Tuesday 24 January 2023

Let's Enjoy A Shower Together In The Love Shack | Lush Valentines Day 2023 First Impressions

Hey everyone ! 

Welcome to a brand new post! I recently went to Lush White Rose to check out the new Valentines Day range with Luke and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it.

A close up photo of a dark black coffee bag style bag filled with spherical red balls filled with shower gel with a black rectangular label on the bag that says love shower spheres lush in white font on a bright background

Bath Bombs: 

Love Bug 

You’re may little love bug! Back by popular demand, Love Bug is back at Lush. This amazing little automobile shaped bath bomb definitely get my engines revving. This bath bomb contains Sicilian Lemon, Organic Sweet Orange and Rose Oils. To me in store this smelt kind of like the smell of a bubble tea shop. You know the aroma that you get when you walk in? Very that. This is surprising because I wouldn’t expect Citrus and Rose to make this sort of scent… I love anything citrus and the bomb is shaped like a car so it wins just on cuteness alone. I definitely would recommend this as a gift to anyone including yourself or even children to encourage them to enjoy bath time. Priced at £5. 

A zoomed in shot of a bunch of car shaped bath bombs with red and blue on them in a large square light brown box on a bright background with love bug bath bomb in white font on a black card next to it

Valentines Bombshell 

Hey bombshell, will you be my valentines this year? This bath bomb is one that is not only a feast on the eyes but on the nose too. This bombshell is definitely large and in charge… Valentiens Bombshell consists of two large heart shaped bath bombs filled with a brilliant bunch of dried flowers and tied up ready to be gifted to anyone that you want to gift it to. At anchor stores such as Liverpool and Oxford Street, you can even choose which flowers go into the bombshell! This bomb contains Rose Oil, Pakistani Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil and Sicilian Lemon Oil. If you have been to Lush before then you may know this scent as Rose Jam. I quite like Rose Jam but am a bit unsure on this product especially with travelling back from a Lush store to get it home as I can see it cracking or crumbling in transit  home.  I would recommend this as a gift for yourself or anyone that you want to gift it to or who you think deserves an extra special pamper time. I think that personally I would maybe decant the flowers and chop each of the hearts in half just as this bomb is quite big. Definitely worth going into a store to look at though! Priced at £12. 

A zoomed in photo of some pink large heart shaped bath bombs with flowers filled in the middle with some light brown straw tied up on the op of it with a black large rectangular card that says valentines bombshell in white font on a bright background

What are your thoughts on the Valentines Bombshell? Who have you gifted it to? Do you enjoy the Rose Jam scent? Let me know down below or on social media (thejamiesowden). 

Bath Oils: 

Floating Love Island 

Who doesnt want to get saucy on the island? This is a new product for 2023. Lush have released a sort of bath bomb, bath oil hybrid due to the bicarb that is in that you normally find in a bath bomb but also has a plethora of oils that you’d expect to find in an bath oil. This product contains Rose, Vanilla and Jasmine Absolutes, Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang Oils. This product also contains Almond Oil and Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter. If you are a big fan of Lush then you may know the scent of this bath product as it shares the same scent as Keep It Fluffy. I like the concept of this product as I used to love the old Bath Bomb/Bath Oil hybrids such as Golden Egg back in the day however this product just didn’t have much of a scent to it which kind of disappointed me. I guess that it may become a lot more powerful when dropped into the bath but as I was in store I was unsure on the product so I didn’t pick one up. I would definitely recommend using this aa a sort of date night pamper routine whether you’re going out for drinks or food on your own, a date with friends or a date with a partner. Priced at £5. 

A large light brown rectangular box containing a bunch of spherical light pink bath oils with a heart engraved on the top with a black large rectangular black card with floating love island in white font on a bright background

Bubble Bars 

Strawberry Crumble Bubbleroon 

Make sure that no one crumbles your heart into pieces this Valentines. Who doesnt love a good bubbleroon? If you’re unsure on what a Bubbleroon is then imagine two pieces of bubble bar sandwiched with a good chunk of butters and oils that will nourish your skin. This bubbleroon contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Sicilian Lemon Oil, Tonka Absolute and Fresh Strawberries. To me, this is mainly a sweet sort of sugary scent with a banknote of Strawberry to it compared to say Strawberry Heart which was a strong kick of Strawberry to the face. I don’t mind this scent but I don’t think its my all time favourite but I think that it is a lovely scent for the end of Winter/start of Spring. I think that I prefer it more for the bubbleroon aspect than I do the scent if that makes sense but I can’t wait to use it to see if the scent intensifies. I would also rteccomend it for a sort of self care night when you need something to cheer you lip and nourish your skin. Priced at £6.50. 

A zoomed in photo of a bunch of strawberry shaped light pink bubble bar with green accents with a light pink buttercream in the middle with a black rectangular card with strawberry crumble bubbleroon un white font on a bright background


Keep It Fluffy Delight Body Wash 

It’s so fluff For their Valentines Day 2023 range, Lush have decided to expand on their solid Body Wash product that was first introduced to the masses through their Christmas 2022 range. If you haven’t tried them imagine a sort of body wash that has been packed into a light marshmallow that can travel with you no matter where you go. This product contains Pakistani Rose, Vanilla and Jasmine Absolutes, Ylang Ylang Oil and Lemongrass Oil. This scent to me is light and floral with a touch of sweetness in the background just to amp things up a little bit. If you like floral scents then you will love this. I think that for me, I like this in small doses which makes this product amazing as I can just tear a tiny bit off when I want and use it. I think that though for me a little block of this is more than enough for me and I will use it in certain occasions. I think that if this was any stronger then I wouldn’t be able to deal with it. The Jasmine and Rose come out in this format a lot more than Floating Love Island to my nose. I would definitely recommend this for someone who’s on the go or loves those sweet floral scents. Priced at £3.40 per 40g. Prices may vary due to slice size. 

A photo of a stack of large rectangular light pink marshmallow like pieces of body wash on a black and light brown background and light brown shelf with a black rectangular card in the background that says keep it fluffy delight body wash in white font on a bright background

Love Shower Spheres 

Love is in the air and on your body! This year, Lush have decided to re-release their Shower Spheres. In around 2018, these were out in stores under the name Atmospheress. The concept of these are that you can take them on the go and can help to reduce the amount of plastic that you use within your life. The best way to use these are to pop one of the spheres and use the gel within the sphere. In my opinion, I am not the biggest fan of these but I get the concept. I just can’t get past them looking like a laundry product. 

This product contains Sodium Alginate, Ylangt Ylang, Lemongrass and Bergamot Oils and Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang Absolutes. Let’s start off with the scent of this product. To me, Love smells of a mixture of crisp Apple and Lemon mixed with a good pinch of Cinnamon with a sort of powdery undertone. I know that sounds a but weird to explain but if you like that sort of festive Apple and Cinnamon scent then imagine that but a bit more fresh centric. I absolutely love the smell but then again I am a sucker for anything that has a sort of Cinnamon scent to it. The spheres themselves, I’m not the biggest fan of. I don’t have the best dexterity skills thus popping the spheres can be a bit of a struggle for myself depending on how I feel. Furthermore, Lush have put 10g into each of the spheres and in turn state that you get 250g of product in a bag of spheres. That may be true however I don’t use 10g of a normal gel from Lush at a time as once lathered Lush’s gels expand and thus a small amount can cover quite a large body like mine. I also don’t quite enjoy that Lush have only provided a bottled version of this shower product in certain gift sets which means that if you want a bottle of this instead of the spheres then you have to buy the gift set which I mean I would but I already have a lot of Lush products, do I need the gift set and everything else that comes into it? Maybe but also maybe not… 

I get the concept but just not the best execution in my opinion. I am intrigued to see if these pop up in any of the other ranges such as Mothers Day or Easter this year. What are you thoughts on the shower spheres? Let me know. 

A close up photo of a dark black coffee bag style bag filled with spherical red balls filled with shower gel with a black rectangular label on the bag that says love shower spheres lush in white font on a bright background
A close up of a large hand with a red spherical shower sphere in the middle on a bright background

Passion Fruit Delight Body Wash 

It’s time to rub Passion all over your body this Valentines Day. To go alongside the Keep It Fluffy Body Wash, Lush have decided to release a Passion Fruit scented Body Wash. This Body Wash contains Buchu, Litsea Cubeba and Sweet Wild Orange Oil. To me, this does create a very authentic Passion Fruit scent. If you tried the Cyclops Bubble Bar at Halloween then this product shares the same scent as that. I absolutely love the scent of this and instantly makes me want to go somewhere sunny and warm and drink my weight in cocktails. If you like citrus based scents then you will love this! I kind of wish that this was brought out in a Body Spray format. Priced at £3.40. Prices may vary due to slice size. 

A close up photo of a stack of bright orange rectangular marshmallow like blocks of body was on a bright background with a talk black rectangular card that says passion fruit delight body wash lush in white font on a bright background


Hot Lips 

These hot lips are giving me steam heat! They’re back.back, back again! Hot Lips are back and are ready to nourish your lips to pure hell. This product contain Carrageenan Extract Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Davana, Lime and Almond Essential Oils. To me this has a great cherry flavour and does nourish the hell out of your lips. My only problem is that it doesnt fully stick down well so you can’t really move if you want to use this product. If you do then there’s a good 90% chance of it slipping off your face. Priced at £3. 

A red lip shaped lip mask on a bright background

Have you tried any of the products from Lush’s Valentines Day 2023 range? Do you like the sound of any of the products mentioned in this post? What are your Valentines Day/Galentines Day plans? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

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