Thursday 18 March 2021

Lush Twilight Sleepy Body Spray Review

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! As by the time this post is up, it shall be World Sleep Day, (Friday 19th March), the lovely people at Lush PR, sent me the Twilight Sleepy Body Spray, to try and  I thought that I would talk to you a bit about my relationship with Lavender and Sleep and talk to you all about my thoughts on the Spray. 

A picture of a big black spray bottle with a arched domed black label with twilight in big white font with sleepy body spray in small white font and LUSH in small black font on a bright background

List Of Ingredients: 

Organic DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Lavender Oil *Linalool Benzoin Resinoid Tonka Absolute Ylang Ylang Oil *Benzyl Benzoate *Benzyl Cinnamate *Benzyl Salicylate *Cinnamal *Coumarin *Eugenol *Farnesol *Geraniol *Isoeugenol *Limonene

Twilight was actually one of the first bath bombs that I tried from Lush, so having a spray version of it reminds me of the soothing sweet scent from when I was first getting into Lush. This scent contains Lavender, Tonka, Benzoin Resinoid and Ylang Ylang. To me the Lavender and Tonka are the main two stars of this show. The others just kinda help to make the Lavender and Tonic shine more. The mixture of Lavender and Tonka create a sort of soothing herbal yet malty conception. The best way to describe it is a sort of Lavender infused Horlicks hot drink. 

Whilst I was at University, I actually was using Lavender Oil every now and again on my pillow to help me drift off to sleep, but pouring it out of a little vial always was so fiddly so I am now glad I can get my soothing fix in an easy to spray bottle. I received this whilst recovering from having my first COVID vaccine and juggling two chunky University assignment deadlines for my Masters Degree so I definitely needed something to help me calm down and get to sleep soundly as I was either not able to sleep properly sometimes from the side effects or staying up quite late from working on my assignments. I used this for a good week and every time, it helped me to calm down a bit which then lead to me slowly drifting off easier when I needed some sleep. If you aren't a big fan of Lavender, then I would suggest looking at maybe Honey I Washed The Kids, or, Let The Good Times Roll Body Spray's for creamy soothing scents. If you want something a little bit more herbal then I'd suggest maybe, Guardians Of The Forest Body Spray 

This can be sprayed onto a pillow before bed, onto bed sheets, pyjamas, sprayed in the air to scent a room, and on the skin as a body spray. I used this spray as both a pillow spray and a body spray. I loved it as a pillow spray as it just made my surroundings calm before going to bed. I also loved this as a body spray, as it meant if I felt anxious then I could take a deep breath, smell a nice soothing scent and calm down. 

The performance of this fragrance is amazing. When you spray it, it releases a very strong Lavender note with a tiny touch of the Ylang Ylang, and Tonka, then about four hours in for me, the Tonka takes over for a bit whilst still having a bit of the Lavender embedded in it. I sprayed this at the beginning of a day when I was busy rushing and writing some things for an assignment and for drafting a few blog posts and even by the time I was settling down to go to bed I could still smell it on my skin. I loved that it lasted that long that it was helping me when I wanted to go to bed. 

Would I buy it again? I think that I would. I love how a little goes a long way and I love that it has so much dimension for a spray that helps you relax. I always think that the Body Sprays from Lush are great value as you get so much product for £20 and a bottle lasts so long. I do think that this has a time and place though so I don't think that I will be using it all the time. I will be using this for months to come and hopefully it will help me relax and unwind when the world gets back to being busy when things open back up within the UK. 

Have you tried anything from the Twilight or Sleepy range at Lush? Let me know down below! 

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

This post was in exchange for a product. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

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