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Lush Christmas 2022 Range - Body, Lip Care, Candles & Fragrances

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! With Christmas being around the corner, I thought that I would continue the Lush Christmas range blog posts. I may have left it late but late is better than never. I thought that today I would talk to you all about the rest of the range including body products, lip products and fragrances. 

A photo of a large rectangular glass bottle filled with light brown liquid with a black cap and a rectangular black label with turmeric latte perfume,e lush in gold font on a bright background


Fairy Dust Dusting Powder 

It’s always good to sprinkle a little bit of Fairy Dust at this time of year. Fairy Dust is a staple at this time of year. If you are not familiar with Dusting Powders then imagine a bottle of powdered goodness that can be used to nourish the skin after a bath, used to help stop chafing or used to add a little bit of sparkle and an amazing scent to someone’s day. This dusting powder is scented with Persian Lime Oil and Synthetic Musk and smells like Pear Drops mixed with Candy Floss. To me, I use these mainly to stop chafing when out and about and boy do they do the job! I’d suggest this for anyone who loves Snow Fairy as they may not know about the Dusting Powders from Lush or for anyone who is out and about a lot. Priced at £9 for a 70g bottle. 

A puddle of crumbly pink tinted talc on a bright background

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 

Let’s not be dry this year. A product that has been on the Christmas shelves of Lush is back for another year. If you’re unsure on what a Body Conditioner is then imagine sort of a Body Butter that you apply and wash off in the Shower. I guess a final Shower step to ensure that you stay soft and supple all day long. I love this as it saves me time when I am in a rush in the morning. Scented with the Snow Fairy scent which consists of Persian Lime Oil and Synthetic Musk to create a sort of sugar Candy Floss like scent. If you know someone who loves Lush but doesnt have a bath tub then this may be a good gift for them. Priced at £10 for a 100g tub. 

A photo of a big pink puddle of thick buttery body conditioner on a bright background

Snow Fairy Body Lotion 

Snow Fairies have to be soft and supple too! Who doesnt love a good body lotion when it comes to having a full on pamper session? I have quite dry skin so I am partial to a Body Lotion or a Massage Bar. This is a brand new product for 2022 but I am quite surprised that it hasn’t been brought out before. Scented with the Snow Fairy scent which consists of Persian Lime Oil and Synthetic Musk. I quite love this product and I love the slight glimmer of shimmer that is in this body lotion too. If you know anyone who loves Snow Fairy including yourself then I’d recommend trying this product out although for me it did take a bit of a while to sink in which I know may be a problem for some. Priced at £10 for a 100g tub. 

A pro of a bright pink puddle of thin body lotion with silver lustre running throughout it on a bright background


Snow Fairy Candle 

Who doesnt love a good candle? People have been demanding Lush to create Candles for years and now they have listened. This Candle contains Castor, Coconut and Rapeseed Waxes and Coconut Oil with the addition of Persian Lime Oil and Synthetic Musk to create Lush’s iconic Snow Fairy scent. I love that Lush have created candles but my personal problem with this candle is that it could be stronger in terms of scent throw/pay off but that’s just me. I know that candles are a favourite gift for most when it comes to Christmas so this could be a perfect gift for a significant other/friend who is a bit indecisive when it comes to choosing a gift like myself. Priced at £12. 

A picture of a wide cylindrical glasss jar containing a pink cylindrical candle with one white wick with snow fairy lush in white font on a bright background

Snow Fairy 4 Wick Candle 

The bigger the candle, the bigger the burn? Just like the above candle but bigger and with more wicks so this one will be short. This is massive and would make for an amazing gift for a friend who loves Snow Fairy or is forever buying candles because they would look pretty somewhere in the house. This candle is also giving very much Jo Malone/Aldi Hurricane Candle vibes. Priced at £36. 

A wide photo of a large cylindrical pink candle with four white wicks in it in a glass jar with snow fairy in white font on a bright background

Lip Care: 

Coconut Iice Lip Scrub 

Brrrr. This lip scrub is new for 2022. This scrub contains Caster Sugar, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba and Extra Virgin Coconut Oils, Coconut Milk Powder, Fir Balsam Resinoid and Vanilla Absolute. Not only does this scrub without stripping the moisture due to the addition of the Coconut Milk Powder but this lip scrub to me smells like Milkybar White Chocolate. Weird, I know. I quite like it due to this as I was expecting it to pretty much taste a little bit like Furze but to get creamy white chocolate was a pleasant surprise. Priced at £6.50. 

A close up photo of a cylindrical glass jar filled with white silver and red lip scrub with a black circular lid and a black rectangular label that says coconut ice lip scrub lush in white font on a bright background

Cinnamon Stick Lip Oil

Who doesnt like a thick Cinnamon Stick? Winter can make our lips dry. To stop this, Lush have create a light yet nourishing Lip Oil. This Lip Oil contains Organic Castor, Linseed and Jojoba Oils, Sunflower and Candelilla Waxes, Cinnamon Leaf, Brazilian Orange and Patchouli Oils. To me, the taste of me reminds me of a sweeter Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar or a very warming sort of sweet yet spiced hot drink. The Oil is light and nourishing and not greasy which I adore. Definitely one to stock up and use during the festive season. If you like spicy scents like myself then you will definitely enjoy this Priced at £5.

A circular pool of bright red lip oil on a bright background

Salted Caramel Lip Scrub 

Let’s spread that Salted Caramel all over our lips and lick it off. When I heard this was dropping this year, I was intrigued because well I love salty and sweet things. This Lip Scrub contains Caster Sugar and Golden Caster Sugar, Organic Jojoba and Argan Oils, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Extra Fine Sea Salt, Sandalwood Oil, Carob Resinoid, Benzoin Resinoid and Cocoa Powder. Anyone that knows me knows that I complain that most Salted Caramel products doen’t have enough Salt in but with this product I can actually taste and feel the Salt. Is it Salted Caramel to me? Not really. Does it remind me more of Sticky Toffee? Yes which I think comes mainly from the Carob Resinoid. This product also does share the same scent as Sticky Dates Shower Gel and to me that screams Sticky Toffee to me. Priced at £6.50. 

A glass jar filled with golden brown lip scrub with a black rectangular label that says salted caramel lip scrub lush in white font with a black circular lid on a bright background

Snow Fairy Lip Jelly 

Spread that Jelly real smooth! A new product for 2022. To me, when I first heard about this product I was a bit confused on what a Lip Jelly is. After trying it, a Lip Jelly is pretty much a sort of more glossy version of a Lip Balm. This Lip Jelly contains Organic Castor Oil, Glycerine, Berry Was, Persian Lime Oil, Cold Pressed Raspberry Seed Oil and Raspberry Juice. This to me still tastes and smells like Snow Fairy even if it doesn’t have the Synthetic Musk in it. I wasn’t sure about the texture when I first tried it but now I adore it. I also love that it leaves the lips with a slight pink tint and I can just apply it on the go for when I want a bit of nourishment, colour and a pick me up in regards to my gender expression. Priced at £8. 

A close ip of a circular pool of whipped up thick pink jelly wgloss on a bright background


Fun Times Body Spray 

Let the fun times begin! I love a good Body Spray. Beautifully scented and easy to take on the go. This new Body Spray contains Brazilian Orange and Sicilian Red Mandarin Oils to create a vibrant and uplifting Orange scent. I think that this Body Spray is meant to emulate the Satsuma that some of us receive at the bottom of our stockings. To me, this reminds me more of Calacas/Zesty but with Orange rather than pure Orange which I still love but when there is more than one type of Orange in a product I was expecting it to be pure Orange. The creaminess that comes across in this Body Spray took me a while to get used to but now that I am used to it I love it and have been using it off and on all festive season long. Priced at £25. 

A big black spray bottle filled with orange liquid with a black domed label that says fun times body spray 200g Lush in white font on a bright background

Snow Fairy Body Spray 

Spritz, spritz. This is definitely the Body Spray that would cause an uproar if it was discontinued. This body spray has become associated with Lush Christmas for a fair few years now.  This Body Spray contains Persian Lime Oil and Synthetic Musk which creates a scent that reminds me of a mixture of memories with friends, pear drops and bubblegum. I actually need to see how much of this spray that I have left in case I need to stock up on it as I do like to use it now and again. I do also have friends that are obsessed with this Body Spray and has to buy it every year no matter what. Priced at £25. 

A big black spray bottle filled with pink liquid with a pink domed label with snow fairy body spray in white font in a bright background

Turmeric Latte Perfume 

Baby, it’s cold outside so lets warm up with a terrific Turmeric Latte! Okay so I may be a bit bias but I adore this fragrance. I love all of the Turmeric Latte products that Lush has created. I still have some of the Shower Gel and Body Spray left which I use very sparingly. This perfume contains Benzoin Resinoid, Tonka Absolute and Vanilla Absolute. With the Tonka and Vanilla, you would expect it to be sickly sweet but it is not. This perfume to me is the combination of all things baked mixed with smoke. I love it. It’s not too smoky. It’s not too sweet. To me, its the scent id expect to smell when the protagonist of a Christmas movie (maybe the main man in the new Falling In Christmas) wears on a date night., Rich, smoky, complex and all round amazing. I was kindly gifted the 30ml bottle of this by the wonderful Betty at Lush White Rose as I was going on about it and how I was surprised that it is the only perfume and not body spray that has been released for this range. I may do a full review of this perfume when I have the time but that may not be until 2023 so I am not sure if there is much point in doing so. Priced at £30 for a 30ml bottle. 

A photo of a large rectangular glass bottle filled with light brown liquid with a black cap and a rectangular black label with turmeric latte perfume,e lush in gold font on a bright background

That’s all folks for the Lush Christmas 2022 range. Have you tried any of the products? 

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Lush White Rose especially Betty, Sandra and Katrina for showing all of the products to myself and Luke and for just creating a great environment for us to enjoy sniffing and trying out the products. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Photos provided by Lush PR/ A product in this post was gifted to me by Lush White Rose. All views are my own. 

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