Friday 2 December 2022

The Best Way To Relax Is To Be Lazy In The Tub | Lush X Lazy Oaf First Impressions

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to Lush White Rose recently to check out the new Lush X Lazy Oaf collaboration range and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it. 

Lush have decided to collaborate with the well known London based brand Lazy Oaf who are known for creating clothing with creative yet iconic prints and many other products. This collaboration has been inspired by London laundrettes bc just like the iconic one that is featured in the BBC soap ‘EastEnders’. All of the collaborative range albeit one product are either scented in Lush’s well known Intergalactic or Sleepy range. 

A tall orange, pink and white box with lush x lazy oaf in black font on a bright background

 Happy Face Bath Bomb 

The first product that is featured within the range is the Happy Face bath bomb which is a white bomb that sports a smiley face on it. This bomb is scented in the Intergalactic range. Intergalactic contains Peppermint, Grapefruit, Cedarwood and Vetivert Oils. To me, this creates an uplifting Mint and Citrus scent with a slightly smoky backnote to it which keeps you guessing and on your toes. I adore the Intergalactic range and think that at this time of year that it could make for a great gift for someone who is working a lot this festive period or for someone who may be suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder as the Mint and Citrus may help them with the early dark nights that are kicking in at the moment. Priced at £7.

A white spherical bath bomb with a hexagonal bottom with lush engraved into it with a black blue smiley face sketched into the top of it on a bright background

Sad Face Bath Bomb 

Sometimes our faces are happy and sometimes our faces are sad and that is completely fine! This bath bomb has a sad face on it hence the name and contains Lavender and Ylang Ylang Oils, Tonka Absolute and Benzoin Resinoid. I don’t mind the Sleepy/Twilight range but it depends on my mood and such. I completely get the correlation between sad and sleepy so I get why it is scented in this scent family. Priced at £7. 

A spherical white bath bomb with a hexagonal bottom with lush engraved into it with a black blue sad face sketched into the top of the bomb on a bright background

Wash Buddy 

Who doesn't love a good buddy when it comes to washing in the tub? This little bath buddy was designed to help you relax in the bath. This Bath Bomb is centralised around the Lazy Oaf logo. A true collaboration. This bomb is scented with Sleepy which contains Lavender and Tonka so when you need a buddy to help you relax after a long day then you can instantly turn to this cute creature and drop them into the tub. I'd definitely recommend giving this as a gift for someone or yourself after a long hard week. Priced at £5. 

A white ghost shaped bath bomb with engraved eyes on a bright background

Bubbly Buddy 

Lets create some bubbles and enjoy the fun together. This Bubble Buddy not only looks cute but creates some cool bubbles! This Bubble Bar emulates the Lazy Oaf logo through its design. This bar also is scented with the Sleepy scent from Lush. I think that Sleepy works best in a Bubble or Shower Gel format so I absolutely love the idea of this product. I also think that this would be amazing product for kids to use or when stuff is just getting a little bitt too much. Priced at £7. 

A white hand holding a blue-purple circular bubble bar with a ghost engraved into it on a bright background

Checked In Soap 

When stuff has to be done,. Its best to be checked in. This Checked In Soap is not only punny through its checked flag design but also smells the part by being scented in the Intergalactic scent. Not only does Peppermint and Grapefruit Oils help to invigorate the mind and keep you checked into life but also looks amazing in your bathroom. I am kind of glad that Lush have decided to create a Intergalactic soap as the nearest soap that is out at Lush at the minute is Outback Mate which hits the spot in a different way to Intergalactic does for me. Priced at £7 for an 80g block. 

A rectangular black and white checkered flag designed soap on a bright background

Checked Out Soap 

During the hustle and bustle of this time of the year, it’s completely fine to check out. Checked Out  Soap is scented with the Sleepy scent. I think that this would be great for having in the bathroom at night time at this time of year or to use. I can see it being the ultimate soap for small ones on Christmas Eve. Priced at £7 for a 80g block. 

A rectangular black and white checkered flag designed soap on a bright background

Intergalactic Showder

After a full cycle spin, its good to feel oh so clean! As mentioned at the beginning of this post, the collaboration is focused around London based laundrettes and a good part of laundrettes is the clothes being washed. This is why Lush have decided to bring back their showders which are inspired by laundry detergent for this collaboration with Lazy Oaf. Not only do these showders look the part on the outside with their vibrant yet quirky packaging but on the inside too through the texture of the product. 

Some people may ask, what is showder? To summarise, Showder is pretty much just shower powder. If you have used Lush’s Shower Bombs then imagine them but crushed up with a bit of Salt running through it to help scrub the body in a box. Not only does this help to cleanse and nourish the body but also helps to scrub away dead skin cells through the addition of Fine Sea Salt. Add this to the mix of Peppermint, Grapefruit, Cedarwood and Vetivert and you have an amazing product that I’d definitely use first thing in the morning to help me get ready for the day ahead of me. I actually used something similar in the Intergalactic range when I caught COVID in late 2020 and even with only the faintest bit of smell that I had to my name, I could smell the intoxicating smell of Intergalactic which helped to stop me from feeling groggy,. I’d definitely recommend this for the morning after celebrating this festive season. Whether that be a Party, a night out with old friends or Christmas Day itself! Priced at £15 for 170g. 

A white hand holding a rectangular yellow and blue box with lush x lazy oaf in white font on a bright background

Sleepy Showder 

Let’s scrub away the bad thoughts before bed! Sleepy Showder is just like the intergalactic Showder. Instead of my recommendation of using it the morning after partying, I’d definitely recommend to use Sleepy Showder the night before partying! This showder contains Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Tonka and Benzoin Resinoid. I know that I said that I don’t fully enjoy this scent but I quite like it in the Showder format. To me, the Lavender is slightly more herbal than powdery as I detect a sort of more grassy note of Lavender in this product which makes me enjoy it a bit more. I paired this with the tiniest bit of Beauty Sleep Face Mask that I got a while ago from the wonderful staff at Lush White Rose via asking for a sample of it and oh my god it was amazing. It instantly made me forget all about my anxiety that happened that day due to going out to get some shopping done. Priced at £15 for 170g. 

A pink and purple rectangular box with lush x lazy oaf in black font Iont on a bright background

Lush X Lazy Oaf Body Spray

 Lazy has never smelt so good! Who doesn’t love a good Body Spray? This Body Spray was inspired by London Laundrettes and the character Dot Cotton from the BBC soap ‘EastEnders’. This Spray contains Tonka Absolute, Vetivert Oil, Tobacco Absolute, Champaca Absolute and Vanilla Absolute. Just from the ingredients alone, I was expecting this to smell very similar to Turmeric Latte through the use of Tonka and Vanilla yet to me it smells worlds apart. When I sprayed this in store, the first scent note I got was Champaca. A sort of resinous floral note. After this I got the smoky note of Tobacco and then the sweetness of the other ingredients. I mean each nose is different but if you are expecting a Vanilla heavy fragrance like Vanillary then you will be disappointed. To me, It reminds me of a mixture of Tobacco and the Ginger fragrance from Lush. An odd mixture I know but sort of fresh, floral and smoky. It is definitely worth going in store to give it a whiff but as I still have a bottle of Ginger perfume from Lush, I was a bit adamant on getting it straight there and then at White Rose as I wanted to see what it was like when it settled on the skin. To me, the Tobacco takes over the Champaca a bit and becomes a bit more of a intriguing scent that I couldn’t exactly pin point. Priced at £35 for a 200-g bottle. 

A rectangular black and white checkered flag designed soap on a bright background

So what do I think of the range overall? It’s different and quirky. I do wish that the Intergalactic was switched out for a different scent to fit the Happy side of this collaboration a little bit more. Even though the scent has already been out this year, I think that Party On would have fitted the bill a little bit more or even Whoosh. Ooh, a Whoosh Bath Bomb would be amazing! Do I get why they were both chosen though? Definitely as both scents are well known and well loved when it comes to Lush. I think that Lush and Lazy Oaf was a good collaboration as they are both quirky. Do I wish the prices were changed slightly? Definitely. I think that £35 is a bit expensive for a body spray with a brand new scent that some may have not smelt before but again with inflation it is completely understandable why the prices have gone up a bit. I think that if the Body Spray was available in a smaller size like it is in the gift sets for a smaller price to try then it would be amazing. I also hope that the inclusion of the Showders again after the concept being discontinued in 2016 in this range means that they will be coming back in the future in other scents as I kind of love them especially when I’m staying in hotels and they only come equipped with showers. Overall I give the Lush X Lszy Oaf range a 8.6/10. 

Thanks to the lovely staff at Lush White Rose especially Betty and Sandra for being amazing to myself and Luke and for gifting us the Showders to try. If you can get to the Lush White Rose branch then I’d definitely recommend that you do. 

What do you think of the Lush X Lazy Oaf range? Let me know down below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Certain photos from this post are from the brands website and some of the products included in this post were gifted by the wonderful staff at the Lush White Rose store. All views and opinions are my own. 

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