Friday 4 November 2022

The Body Shop Christmas 2022 Launch Event At York Coppergate & Range First Impressions

 Hey everyone!  

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I was kindly invited alongside Luke to attend the launch event of The Body Shop Christmas Range at the York Coppergate store and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it. 

A zoomed in wide shot of two cylindrical shot glass bottles filled with clear liquid with white labels, one saying the body shop spiced orange eat and one saying the body shop wild pine eat in black  font on a bright background

We started the event by finding the store. Now because my brain is a mess, I completely forgot where the store was but after a while, myself and Luke managed to find it.  

We entered the superb store and was greeted by the wonderful staff at The Body Shop York Coppergate and started chatting. I grabbed a glass of Apple Juice and a Mince Pie because well is there any other way to get into the festive spirit? 

After this, the wonderful staff started to tell us both all about the two new ranges such as that the Spiced Orange range contains community fair trade organic Aloe Vera from Mexico. Whilst the staff were telling us all about the ranges, we were given the correlating products to try. 

When I tried some of the Spiced Orange Body Butter, the first note that I got from the scent was deep spices. I am glad about this as I saw that the notes were Orange, Spices and Vanilla which made me think that the Vanilla would be in your face but this definitely wasn’t the case when I sniffed it. The few spices that I’d say that are the centre of this scent are Cinnamon and Ginger which helps to create a sort of resinous sort of scent. These also help to cut through the Orange for me and stop it from being too similar to the Satsuma range that everyone knows and loves. I have smelt similar scents from other brands and they seem to have a sort of sick scented note to them for some reason. I am glad that the Spiced Orange range from The Body Shop doesn’t have this note to it. 

A birds eye view of a range of products including cylindrical tall bottles filled with dark orange liquid and circular pots filled with white cream all with a white label that says spiced orange the body shop in black font on a bright background

A zoomed in photo of a white hand holding a circular metal silver pot of white creamy body butter with a white label that says spiced orange the body shop body butter in black font on a bright badckgtorund

My favourite products in the Spiced Orange range have to be the Shower Gel and Body Butter. I do love the idea of a bath bomb but I seem to notice that with The Body Shop, different products in the same range smell slightly different due to things such as additional oils and butters. I just love a Body Butter and the spices seem to come through quite a bit in it and I love a Shower Gel that I can put in the bathroom and use all the time on those cold Winter mornings. 

After we tried the products briefly, the staff then started to discuss the Wild Pine range. 

Wild Pine comes in a plethora of products to suit everyones needs this festive season. Whether this be a Shower Gel for those who want a quick wash, a bath bomb fror those who want to relax in the scent and a oil to cream body product for those who that want to feel nourished from the outside in. 

A close up of two cylindrical tall clear shower gel bottles filled with dark green gel with a white label that says wild pine shower gel the body shop in black font on a bright background

Again, I was slightly hesitant when I heard that TBS were coming out with a Wild Pine range for Christmas as when I think of Pine I instantly think of those little tree shaped car air fresheners. That’s why I was so surprised when I finally smelt the range as it smelt completely different from those little car air fresheners. 

To me, the Wild Pine range smelt very fresh and watery., I guess if I was to sum the scent up, id say that its the scent of a frozen lake in the middle of Winter that’s surrounded by a cluster of Pine Trees . Whereas Spiced Orange is warm with a touch of citrus, Wild Pine is cool with a touch of freshness. I think my favourite product of this range was the Body Butter. 

A close up of a circular silver metal pot filled with white cream with a silver circular lid with a white label with wild pine body butter the body shop in black font on a bright background

After we had smelt and tried out both ranges, the lovely staff went through all of the advent calendars that The Body Shop have on offer this year. This year, TBS have three different advent calendars ranging in prices to suit everyones. Box Of Wishes is priced at £55 and contains a plethora of travel sized goodies for the face and body such as the Vitamin E Quench Sheet Mask 15ml and Almond Milk Shower Cream 60ml  , Box Of Wonders is priced at £95 and contains a mixture of goodies such as the Vitamin C Glow Sheet Mask 18ml and Avocado Body Scrub 50ml and Box Of Wishes and Wonders Ultimate Advent Calendar is priced at £145 which contains a handful of full sized products such as Himalayan Charcoal Skin Clarifying Night Peel 30ml, Edelweiss Liquid Peel 100ml and Boost Exfoliating Hand Wash 250ml. 

After this, we chatted for a bit, grabbed more drinks and food, grabbed some photos and made our way round the wonderful store sniffing everything that we could find. We checked out the new Edelweiss range which helps the skin to feel strong and youthful and works on the skin just like how Retinol does, the well loved Vitamin C range which now has a few new products such as the Vitamin C Glow Revealing Serum 30ml and the Tea Tree range. 

A close up of a black cylindrical short tub with a circular black lid with a white label that says edelweiss bouncy sleeping mask the body shop in black font on a bright background

A close up of three small cylindrical dark black bottles with white pipette lids with a white lid that says vitamin c glow revealing serum with an orange strip at the tip with the the body shop all in black font on a bright background

A wide shot of a large glass filled with orange juice with three different sized cylindrical bottles with the body shop vitamin c in black font with an orange strip above it on a bright background

We then carried on and looked at the revamped fragrances that The Body Shop have launched in the past few months. I was actually looking for a birthday present for Abbey and I know that she loves anything Rose so I decided to pick her up the Rebel Rosebud Body Mist 100ml which I smelt whilst I was in store and loved myself. Luke said that the scent reminded him of Riosé Wine… 

A close up of a long rectangular glass bottle filled with light pink liquid with a white label that says rebel rosebud body mist the body shop in black font on a bright background

Following on from this, we checked out the Hair section. I love their Ginger range and saw that they had released a new product within the range. Ginger Hair and Scalp Scrub 240ml is perfect for dry, flaky and sensitive scalps and leaves hair feeling moisturised and brand new. I was intrigued by this as well that screams my hair type and I love anything that is Ginger scented. Now that I’m typing this up, I kind of wish that I had asked if I could get a sample of it or something to try out especially with suffering from trichotillomaina which can leave my hair feeling dry, irritated and everything in-between. The other new product that was in the corner of my eye was the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner 400ml which curly and coily hair. I actually had a quick look and realised that this was a completely brand new hair range for TBS. I didn’t try it in store but I did smell it and it smelt divine. 

A circular metal silver tin filled with orange scrub with a silver circular tin with a white label that says ginger hair and scalp scrub the body shop in black font on a bright background

A circular silver metal tin filled with white liquid with a silver tin lid with a white label that says Jamaican black castor oil leave in conditioner the body shop in black font on a bright background

The final range that Luke and I had a look at was the Wellness range. The Wellness range comprises of three sub-ranges. Boost, Breathe and Sleep. 

Boost contains Grapefruit and Bergamot Essential Oils and helps to well boost yourself when you need it with all it’s zesty and uplifting oils and scent. I did like this scent but I did think that it could do with being a little bit stronger for my liking as I like my zesty scents to pretty much punch me in the face. My favourite Boost product from sniffing them all in the store is the Boost Happy Hand Cream 30ml. I am forever in need of hand creams due to biting my fingers quite a bit due to my Anxiety getting quite intense from time to time. 

The Breathe range contains Rosemary and Eucalyptus Oils to help you well breathe when you need to just take a moment out of a busy day or life and just give yourself a few moments to breathe and ground yourself or for when you have a cold and are having trouble breathing. I love this scent. It has took me a while to get used to as I sometimes relate Eucalyptus to Pub Toilets for some peculiar reason but I really like it. The Eucalyptus isn’t too strong and the Rosemary gives off a good amount of its resinous scent. My favourite product from this range is the Breathe Calm Balm as it helps me to relax and is travel friendly which is perfect for someone on the go like myself. 

The Sleep range is for those who have trouble sleeping and contains Lavender and Vetiver Essential Oils. I quite like how the Vetiver adds depth and cuts through some of the Lavender to ensure that it isn’t too cloying. My favourite product from this range is the Sleep Calming Pillow Mist 100ml as it is travel friendly and I can spray it on my pillow and sheets when I need a little bit of help to get to sleep. 

We finished looking around and a wild Michelle appeared to help us get back to the train station and get home. She sniffed some of the products and loved the Spiced Orange range. We said our goodbyes, grabbed our products and goodie bags and headed for the station. 

Have you tried either of the new ranges? Let me know down below. 

Thanks to the staff at the York Coppergate branch for inviting me along to the event and for being amazing. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

This blog post was in return for an invite to an event. All views are my own. 

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