Tuesday 23 June 2020

Milka Noisette Chocolate Bar Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the Noisette Chocolate Bar from Milka. 

After seeing a plethora of purple bars of Milka when I went to Home Bargains, I thought that I would pick up a few different flavours and tell you all what I thought about them. 

I saw that they had a 'Noisette' flavour and was intrigued. The only other time that I have noticed a Noisette flavoured Chocolate product is when I've been looking in the Lindt Chocolate store within Leeds. 

A rectangular purple chocolate bar with Milka in white font with a picture of a brown square chocolate piece next to a light brown oval hazelnut with Noisette in small white font written below on a bright background

'Milka Noisette Chocolate Bar is made with alpine milk chocolate and hazelnut cream for an unforgettable treat!' - Amazon. 

I loved the texture of this bar, but, sadly there wasn't a major contrast compared to other bars that I've tried , such as the Confetti Bar from Milka. The main texture contrast was between the smooth Chocolate exterior and the more truffle based interior. I loved this as I realise that not every bar of Chocolate has to have a textural difference in it, but when reviewing a food product, I do like to talk about texture as it is a main component of the bar. 

The flavour of this bar was amazing. When taking a bite of this bar, you instantly get the slightly creamy yet not overly sweet Milk Chocolate that Milka is known for and then after a few moments, a sea of sweet and indulgent Hazelnut Chocolate cream floods your tastebuds. The after taste is a minute of both the Chocolate and Hazelnut filling. If you ever wanted Nutella to be put into a Chocolate Bar then this Noisette Chocolate Bar pretty much encompasses that concept. 

Would I buy this product again? A thousand times, yes. I love anything that is Hazelnut and Chocolate flavoured and this product definitely did not disappoint me. I think that this is definitely going to be one of those bars that I search for when I'm at the supermarket and if you haven't tried it then I urge you to. 

Have you tried this product before? Is there any new food products that I should try? Let me know down below!

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