Tuesday 20 September 2022

Sinking My Teeth Into Tim's Bits | Tim Hortons Manchester Market Street First Impressions

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I recently went to Manchester and whilst I was there, I decided to check out the new Tim Hortons as I haven't been to a Tim Hortons before.

I was staying in Manchester for a few days to celebrate Alex's birthday and we saw Tim Hortons in the distance so we decided to check it out. After wondering what to have for quite a while we decided on getting the Sherbet Lemon Coolers, Tims Smoky Maple Burger, Crispy Meatless Chicken Sandwich and Timbits. 

Sherbet Lemon Cooler 

Cool down this summer with our fruity ice cold Cooler

I'm not the biggest fan of slush based drinks but the drink contained Lemon and I have to try anything that contains Lemon. When Tim Hortons said Sherbet Lemon, they meant it and I liked that about them. The Lemon flavour in this drink made your mouth go ooh whilst still having a slightly sweet edge to it which to me is perfection. The weather was also quite warm which made for more reason to enjoy this drink. I loved it. If you want a good Lemon slushy sort of drink in the Summer then I would definitely recommend this drink. 

Tims® Smoky Maple Burger 

Everyone's new favourite burger. Made with beef, onions, shredded iceberg lettuce, cheese and maple & chorizo sauce ketchup inside a lightly toasted brioche bun. 

I was expecting so much from this burger and sadly it just didn't deliver. This burger was quite small to begin with for the price which was a little bit annoying. The burger patty was juicy and succulent but lacked a tiny bit off seasoning for my liking. The Onions provided a good amount of crunch which I adored. The sauce was great and sweet which complimented the meat. The only problem is that I didn't get Maple and Chorizo. I got more of a sweet and slightly curry powder based taste which I didn't mind but I was expecting the heat and the taste of Chorizo to kick me in the face a little bit. This burger satisfied my hunger but I think that I just wanted a little bit more oomph. 

A close up photo of a circular golden brown bun with a circular dark brown burger in it with red half circle moon shaped red onion pieces, a square piece of yellow cheese and a dark brown sauce on silver metal tin foil on a black rectangular tray on a light brown table on a bright background

Crispy Meatless Chicken Sandwich 

Made with a plant based meatless chicken patty, mayonnaise, green leaf lettuce and smokey tomato mayonnaise inside a toasted brioche bun. 

I love a good meatless burger so I had to try it. I quite enjoyed this burger. The flavour of the meatless patty itself was a bit muted but the texture was amazing and resembled meat which was amazing. The batter of the patty was crispy and had flavour running through it. I have had meatless burgers that have been dry as hell and some that have resembled a sponge soaked in Mayo. This one was neither of them which I adored. The Smoky Tomato Mayo added a sort of flame grilled flavour to the burger which I quite liked as not only did it add a bit of depth to the burger but added some sweetness to the burger too. If you're looking for a new meatless burger to try out then I would definitely recommend this one. Even Alex stated that they would come back and get this burger again. 

A close up shot of a golden brown circular bun with a golden brown crispy meatless chicken patty with green lettuce and white mayo on a silver tin foil bed on a black rectangular tray on a square golden brown table on a bright background

A close up shot of a golden brown circular bun with a golden brown crispy meatless chicken patty with green lettuce and white mayo on a silver tin foil bed on a black rectangular tray on a square golden brown table on a bright background


A variety of fillings, sprinkled and powdered mini donut style cake balls

Who doesn't love top bite into a bit of Tim? I have heard so much hype about Timbits so when I saw them on the menu, it was fate. For anyone who hasn't tried Timbits. Imagine little doughnut balls filled with different flavoured fillings all shuffled up in a box to create a sort of surprise tasting experience. There was Churro, Birthday Cake, Apple, Chocolate and other flavoured little bits of beautiful goodness. I liked the Churro inspired one the most. I think it was Churro? I love Cinnamon so anything that was coated in Cinnamon is a good thing to me. I kind of expected a little bit more from the Birthday Cake one as it just tasted of a normal doughnut bite with some sprinkles on top. Overall though, they were amazing and definitely worth the hype! 

Would I go back again? Yeah! I would go back but I would want to try some of the other products that are on offer to try if I was to visit Tim Hortons again. I would definitely like to see what their breakfast menu is like and I would definitely like to try their hot drinks. Overall, Tim Hortons is definitely worth a try if you can get to one. 

Have you been to Tim Hortons before? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading!

Jamie x

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