Monday 3 April 2017

AVA-J Mens Underwear Gift Box Review


Welcome to another blog post! If you can jog your memories back to Valentines Day, I wrote a post about how to treat yourself when it comes to the infamous day. I included AVA-J in the post (a brand that I adore due to many reasons including being based in Leeds) and after the post they kindly sent me a gift so I could celebrate Valentines Day in style!

Avaj (pronounced Ava Jay) is a brand that works for everyone, and that philosophy has gone into all aspects of the product line.AVAJ have four unique, quality ranges suited to a sophisticated modern men. Avaj was made into a business when the mother of the people behind the business wanted to buy them underwear for Christmas and only found underwear that was based on reinforcing sexual masculine ideology to influence other men to buy said products to get a girl so they created AVAJ.

I was sent a gift box that came in some lovely packaging. The gift box contained a box of little delicious looking chocolate hearts that were encased in shiny red wrapping, a bottle of their Peppermint Face Scrub and a pair of their Black Jock Briefs.

The Peppercorn Exfoliating Face Scrub gets rid of dirt, oil and dead skin which makes it an amazing scrub but Shea and Cocoa Butters to ensure that no moisture is lost when scrubbing away which is good for those months when you need as much moisture as possible. The Peppermint comes through but you can tell that it's not a fake a Peppercorn like you expect in food but its more of a musky deep Peppercorn that is similar to the scent ofn . I think that this is best when its first thing in the morning as it wake yourself and your skin up. I love this particular for the elegant silver bottle that it comes in. 9/8 but if you're not keen on the smell then have a look at the rest of their range.

The next item in the box was a pair of Jet Black Jock Briefs.

All of AVAJ's underwear is made with a 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane mix, topped with a thick plain black woven Elastane waistband wider than your average waistband for your comfort, finished with their woven label on the front and on the inside. All of AVAJ's garments are machine washable which always great as it saves time and energy for everyone.

I love the colour of these due to being a lover of anything black plus it keeps the silhouette looking slim for those that are a bit conscious of around there  This pair of underwear felt amazing which is probably due to the mix mentioned above. I know that Jock Briefs aren't for everyone but I felt amazing, comfy and sexy wearing them. I think that they are amazing for sports or for when you need a boost of confidence which sometimes everyone needs. I think that every guy owns at least one pair of these to experience the feeling! I also loved the enhancing cup as it just made everything fit in the right places which I think would make these pair amazing for a night out. 9.8/10. If you're not sold on the Jock Briefs then have a look at the other Mens Underwear that they sell!

I'm not sure who the chocolates are by but they were amazing. Lovely and creamy chocolate in a cute heart shape. I think that these alone would be great for a little present.

Sadly I don't think that this gift set is available now but do have a look on their site as it was their 2 year birthday on Saturday. They also do some amazing nightwear as well as beautiful grooming products, accessories and underwear. Click here to check out their website or have a closer look at the products mentioned.

Have you been loving any underwear brands lately? Let me know down below!

Thanks to AVAJ for sending me this gift box. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post! Happy Belated Birthday to AVAJ!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

This post was in collaboration with AVAJ UK. The views in this post are my own and this collaboration started via me loving the brand first. 


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