie X Lush Perfume 

Wonder what Barbie smells like? Well no more because you can finally smell like Barbie or what Barbie wishes she smelled like! This perfume contains Almond Essential Oil, Champaca Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Olibanum Resinoid and Sweet Wild Orange Oil. I sprayed this in store and sadly I was a bit disappointed. I heard that it was meant to be Sour Cherry but to me it is very much more Cherry sweets or Cherry Yoghurt. A creamy base with a flicker of fruitiness that includes cherries and other berries. The cherry aspect flashed off my skin as soon as the perfume dried down which was a shame. I think on some the cherry will come out more but for me sadly it just didn’t hit the spot. I’d definitely recommend trying it at a Lush store and letting me know your thoughts though! Priced at £35 for 30ml. 

A white hand holding a rectangular glass bottle with a cyldienxjal black lid with a pink square label that says barbie x lush in white font on a bright background

Have you checked out the range? Let me know! 

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Lush White Rose for looking after us and helping us to check out the range. 

Thanks for readings! 

Jamie x

BARBIE™ and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel. ©2023 Mattel.

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