Saturday 27 February 2021

Lush Easter 2021 Range First Impressions

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the Lush Easter range for 2021. 

Follow The White Rabbit Bath Bomb 

Let's see what happens when you follow the White Rabbit into the tub... This product is a brand new one just for Easter 2021. This product contains, Buchu, Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot Oils which create a very fresh citrus sort of scent which I absolutely adore. If you have tried Star Spell or anything under the Carrots or Snowman ranges at Lush then you will definitely love this product. I love how fresh it is as Easter is a time for all things sweet so it is nice to see that Lush have something to cut through all of that to bathe in. I've also seen what this bomb does in the tub and I can't wait to use it. 

A white rabbit shaped bath bomb with streaks of pink, yellow, blue and purple on it on a bright background

Eggy Wegg Bath Bomb 

Eggs are the definition of Easter. Again, this is a brand new product for 2021 and I was intrigued on this product, just from the design alone! This product contains, Sicilian Lemon and Spearmint Oil. When I smelt this when I got the order, it smelt like Pineapple with a splash of Mint to me. I know it has no Pineapple in at all, but it smelt just like Pineapple to me. It also reminded me of Summer and Cocktails. I also love the little fried egg sort of design on this bomb too as it makes it just that little bit whimsical and cute. 

A pink spherical bath bomb with white and yellow circular egg salt shapes on a bright background

Flamingo Egg Bath Bomb 

Legendary eggs! This product contains, Coarse Sea Salt, Sicilian Lemon and Vetivert Oils and Labdanum Resinoid. To me when I smelt this, I mainly got the Vetivert note with a tiny touch of Lemon, so I'm a bit unsure on how I feel about this product but it does look like such a pretty bath bomb. 

A light pink oval egg shaped bath bomb with white and pink parts in the middle on a bright background

Golden Egg Bath Bomb 

Lush heard your demands for Golden Geese and laid this Golden Egg into the world. This product has been at Lush for many years now and has become a favourite among customers. I adore this product and had to have one especially after the past year that we have all had. This product contains Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oils to create a wonderful sort of honey-toffee scent which can be smelt for miles! This product also contains Cocoa Butter to ensure that you are nourished from the outside in. I absolutely love this but if you haven’t tried it before then I urge you to especially during lockdown as it will boost your spirits right up! 

A small golden sparkled egg shaped bath bomb on a bright background

The Owl & The Pussycat Bath Bomb 

This bath bomb looks adorable. I love the poem that this bath bomb is based off! This product contains, Gardenia and Synthetic Musk which weirdly creates a sort of candy floss and pear scent to me. If you’ve tried Creamy Candy Bubble Bar then imagine that but in a bath bomb, but it’s slightly too sickly for me. I like the scent every now and again so I think it will take me a while to use this. This product can also be used as three different products which makes it a perfect gift! 

A light blue green boat shaped bath bomb with a purple cat and a yellow owl attached on a bright background

Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb Melt

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall into the tub! This product has been out in previous years at Lush, but, honestly the design of the old Humpty Dumpty, used to creep me out a fair bit, so I'm really glad that Humpty has had a glow up. This product shares the same scent as Golden Egg and Honey I Washed The Kids. The concept of this product is to get more than one  bath in total via cracking Humpty open! I think that this is an amazing gift for children to enjoy! 

A human shaped light yellow, white and bright blue bath bomb on a bright background

Singing Daffodils Bubble Blower 

Who doesn't love a Singing Daffodil? This product contains Everlasting Flower Absolute, Ylang Ylang and Tagetes Oils. This product is a new one for Easter 2021, but the concept has been out before at Lush. Not only can you use this as a bubble bar, but you can also use this to blow bubbles which I think is really cute. The scent to me was quite powdery and slightly floral when I smelt it so I think that I would use this more for when I want something to help me relax at night but is still fun to use. I also think that this would be amazing to buy for children or those who are forever a child within. 

A bright yellow circular bubble bar with light green leaves attached to it on a bright background

Walter Bunny Body Scrub 

Bunnies are meant for Easter! Lush are well known for their solid products, and especially, their solid scrubs, therefore, Lush have released a new cute scrub for Easter time this year! This product contains, The scrub part of this product comes from Cocoa Powder and Maizze Flour which gives a delicate scrub, which I love as sometimes I don't always want a full coarse salt scrub when I'm using natural based scrubs. This product also contains, Mimosa, Cocoa and Vanilla Absolutes. Honestly I mainly got a mix of the Cocoa and Vanilla when I smelt this and didn't really get much of the Mimosa. This also contains Shea and Murumuru Butters to give your skin a soft smooth feeling after you've scrubbed. I love anything that sorts my skin out like this, my only problem was the colour more than anything as I was a bit hesitant about spreading it all over my body to scrub and soften myself. 

A golden slightly brown bunny laid down shaped body scrub on a bright background

Muddy Carrots Soap 

I mean who doesn't need a soap that will sort out those green fingers? This soap contains, Fresh Carrot Infusion, Rhassoul Mud, Sandalwood, Grapefruit and Geranium Oils. I love the sort of carrot buried in mud design that this soap is evoking. From the scent alone, I get the Grapefruit and Geranium the most which creates a sort of tart yet slightly floral scent which I quite like. 

A slanted square dark brown to black piece of soap with a triangular orange shape in the middle on a bright background

Avo Good Easter Soap 

Who doesn't love a nice big Avocado... This soap was out in 2020 before the world became what it has. Not only does this soap look like a fresh Avocado with it's stone included, but smells as fresh as an Avocado too. This product contains, Bergamot, Litsea Cubeba, and, Olibanum Oils which creates a fresh citrusy scent to me but also Avocado Oil which keeps your hands nourished.  

Two green oval pieces of soap with a gold spherical stone shape in the middle on a bright background

Funfetti Cake Lip Scrub 

Let yourself eat Cake! Even though, the world now centralises itself around face coverings, you still need to make sure that your lips are in tip top shape underneath those masks and a lip scrub is a good way to do that. This scrub contains Caster Sugar, Fine Sea Salt and Sprinkles to give your lips a good scrubbing, and, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Vanilla Absolute to give a cake like scent. When I smelt this I kind of got a mix of sort of Candy Floss with a touch of Citrus and Cake Batter intertwined together. It also contains Jojoba Oil to ensure that your lips stay super soft. If you like sweet things then I think you will enjoy it but its a bit too sweet for me personally. 

A circular pot of light pink and white pieces of sprinkles and sugars on a bright background

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know down below! 

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Thanks for reading!

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