Monday 13 March 2023

Lush Mothers Day 2023 First Impressions

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Recently I popped into Lush White Rose with Luke and noticed the new Mothers Day range was out so I thought that today I would talk to you all about the Mothers Day 2023 range from Lush. 

A photo of a large light borne square box containing some green aanthromorphised avocados smiling bubble bars next to a black rectangular card that says  Ava Cuddle Bubble Bar on a bright background

Bath Bombs: 

Atom Heart Mother 

This is truly the bomb to any Mum’s Heart. This bomb was featured in the 2022 range and is back, back, back again! This bomb contains Bergamot, Brazilian Orange and Neroli Oils and Orange Flower and Rose Absolutes. This may seem like an odd concoction of ingredients but together these ingredients create a beautifully crisp and fresh Apple scent. If you have been shopping at Lush for a while then you may know this scent through the So White or Once Upon A Time family of products. I love this product. To me, the scent of just simply Apples reminds me of Spring for some reason so this product coming out at this time of year is perfect for me. I do realise that to some, this may be a simple scent but it is just lovely. Priced at £5. 

A bunch of small light blue spherical bombs with white clouds on them in a large light brown box with a black card that says atom heart mother bomb lush in white font on a bright background


The Jasmine flowers are blooming all around us! This product again has been out in previous years. This product contains Jasmine Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil. This may seem like a simple bath bomb from the ingredients alone but this bath bomb has a bit of a complex fragrance. With both Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, you would ecpect it to smell generically floral but for me that’s not the case. To me, this bomb smells light and floral but with a creamy undertone which is rare to find when it comes to floral scents normally. The creaminess helps to bring out the floral notes but also give it a sort of slight dessert element to it. I guess in a way you could say it was like a pudding that has been mixed with flowers picked from a garden. Talking about creaminess, this bomb also has a creamy element in the bath and makes the skin feel super soft. Definitely one that you could gift to someone who needs a good pamper. Priced at £4.50. 

A photo of a stack of white flower shaped bath bombs on a large light brown shelf with a black rectangular card that says jasmine bath bomb lush in white font on a bright background

Tea Party 

Every day is a perfect day for a tea party! A new bomb for 2023. This bath bomb has been inspired by an afternoon tea fit for the perfect mother. This bomb contains Popping Candy, Sweet Wild Orange and Lime Oils. This bomb smells amazing. Some of you may know this scent from the Celebrate//Golden Wonder/Golden Pudding/Bubbly products that have been out at Lush in previous years. To me, this smells like a fresh and zingy cocktail and would be amazing to use when you’re having a bad day or first thing in the morning. The Popping Candy in this bomb is amazing and you can hear it for a while. (If you want to hear the Popping Candy then go over to my Instagram or TikTok to hear it). This bomb would be a perfect gift to give to anyone who loves a good cup of tea or glitter! Priced at £4.50. 

A light brown box filled with gold shimmer covered tea pot shaped bath bombs with a black rectangular card that says tea party bath bomb lush in white font on a bright background

Time To Relax 

Oh look, bath bombs are on the mind. It must be time to relax! This bomb contains Epsom Salts, Coconut Milk Powder, Lavender, Chamomile Blue and Neroli Oils and Lavender Absolute. To me, this bomb has a very much pure Lavender scent to it compared to say Twilight from Lush which is more a sort of a malty Lavender scent. 

This bomb is a 3 in 1 like UFO or Snow Fairy Lights. The top can be used as its own singular bath bomb, the larger part of this bomb can be used as a singular bomb and the interior of the larger part of the bomb can be sprinkled into the water and used on its own or if you’re feeling in need of a truly relaxing time, you can whack the whole bomb in and watch as the colours and salts explode into the water.  This bomb is very moisturising to the skin due to the Coconut Milk Powder and does give off very Spa vibes which I mean everyone could do with a bit more of a Spa vibe the way this year is going.  I think that this is a perfect bomb to give as a gift but I think that I prefer the Deep Sleep Salt Cube Bomb just as I don’t know how Time To Relax would do in regards to travelling back on public transport and such. This bomb would perfect for someone who is forever on their feet. Priced at £8.50. 

A photo of a light square brown box containing some blue spherical bath bombs with dark blue handles with a black rectangular card that says time to relax bath bomb lush in white font on a bright background

Bubble Bars: 

Avo Cuddle 

Everyone deserves a cuddle! This bubble bar contains Lemongrass and Bergamot Oils to create an uplifting scent. This bubble bar has the same scent as the very well known and loved Avobath Bath Bomb from Lush. This bubble bar looks cute and smells amazing. I absolutely love the Avobath scent as it just perks my day up from its zingy scent and makes me feel amazing when I use it. My only problem is that I wish that this was a Bubbleroon with some luxurious Avocado Butter or something just to ensure that its as nourishing as Avobath is. All in all though its an amazing product with a scent that will spring you into wishing that it was Summer already. I’d definitely recommend this as a gift for someone who loves citrus scents and is longing for a invigorating soak for a while. Priced at £6. 

A photo of a large light borne square box containing some green aanthromorphised avocados smiling bubble bars next to a black rectangular card that says  Ava Cuddle Bubble Bar on a bright background


Relax And Have Some Fun

We all need to relax and have some fun! This product contains Lavender and Ylang Ylang Oils, Benzoin Resinoid and Tonka Absolute. This mixture of ingredients creates a creamy and sweet Lavender based scent. If you have never used FUN, imagine a multipurpose product that is like playdoh but for the bath or shower! You can create little characters or just pinch some off. FUN can be used as shampoo, soap or as a bubble bar. I know some people that even use to shave themselves with due to the amount of Glycerine that is in a packet of FUN. I have to be in a s specific mood to enjoy this scent (when I am I do like to go full on with the scent).  I do love the concept of FUN and if you are a die hard fan of Sleepy or Twilight from Lush then this will definitely be for you. I would also definitely recommend this for someone who loves to create things. Priced at £9.50. 

A photo of a white hand holding a cylindrical bar ion FUN that consists of white and purple colours that is in a cylindrical log with a clear plastic wrapper with a black label with relax and have some fun in white font on a bright background



Who doesnt love a Mimosa first thing in the morning? Whether it be served in a glass or in the shower. This gel contains Elderflower Absolute, Fresh Orange Juice, Wine Lees and Sweet Wild Orange Oils, Mimosa and Carnation Absolutes. To me, this smells more on the floral side than Orange but that’s just my nose. I guess its more of a Gin and Elderflower Tonic with a touch of Orange Juice inspired gel than a ‘Mimosa’ inspired gel but that is just me. I do think that this is a great shower gel to use first thing in the morning to wake yourself up and would be a great gift for those who have trouble getting up or want something that’s unique. Priced at £8 for a 120g bottle. 

A large pool of bright orange shower gel on a bright background



This soap contains Balanites Oil, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Aquafaba, Lavender, Chamomile Blue and Tea Tree Oils, Rose Absolute and Silken Tofu. To begin with, this soap creates a nourishing lather and is very moisturising to the skin due to the Oils and Silken Tofu which help to moisturise the skin. To me, this has a very light yet floral scent and would go along amazingly with Time To Relax to create a Spa inspired gift set. For me, its not my favourite scent but I do think that its an amazing soap to have in the bathroom and would be amazing for anyone who has dry or sensitive skin. Priced at £6. 

A photo of stacks of rectangular pieces of black soap on a light brown shelf with a black rectangular card with balanites soap in white font on a bright background

Buzzy Mum 

When Buzzy Mums are busy, they need a minute to moisturise and meditate. This soap contains Camellia Sativa Seed Infusion, Camellia Sativa Seed Oil, Mimosa and Carnation Absolutes, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Peach Powder and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. To me, this smells very floral with a fruity backnote to it. I guess it is similar to Mimosa but this has a sort of more grounded floral scent to it whereas Mimosa has a sort of fizzy note to it due to the Wine Lees Oil. I do love this soap just from the shade of it and I think that this would be amazing for someone who likes a good soap to be on display in the bathroom. For me, I already have a lot of soaps but I do think that this soap does have a good scent to it. Priced at £6. 

A photo of a bunch of yellow and white bee shaped soaps on a light brown shelf with a black rectangular card that says buzzy mum soap in white font on a bright background

Proper Soap 

A proper soap is meant for someone who needs a proper time to wind down. This soap contains Rose Water, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose and Vanilla Absolutes and Neroli and Ylang Ylang Oils. This soap does contain a lot of ingredients but it smells divine. The Vanilla comes through quite a bit and gives this soap a sort of Creme Brûlée scent to it which I know sounds weird but it works well with the florals that are in this soap. For me, this is my favourite soap out of the three and would pair well with products such as Butterball or Rose Jam to create a bespoke gift set. Priced at £6. 

A stack of rectangular and arched pink and white soap on a light brown shelf with a black rectangular card with proper soap in white font on a bright background


Ol’ Blue Skies Are Back Eye Pads 

When Spring comes back so do those good ol’ blue skies! These eye pads contain German Chamomile and Butterfly Pea Flower Infusion, Glycerine, Fresh Aloe Gel and Carrageenan Extract alongside some other goodies. To me, these have a fresh and light scent to them whilst the Glycerine, Aloe and Carrageenan help to nourish and soothe the eye area which we all need. I have a visual impairment and get irritated eyes sometimes so these are amazing for when those times kick in. I do wish that with the name of this product that these eye pads were scented in the Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds scent but that’s just me. These would be great to add to a hamper or gift set for those who spend all day soaking up screen time due to their job. Priced at £3.50. 

A photo of a pair of circular blue eye pads with white dots on them on a bright background


Super Duper Hand Cream 

Even on the most troubling of days, you are still super duper! This hand cream contains Orange Blossom Infusion, Orange Blossom Flower Water, Almond Milk, Bergamot, Neroli, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Tea Seed Oils, Fresh Aloe Gel and Orange Flower Absolute. To me, this has a light floral scent to it with a bubbly citrus backnote. I think that I would prefer it the other way around personally but I do get the point of light scented hand care as it means that it doesnt clash with the fragrance that you are wearing and if you are applying it multiple times a day then it won’t build up and irritate the nose. The texture of the product itself is light due to the Almond Milk and Aloe Gel but at the same time is super moisturising due to the same ingredients. I think that this is a perfect hand care item to give to anyone including yourself that is on the go quite a lot. Priced at £10. 

A photo of a white hand holding a black cylindrical tub filled with yellow liquid with a black lid that says super duper hand lotion lush in white font on a bright background

All in all, an amazing mixture of products for Mothers Day. 

What is your favourite product from the Lush Mothers Day 2023 range? Let me know down below. 

Thanks to the staff at Lush White Rose for helping myself and Luke go through the products in this range. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

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