Sunday 12 July 2020

Bursting The Berry In My Mouth | Dairy Milk Inventor Out Of The Blueberry Bar Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Inventor Bars. 

The first bar that I thought that I would make a blog post about is the 'Out Of The Blueberry' Bar. I couldn't grab all of them at the same time, so I thought that I would create blog posts about the bars when I can grab my hands on them. 

'Milk chocolate with blueberry flavoured pieces (8 %) and white chocolate coated cereal balls.' - Tesco's website, where they are only available from for the moment. 

I loved the texture of this bar. I think when I am looking at new bars, or even reviewing products that I already know and love, its best to look at the textural components of the product. I think when it comes to food, texture plays such a big part of whether you love or loathe it. This particular bar starts off with the smooth and creamy Dairy Milk chocolate that a lot of us know and love. When you take a piece of the bar into your mouth, the chocolate floods your tongue like a wonderful river of joy. The interior of the bar gave off a sort of crumbly vibe to me. The interior component reminded me of the inside of an After Eight, but, with chunky nuggets of chewy but beautiful dried Blueberries running through it. The Blueberry section of the bar, isn't the last stop on the texture train. The crispy white pearls give the bar some crunch. These balls are extremely crunchy! I wasn't expecting them to be as crunchy as they are.

As I mentioned in the section above, the bar starts off with the familiar Dairy Milk that everyone knows and loves. This means that when you put a piece of the bar in your mouth, you're hit with the creamy taste of Dairy Milk. Once this slightly sweet flavour has flooded your tastebuds, a creamy taste of Vanilla over takes the Chocolate flavour, but every so often, a hit of juicy Blueberry bursts on the tongue. After the Blueberry taste has diffused on the tongue, a wave of creamy White Chocolate envelops the tongue which leaves you wanting more. 

Would I buy this again? Yeah, I would. I think that this is something very different in the Chocolate world, and I think that more companies should bring out fruit centric Chocolate products. 

Have you tried this product yet? Have you tried any of the other products in the Inventors range? 

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Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

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