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It’s Time To Get Hot & Passionate In The Shower | Lush Valentines Day 2024

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today I would talk to you all about the Valentines Day 2024 Range from Lush. 

PSA: If a product has been out before and I have talked about it then I will link the post where I’ve talked about it before. For example, Love Bug has been out before so I will link a previous Lush Valentine’s Day post where I’ve talked about Love Bug before. 

A white hand holding a cylindrical clear bottle filled with dark red-orange shower gel dispersed with silver glitter throughout with a cylindrical  black lid and a rectangular black label that says passion shower gel lush in white font on a bright background

Bath Bombs 

Love Potion 

Time to drop this potion into the bath before midnight or you’ll never find your happily ever after. This bath bomb is fit for anyone who’s feeling a little bit lustful. This bomb contains Popping Candy, Sicilian Red Mandarin and Almond Essential Oils alongside Orris Root Powder. This bomb reminds me of Love Hearts sweets. These sweets are the epitome of Valentines Day to me so to have a bath bomb that smells exactly like it is amazing for me. In the bath, the popping candy comes alive and the scent is powerful.If you’re looking for a little treat for yourself or for someone who loves sort of fruity sweet scents then I would recommend this one. Priced at £3.50. 

A wide angled photo of a large rectangular box containing a bunch of purple bottle shaped bath bombs on a bright background

Whispering Heart 

It’s time to whisper sweet nothings. This bath bomb contains Bergamot and Brazilian Orange Oils to create a sweet fruity scent. This bomb shares the same scent as the Rhubarb & Custard Soap from Lush so if you like the soap then I am sure that you will adore this bath bomb. To me, I am not the biggest fan of the soap but I love it in the bomb. Weird, I know. To me, it reminds me of old school sweet shops and honestly the great days of my uputh when I didn’t have a care int he world or crippling mental health problems… The design of the bath bomb may look odd to some. If you are wondering what the heart cut out at the top of the bath bomb is all about then its to not only remind you that love is all around but it is for you to whisper your hearts desire into. This is definitely a bomb that will make you feel sweet all over. It is also giving Spring and I am definitely here for that. I would recommend this bomb to anyone who loves those old fashioned sweets or wants a bomb that will give them a spring in their step. If you are giving this to a loved one or even yourself then I would also recommend writing something sweet on a strip of paper and putting it into the heart shaped hole for a little surprise when it comes to enjoying the bath bomb in the tub. Priced ai £6.

A wide angled photo of a large light brown box containing a plethora of spherical light pink bath bombs with a heart cutout on top with a black card that says whispering heart in white font on a bright background

Flower Bombshell 

This is the perfect bomb to get to your favourite bombshell!

This bath bomb was out last year under the name of Valentines Bombshell. Read last years Lush Valentines Day post here to read all about the bomb. Priced at £14.

A neon pink heart shaped bath bomb split into two filled with red and white flowers tied with pink string on a bright background

Big Squeeze 

We all need a big squeeze now and again. 

This bath bomb contains Juniperberry and Sweet Wild Orange Oils to create a lovely light grape scent. This bath bomb is big enough for a two person bath. To me, when I first sniffed this bomb in store I didn’t get grape… I got the scent of PVA Glue. I did sniff it a week later at a different store and I did get grape from it. Priced at £5.50.

A big lightly purple heart shaped bath bomb with two people hugging engraved onto it on a bright background

Love Letter 

This bath bomb is a brand new one for 2024!

This bath bomb contains Coconut Milk Powder, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Bergamot, Geranium and Olibanum Oils. This bomb not only creates a wonderful nourishing bath for the skin due to the Cocoa Butter and Coconut Milk Powder but creates a wonderful bath via the scent. The oils in this bomb merge together to create a very rich Strawberry scent. If you have tried anything from Lush that is under the name of D’Fluff or Yummy, Yummy, Yummy then you will love this cute bath bomb as they all share the same scent. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes to just lock the bathroom door and relax in the bath or for anyone who loves rich fruity scents or honestly for anyone who loves Strawberry Milkshakes as I think that you may like the scent of this bath bomb. Priced at £4.

A photo of a large white envelope shaped bath bomb with multicoloured sprinkles such as pink and purple with a red heart in the middle on a bright background

Love Bug 

Who doesn’t catch the love bug at Valentines Day? 

I have talked about this priduct before, click here to read all about it. Priced at £6. 

A purple and blue pastel car shaped bath bomb with a red heart on the side on a bright background. The car is shaped and inspired by the Volkswagenn beetle car that is also featured in the Jwrbiw movies.

Bubble Bars 


It’s time to give your BBF some love! 

This brand new bubble bar is perfect to share with your partner, best friend or just anyone who you want to give some love to. This bubbles bar contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Ylang Ylang Oil and Synthetic Musk. This bubble bar shares the same scent as the Butterball Bath Bomb from Lush and is perfect for those who like a clean sort of scent. To me, the scent gives off notes of cocoa and vanilla and I mean who doesn’t like cocoa and vanilla? Not only does this bubble bar smell gorgeous but its also great for the body due to the shredded Cocoa Butter that is in the bar. What are you waiting for? Grab one and split with someone to show how much you love them! Priced at £7.

A zoomed in photo of some white heart shaped bubble bars stacked upon each other with bff in bold red font on the middle of each bar on a light brown rectangular shelf on a bright background

Strawberry Crumble 

This bubble bar has been mentioned in a previous post, click here to read all about Strawberry Crumble! Priced at £8. 

A zoomed in photo of a red heart shaped strawberry inspired bubble bar with ridges on the front to represent seeds with a light pink buttercream in the middle of the two hearts on a bright background

Shower Gel 

Passion Shower Gel 

It’s time to grab someone into the shower and get passionate. 

This shower gel is a brand new product for 2024 and is definitely one to grab whilst you can. This gel contains Red Rose Petal Infusion, Fine Sea Salt, Fresh Passion Fruit Juice Buchu, Litsea Cubeba and Sweet Wild Orange Oils. This mixture of oils creates a wonderful zesty Passion Fruit scent that will perk anyone up on the darkest of days. This gel also contains Lush’s new glycerine suspended glitter formula to ensure that glitter doesn’t just sink to the bottom of the bottle. If you’re more of a shower than a bath fan then I definitely urge you to pick this up. Even if you’re not the biggest of Valentine’s fans then you can always just use this in the morning to give you a spring in your step. I absolutely adore it and do wish that it comes back out in the future after Valentines Day or even back out as a Body Spray… prices start at £8 for a 100g bottle. 

A white hand holding a cylindrical clear bottle filled with dark red-orange shower gel dispersed with silver glitter throughout with a cylindrical  black lid and a rectangular black label that says passion shower gel lush in white font on a bright background

Passion Fruit Delight Body Wash

This body wash is definitely one to try. I have already talked about this delightful body wash, please click here to read it. Priced at £3.60 online but due to sizing it may be different sizes that are cut in store. 

A wide angled photo of a light brown shelf containing some cube bright orange pieces of body wash next to a black crectnafuoar card that says passion fruit delight body wash in white font on a bright background

Kiss Me Quick Shower Jelly 

You better kiss them quick before that shower gets too hot and steamy!

This shower jelly is brand new for 2024 but you may know the name from somewhere. This shower jelly contains Fresh Strawberry Juice, Clove Bud Oil and Mimosa and Tonka Absolutes. If you have shopped at Lush for a long while then you may recognise the name under the old Kiss Me Quick Washcard that was out a fair few years ago. To me, this jelly smells like a sort of sexy  yet spicy fragrance that has a Strawberry undertone to it that would be perfect to wear on a cold winters day or on date night. I love the shape of this Shower Jelly too as it reminds me of those big cherry lip sweets. Definitely one to whiff in store if you get the chance to. Priced at £7.

A photo of a big red shower jelly shaped as a pair of red lips on a bright background

Posh White Chocolate & Rose Body Wash 

To paraphrase Posh, if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my need to buy all of the Lush products especially the limited edition ones. 

This body wash contains Coconut Milk Powder, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Australian Sandalwood Oil, Rose and Vanilla Absolute. To me, the amalgamation of these oils and absolutes creates a wonderfully rich floral yet creamy scent that is the epitome of well white chocolate and rose with a sort of almond base to it. I also have quite dry skin and this body wash nourished my skin beautifully.  I would definitely pair this with Posh Chocolate and nice as a gift! Prices start at £10 for a 100g tub. 

A white hand holding a tall cylindrical black tub with a circular lid with a back rectangular lid that says posh white chocolate and rose body wash lush in white font on a bright background

Rose Argan Massage Bar

Who doesn’t love a rose on Valentine’s Day? 

This massage bar contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade She’s Butter, Ruby Cocoa Liquor, argan Oil, Pakistani Rose Absolute, Sicilian Lemon Oil, Getanium Oil and Rose Oil. Thie almagamation of oils and absolutes creates a deep yet sweet Rose scent that can be smelt for miles. If you’re a fan of Rose Jam then you’ll love this as they share the same scent! I love massage bars even they take forever to use up. I have dry skin so I forever love using these for when my skin isn’t being great. You can use them on yourself like I do or on a partner to create some love in the air! This particular massage bar does contain glitter which I adore but some may not so do keep that in mind. Priced at £10.

A photo of a cyldirncual neon pink oval shaped massage bar with a rose engraved on the top of it on a bright background

Lush Melts 

Queen Of Hearts Lush Melt 

For when the argument has riled up on Valentines Day, break some of this wax melt off and scream off with your head! 

This lush melt contains Almond, Geranium and Organic Rose Hip soups and Violet Leaf and Absolute. To me this creates a quite sweet scent with a hint of floral with a big base note of Strawberry. I do love these. With the Lush melts you can use these in the bathroom or in the wax burner. Honestly I’ve only tried them in the burner so I do think that I need to try them in the bath maybe… Priced at £7..

A photo of a rectangular chocolate bar shaped wax and bath melt that is shaded in a. Very light pink colour with  a red heart on the other side. The side showing on the photo has lush melt engraved into it and the melt is on a bright background

Jasmine Cream Lush Melt 

This Lush Melt contains Cold Press Strawberry Seed Oil, Bergamot Oil, Benzoin Resinoid and Ylang Ylang Oil. To me, this creates a very light but very creamy floral scent that just evokes the beginning of Spring to me. Again, I haven’t used this in the bath yet but when I do I can imagine using it first thing in the morning to help me get in the mood for going outside and cracking on with the day.  Priced at £7.

A rectangular chocolate bar shaped wax melt and bath melt with lush melt engraved into it on a bright background


Strawberry Heart Soap 

Take a little piece of my heart. 

This soap contains Fresh Aloe Vera Gel, Fresh Strawberry Juice, Bergamot, Olibanum and Geranium Oils. This also shares the same scent as Love Letters so they would go great together. I adore this Soap. Not only does it leave your hands utterly soft and nourished due to the Aloe Vera Gel and other great butters and oils such as Coconut and Rapeseed Oils that make up the base but also contains a scent that’s nearly good enough to eat. I have also used this in the bath alongside Love Letters on the skin and it has left my skin beautifully soft and scented for the day ahead. Priced at  £5.

A zoomed in photo of a stack of cube shaped pieces of red soap with a white and pink heart in the centre of each slice on a light brown rectangular shelf next to a black rectangular card that says strawberry heart soap lush in white font on a bright background

My Lil Cute Chia Piglet Soap 

C’mon piglet, its time to move from the woods to the bathroom! 

This soap contains Soya Milk, Chia Seeds, Tonka and Vanilla Absolutes and Litsea Cubeba Oil. I know that it’s not Piglets fault but I really didn’t like this utterly cute soap. The texture was beautiful as the Soya Milk and Chia Seeds left my hands feeling soft and supple. The scent on the other hand was a bit questionable sadly. Lush describe this scent as being a mix of Milky Bath and Super Milk. I have used and loved both scent but together honestly it just smelt a bit like faint citrus mixed with Plastic. I’d definitely give this one a sniff before they go but it just wasn’t for me. Priced at £6.

A white hand holding a pink pig shaped soap next to a black rectangular card that says my cute lil chia piglet soap lush in white font on a bright background


Sweet Talk Lip Scrub 

Now all that sweet talking is done, you better scrub your lips! 

This scrub contains Caster Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Rose Oil, Sweet Wild Orange Oil and Vanilla Absolute. To me, this scrub smelt like an Orange Dreamsicle sort of vibe. The rose to me is very much in the background when it comes to Sweet Talk. I did quite like this one but I honestly have a massive hoard of lip scrubs that I never get through. If you love citrus then you will love Sweet Talk! Priced at £7.

A white hand holding a glass cylindrical jar containing neon orange lip scrub with a black lid  that has a black circular lid that says sweet talk lip scrub lush in white font on a bright background

Crush Lip Butter

Time to make your lips kissable for your perfect crush! 

This lip butter contains Organic Castor Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Brazilian Orange Oil, Orange Flower Absolute and Grapefruit Oil. This to me creates a deep but strong citrus scent. To me, the two citrus oils are front and centre whilst the Orange Flower Absolute just creates a wonderfully citrus yet slightly floral base for the two oils to sing. I have quite dry lips and I have to be careful what I use due to my lip piercing and having temperamental skin but I love this. It’s thick and nourishing and has such a beautiful scent/taste that has perked my day up. I would definitely recommend grabbing one before they go! Priced at £6.

A white hand holding a small thin black cylindrical tube containing orange lip butter with a circular black lid with crush in white font on a bright background


Prince Charming Sheet Mask 

Wear this to allure your own Prince Charming or even gift to that Prince Charming who forgets to look after their skin! 

This sheet mask contains Marshmallow Root and Vanilla Pod Infusion, Kaolin, Carageenan Powder, Grapefruit, Sandalwood and Geranium Oils and Pomegranate Juice. I’m sorry but I don’t think this is my Prince Charming. I love the idea but for some reason this is just beyond creepy for me. The scent is beautiful and the mask did leave my face feeling pampered but the design is just a lot for me…  Priced at £8.

A light pink frog inspired man inspired sheet mask with two red heart shaped cheeks on a bright background


New Romantics 

The urge for me to not sing New Romantics by Taylor Swift (Taylors Version of course) or to put on music that was at the peak of culture during the New Romantics era whilst I type this is dire. 

This perfume was inspired by the New Romantics Era and has been designed to not only suit everyone no matter what gender you identify as but also changes on everyones skin due to the PH level that you have. 

This perfume contains Sweet Wild Orange, Davana and Pimentoberry Oils. When I spray this perfume, the initial scent (I guess top note) is freshly squeezed Orange Juice, when this settles, I then got a blast of spice to the face. I then noticed that after a long while, the perfume left my skin smelling strongly or a fruity sort of creamy Peach (similar to Peachy from Lush) scent. I do like this but I have to be in a particular mood and the weather has to be at least bright or breezy for me to enjoy it. It is very much a love or loathe scents and is definitely worth a smell and spritz if you can! Priced at £30.

A tall rectangular glass bottle filled with clear liquid with a tall black cylindrical lid with a black rectangular label with New Romantics lush perfume in silver font  on a bright background

Thanks to the staff at Lush White Rose for helping myself and Luke around the store and explaining the premise behind the products within this range. 

Have you smelt any of these? What are your ideal Valentine’s Day gifts? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

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