Monday, 25 February 2019

Lush Goddess Perfume Range | First Impressions

Hey everyone!

How are you? Are you happy that March is nearly upon us?

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Lush decided to drop a new range of products under the Goddess scent family, and, I thought that today. If you like Lush and Ariana Grande, then keep on reading. If you don't, then, thank you next.

Goddess is one of Lush's up and coming Bath Bombs that has hopped it's way throughout the Beauty world within the last year. Goddess, as it's name suggests, was created in honour of Ariana Grande, and her song, 'god is a woman'. As, Ariana decided to drop her new album, 'thank u, next', Lush decided to drop many more items with the same deep floral scent that Goddess is synonymous of.

This is a first impressions, via trying the below products out, within my local Lush store. The below opinions are only from trying them out there and then. 


I love the Solid fragrances, mainly, because you can put them into your bag on the night out and it wont take up too much room. This means that you can top up your scent when you feel like it's fading a bit to ensure that you're smelling amazing all night long. The Solid has more of a grassy sort of element to it which lingers on the skin for quite a long amount of time. I think this is due to the Osmanthus that is in the fragrance. When comparing it to the Soap

A circular glass tub containing a circular purple perfume on a bright background


I love the Goddess scent, but, sadly as a student, I just can't rationalise the amount that the Liquid costs, even though, I know that I would use it so often! A mix of the deepness from the Jasmine comes across a little bit more in this version, compared with the Solid. I also think that the Lemon comes out a tiny bit more in this one. I do love this scent and I think that it reminds me of those sort of nights where the nights are getting longer but its still a bit nippy sometimes?

A tall rectangular glass bottle filled with clear liquid with a white rectangular label saying Goddess in black bold font on a bright background


One of the new products that Lush released, is a, Goddess Soap. I'm not fully sure on what the shape of the product is meant to be. The shape mainly reminds me of a tear drop, which might be a wink to the song, No Tears Left To Cry', who knows? Lush have decided to slightly change the scent between all of the new products to make them a little bit different. The Soap has a sort of a more, Lemon/Lemongrass scent to it. If you like the scent of the Avobath Bath Bomb, then you will definitely love the scent of the Goddess Soap.

A large dark brown and purple slightly tear dropped/ear shaped soap with sparkly gold on the top on a bright background


This is a weird one to include, but, I couldn't find the Fragrance Oil, or, the Washcard so I thought that it would be a bit interesting to include the stone that Lush include in their stands for people to sniff in case they don't want to spray it. The stone has more of the Jasmine coming through. I also got more of a powdery note from the stone. The Lemon wasn't that present in the stone either. If you want to find the stones and smell trhem all, then, pop into your local Lush. They should all be on a little table in front of the fragrances.

A large rugged oval purple stone with a silver circle in the middle with goddess in bold black font on a bright background

Have you tried any of the Goddess products from Lush? Have you listened to Ariana's new album? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 


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