Wednesday 19 January 2022

The Chocolate Smiths 99 Ice Cream Bizarre Bar Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today I would talk to you all about some amazing chocolate that I tried recently. 

The Chocolate Smiths are a small business based in the heart of Newcastle who create innovative inventive Chocolate bars that no one could ever think of. I have followed them for years on Instagram and with my anxious indecisive mind I have always wanted to get some of their products so I decided that finally I would. The best short way to sum up The Chocolate Smiths is that they are an amazing team who are living the dream of having their own fabulous chocolate factory in Newcastle that you can view thanks to Instagram stories. 

The texture of this bar was amazing. When I took a bite of this bar, the first sort of textural component that made me excited to eat more of this bar was the snap of the chocolate. I'm one of those people who likes to have fridge cold snappable chocolate rather than room temperature Chocolate. However, I tried some of this as soon as the parcel arrived and even at room temperature, the Chocolate was snappable  which I adored. That sort of snap contrasted with the creaminess of the fillings that were inside this bar was amazing. I love a good bit of smooth and crisp against each other. Furthermore, this sort of crisp versus cream texture war carried on after due to the wafter pieces that are also in this product. The wafer provided a different sort of crisp which I loved. A sort of more crunchy crisp if that makes any form of sense. I always look for different types of textures in my Chocolate products and boy this didn't disappoint me at all. Not only did this bar provide all of the textures but also provided all of the aesthetics that you could ever want in a Chocolate Bar. 

The taste of this bar was beautiful. The first flavour profile that jumped onto my tongue was the Chocolate itself. Slightly creamy but not rich. I realised that creamy but rich sounds simplistic but what I mean by that is that this bar has a sort of creamy note to it without being sickly which I loved due to having some mass produced bars that are so creamy that I can only have a couple of squares before I don't want to touch it for a fair while. Once the chocolate flavour calmed down, next on the flavour train was the filling. I love Raspberry. To be honest, the raspberry and vanilla filling was why I was drawn to this bar in particular. The Raspberry and Vanilla worked well together. I know when some hear Raspberry and Vanilla, they imagine those split flavour yoghurts but this was nothing like that. The Raspberry added a sharp burst to the whole bar and made you wanting more and more where as the Vanilla to me added a bit more of that creaminess but in a completely different way than the Chocolate did. I really enjoyed this bar as it kept surprising me. Finally on the train of taste was the Wafer Cone pieces. Oh my god these were amazing. These shards of cone added a salty edge to the bar and well all I will say is that if you know me at all then you will know that I am a lover of sweet and salty flavours together. This bar definitely took me on a ride and I loved it. 

Would I buy it again? Yes. I think that this bar is definitely one of those that you buy when you need a pieck me up. I know that some may say that £4.99 is a lot for a Chocolate Bar and it may be but you can tell why it is that price when you take a bite of this bar as you can see, feel and taste the love and craftsmanship the has gone into this bar. 

If you haven't checked out The Chocolate Smiths then please do by clicking on their name in this sentence as it will send you to all of their amazing and creative chocolate products. 

What's your favourite Chocolate Bar at the moment? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

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