Thursday 23 March 2023

Golden Geese Create The Most Beautiful Eggs | Lush Easter Range 2023 First Impressions

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I recently went to Lush White Rose to check out the new Lush Easter Range and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it.; 

Bath Bombs: 

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt 

Golden Eggs only come from the most beautiful Geese in the land. 

If you have been an avid Lush fan for a few years now then you may know about Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt and for those that aren’t so much then I am here to help. This brilliant bath bomb melt contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oils. The Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil help to create the melt part of the bomb which slowly melts in the bath and helps to nourish the skin whilst the Orange and Bergamot help to create wonderful honeycomb/toffee scent that has a wonderfully refreshing citrus undertone to it. 

This has been one of the bombs that I have looked forward to seeing when it appears in the Easter range. In previous years, the melt slowly melts into the water making it feel super soft whilst the bomb fizzed away into the waters and when in collaboration the Golden Egg created some amazing bath art so I am hoping for the same with this one. I absolutely love the scent that this gives off and if you are familiar with the Honey I Washed The Kids range then you will find out when you use this product that Golden Egg shares the same scent. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good glittery bomb or wants a bomb in the bath that will give them the most softest skin the world. Priced at £4.50.

 (If you try it then please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts on it).

A zoomed in photo of a bunch of oval shaped golden eggs with gold glitter shaped bath bombs in a circular wooden light brown bowl with a black rectangular card with golden egg bath bomb melt in white font on a bright background

Follow The White Rabbit 

This Easter, be inspired by Alice and follow the White Rabbit all the way to your bathtub! This bath bomb has become a bit of a staple when it comes to the Easter range at Lush for the past couple of years. That’s for a good reason as not only does this bomb look gorgeous but looks cute too! This bomb contains Bergamot, Buchu and Sicilian Lemon Oils which may sound like an odd mixture but it works beautifully as the mixture of ingredients creates a sort of fresh citrusy yet slightly sweet scent to me with notes of Blackcurrant in the background. If you are familiar with the Carrots scent family (which appears in another product in this range) then you may be happy to find out that Follow The White Rabbit shares the same scent. I love the vibrant colours that come spiralling out of this cute white rabbit when it is in the bath and I love that it has Popping Candy in it too. The popping candy alongside the colours and scent help to create a multi-sensory bath experience that makes you feel like you have stepped into Wonderland. I would definitely recommend this for someone who loves to be creative or for anyone who loves a good bit of colour in their life or really anyone who loves AlIce In Wonderland as I am sure that they will love this bath bomb that has been inspired by it. Priced at £4. 

A white bunny shaped bath bomb with splashes of pink blue and orange on it on a bright background

Flamingo Egg 

Which came first? The Flamingo or the Egg? This bath bomb has been in the past few Easter ranges and its easy to grasp why as it looks like the perfect gift to give someone at Easter. This bath bomb contains Coarse Sea Salt, Labdanum, Resinoid, Sicilian Lemon and Vetivert Oils. To start off with, this bomb creates some beautiful bath art as it helps to turn the waters a lovely swirling mixture of pink and blue. The Labdanum, Lemon and Vetivert help to create a sort of sweet shop like scent. In my opinion, the scent of this bomb reminds me of those foam banana sweets with a touch of candy floss in the background so if you like really sweet scents then I am sure that you will love this but for me sometimes this scent can be a little too intense for me. (I know I know, that’s hard to fathom due to liking Snow Fairy and the lot but my nose is a weird one). I would recommend this to someone who is looking for a Easter egg alternative this Easter. I also think that this would make a perfect addition to a sort of Easter Hamper style gift. Priced at £5. 

A zoomed in photo of a large oval pink shaped bath bomb with blue salts in the middle on a bright background


Let’s celebrate the Spring Equinox in the tub! 

Ostara is a Pagan holiday that is focused around balance, rebirth and renewal. This bomb contains Bergamot, Lime and Violet Leaf Oil. This concoction of products help to create a sort of intense Blackcurrant scent which I absolutely adore but then again I love anything that is Blackcurrant scented. Ostara shares the same scent as What’s Up Doc? Shower Gel that was out in 2022. Furthermore, Ostara is a 2 in 1 bomb. Inside this beautiful bunny there is an egg that is waiting to be dropped into the water. You can either use Ostara as one big bomb or crack it open and use the Egg and Bunny separately. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who loves anything Blackcurrant scented or wants a cute gift that will surprise them or for someone who just wants a luxurious bath during Ostara or Easter. Ericed at £7. 

A wide shot of a row of purple-pink bunny shaped bath bombs with a yellow egg bomb inside of each stranding in a row on a wooden light brown shelf with a black card that says ostara in white font on a bright background

Bubble Bars: 

Baby Rainbow Carrots

You can’t have Easter without Carrots! These baby carrots are cute and come in an array of colours that correlate with the rainbow! This product contains Bergamot, Buchu and Sicilian Lemon Oils alongside Carrot Powder. I love the scent of these as they smell oh so fresh. These baby carrots share the same scent as the Follow The White Rabbit Bath Bomb and would be an amazing product to pair with to create an amazing bath. No matter what your favourite colour is, you’ll be able to find a Baby Carrot in that colour. I think that these would be amazing gift to give to someone. Grab a FTWR and a Baby Carrot or two and create a customised gift set! Priced at £3. 

A close up shot of a bunch of different coloured carrot shaped bubble bars including red, orange and blue in a circular light brown bowl with a black rectangular card that says baby rainbow carrots bubble bar in white font on a  bright background

Henny Penny 

Cluck, cluck! This bubble bar contains Olibanum Oil, Bergamot Oil and Acorn Powder. This product shares the same scent as the Sultana Of Soap/Blackberry family of products from Lush so if you like the soap or the old Blackberry Bomb then you will definitely love this. To me, I don’t really get Blackberry or Sultana, I get more of a Watermelon scent with a floral undertone to it so it’s not my favourite scent family personally. I do love the concept of the bubble bar and love that its shaped as a Hen. Priced at £5.50. 

A photo of a bunch of golden hen shaped bubble bars tin a light brown square box with a black cards that says Henry penny in white font pin a bright background


Celebrate Body Scrub 

Lets pop that cork and celebrate the good times! This body scrub contains Ground White Rice, Sweet Wild Orange and Lime Oils. This scrub is a foaming scrub which I quite like. The foaming action creates a subtle yet super nourishing lather which my dry skin adores. The rice adds a soft scrub which I adore as it means that I can control how hard I want to scrub compared to more gritty scrubs which take that away from me. The scent is amazing. If you love the Celebrate scent from Lush then you will love this as it shares the same scent. To me, this scrub and the scent just evokes Summer to me. A light scrub that you would use before going to the beach with the addition of a scent which sums up cocktails. Just amazing. I’d definitely recommend trying this out if you can. Priced at £14 for 240g.

A white hand holding a black cylindrical large tub filled with yellow scrub with a black label that says celebrate foaming body scrub in white font on a bright background

Gummy Bear Shower Jelly 

Another favourite that is back for another year! This Shower Jelly contains Coconut Milk, Fresh Mango Juice, Buchu, Cardamom, Litsea Cubeba and Sweet Wild Orange Oils.  I love this scent. It reminds me of a Mango Lassi or a can of Rubicon Mango. I love how the Coconut Milk ensures that the skin is hydrated and just adds a fragrance note to the background of this product that makes you wonder what it is. Furthermore, I also love the shape of this Jelly. I mean who doesn’t love a good Bear? Definitely worth getting if you like tropical scents or want to give a cute gift to someone. Priced at £6. 

A photo of a orange gummy bear shaped shower jelly on a bright background

Golden Egg Shower Gel 

Why not have a Golden Shower this Easter? This Shower Gel contains Fine Sea Salt, Lactic Acid, Bergamot Oil and Brazilian Orange Oil. This indeed shares the same scent as Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt. To me, this smells like rich and delicious toffee with a touch of citrus in the background that kind of helps the toffee be more sweet? This is the same scent as Honey I Washed The Kids and yes there is a Shower Gel with that name and scent but Golden Egg is completely Vegan where as HIWTK Shower Gel isn’t. In my opinion, HIWTK Shower Gel kind of smells of burnt honey with a vert floral undertone. I actually found a bottle of It’s Raining Men which was the first iteration of this gel and Golden Egg smells a bit more like that to me. I also love this gel because well I’m a child and its shiny and full of glitter! My friend Michelle also says that she associates this scent with me because I have loved it since we first met years ago. Go in, give both of the gels a sniff and let me know what you think. Do you prefer HIWTK or Golden Egg Shower Gel? Let me know. Priced at £7 for a 125g bottle. 

A white hand holding a clear cylindrical bottle filled with sparkly golden shower gel with a black label that says  Golden Egg Shower Gel in white font on a bright background


Rainbows & Waterfalls 

Thiis soap is a brand new soap for 2023. This soap contains Marshmallow Root Infusion, Watermelon Juice, Bergamot Oil and Rose Oil. To me, this isn’t my favourite soap. I like a touch of Watermelon when it comes to scents but I’m not the biggest fan of that very strong Watermelon scent that some may know mainly through it being a flavour of a well known American Candy. I’m surprised that Watermelon takes the main focus here especially as this soap contains Rose and normally Rose has a tendency of dominating sometimes. If you love Watermelon scents then you will love this soap. Luke kept asking if we were near the soap and when I said no he was confused as he could smell it quite strongly which is saying something. This product also shares the same scent as Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub so I would recommend pairing the two together for a little bundle of joy for someone. Priced at £6. 

A wide shot photo of some rainbow coloured chunks of soap on a light brown shelf with a black rectangular card that says rainbows and waterfalls soap  ub white fist ib a bright  vacjgriybd

Rock Star Rabbit 

If only Chaz and Dave were rockstars. This soap contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Castor Oil and Vanilla Absolute. If you remember the old Rockstar Soap from Lush then you will love this soap as it has been reimagined as this rocking rabbit for 2023. The scent reminds me of candy floss and sugar. I guess if you took Snow Fairy and added a little bit of creaminess then you would end up with the scent of this product. To me, its nice but like Rainbows and Waterfalls its quite strong so I can see some people not enjoying this as much but I kind of love it as the Vanilla adds that sort of scent that you have to search for in the soap. If you love sweet scents then this soap is definitely worth checking out. Priced at £5. 

A photo of a light pink rabbit animated with a guitar shaped soap on a bright background


Let There Be Dragons 

Dragons and FUN? Sounds like a perfect product to me. This product is a first for Easter as Lush haven’t released limited FUNs for an Easter range before. This FUN contains Sicilian Lemon Oil, Bergamot Oil and Jasmine Absolute. If you’re not sure what FUN is then think of it as a multipurpose bathing product. You can pinch bits off and mould them into cute characters (I mean why not pinch some off and create a Dragon), use it as shampoo, soap or as a bubble bar. This FUN shares the same scent as Dragons Egg Bath Bomb. I love this scent its so fresh and uplifting due to the mixture of Lemon and Bergamot whilst the Jasmine is in the background just ensuring that the two citrus oils do their best within this scent. I think that this would be amazing bar to use when its a bit warm and Summer is in full spring. If you love citrus scents or like to create an experience like never before in the bath then I would definitely recommend checking Let There Be Dragons out. Priced at £9.50. 

A cylindrical tube of yellow red and white FUN wrapped in plastic with a black label that says let there be dragons fun in white font on a bright background

I Believe In Unicorns 

Do you believe in Unicorns? This FUN contains Bergamot, Davana and Ylang Ylang Oils and Jasmine Absolute. This FUN shares the same scent as the Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this scent when I read about it on the website but when I smelt it in store, I actually really enjoyed it. The Davana and Bergamot have joined together to create a quite fruity scent whilst the Jasmine and Ylang Ylang play alongside them to add a sort of unique delicate floral note to the product. If you love anything that has a floral kick to it then I think you will really enjoy this FUN. Priced at £9.50.

A cylindrical tube of purple, white and pink fun wrapped in clear plastic with a rectangular black labell with in believe in unicorns in white font on a bright background


Lush Lip Butter 

We all need to keep our lips soft and supple even in the Spring. This product contains Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter, Fenugreek Absolute Brazilian Orange and Tagetes Oils, Vanilla and Sesame Seed Absolutes and Carob Resinoid. I love anything that is going to help the lips. The scent of this reminds me of a sort of deep maple scent which is probably from the Carob Resinoid The Vanilla also adds to this. If you like scents that are food orientated then you will love this. I have started to just put this into my bag to use whilst I’m on the go and I absolutely love it. If you are in need of some nourishment to the lips then I’d definitely recommend checking this out. Priced at £5. 

A white hand holding a tube of golden lip[ butter in a black tube with lush lip butter in white font on a bright background

What do you think of the Lush Easter range? What are your Easter traditions if you celebrate it? Let me know down below. 

Thanks to the staff at Lush White Rose for helping myself and Luke explore the Easter range especially Betty. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Some items in this post were gifted in exchange for a blog post. All views and opinions are my own. 

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