Saturday 3 March 2018

Findiing The Scent Underneath The Clothes | Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about a fragrance that I've been loving at the moment, which is the Man Intense fragrance by Jimmy Choo.

A dark blue-black rectangular cardboard box with a black rectangle with a gold boarder saying Jimmy Choo Man in gold thin bold font with Intense in smaller bold gold font with a rectagular tall black blue glass bottle with a black blue lid with the same black rectangle with a gold border saying Jimmy Choo Man in thin gold font with Intense below the box in smaller gold bold font on a white background.
Jimmy Choo have done it again with their lovable fragrances. JC have released Jimmy Choo Man Intense, a bolder version of Jimmy Choo Man. Imagine this as the Dad of Jimmy Choo Man due to it being a bit bolder, and a bit more complex on the scent front. 

The Top Notes consist of Lavender, Honeydew Melon which means, when you first spray this onto your skin, you slightly delicate scent with a burst of fruitiness and coolness from the Honeydew Melon. 

The Mid Notes consist of Davana, Geranium, Pepper which adds onto the slightly floral scent from the Lavender, but also counterbalances it all, via the spiciness of the Pepper which gives the fragrance a warming element for those colder nights out.

The Base Notes consist of Patchouli, Cistus Labdanum, Tonka Bean, which again add to the spiciness of the fragrance which balances out the floral aspects of the scent. The Tonka Bean adds a sweet hint to the scent which ensures that the fragrance isn't full of spice, like Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb, which I love for a good Winter fragrance. 

I've only tried this a few times via testing in stores due to not being fully able to afford it, due to being a student, and only spending money when I need to but I love the spiciness of the Pepper and Patchouli rounded out with the Tonka Bean and Melon. It gives it a Summer night/Autumn sort of vibe/that time of the year, when you're not ready for full on spice, but you're not completely ready to give up on the refreshing fragrances.

I think that this would be best suited for a drinks in the evening sort of date, or, for a day out when the weather is nice.

If you want to find out about any of the Jimmy Choo fragrances then click here.

Have you tried this fragrance? Let me know down below! 

I hope that you've enjoyed this beauty based post. I hope that you come back next time for another blog post.

Thanks for reading! 
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