Monday 12 September 2022

Let's Get Ooky Spooky In The Bath Or The Shower | Lush Halloween 2022 First Impressions - Bath & Shower

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I know that it may be a bit too early but Lush released their Halloween Range for 2022 so I thought that I would talk to you all about it today! As there is a lot of products this year, I'm breaking it up into two posts. 'Bath and Shower' and 'Everything Else'. 


Bath Bombs:

Bat Art 

It is time to let the Bats fly! Fly my pretties! Bat Art is back and ready to make your baths dark and dangerously spooky. This bomb has been out in previous Halloween ranges but I absolutely adore it. Bat Art contains Rosemary, Sicilian Lemon, Red Mandarin and Sage Oils. This mixture of ingredients creates a sort of Blackcurrant and Menthol sort of scent. If you are a Lushie then you may know this scent as Junk which is sold all year round as a Solid and Liquid Perfume. This productt also contains glitter and creates some beautiful bath art hence the name. If you haven't tried or sniffed it yet then I definitely urge you too! Priced at £5. 

A purple and black bat shaped bath bomb with a silver glitter overlay on a bright background

Big Foot 

Y'know what they say, the bigger the foot, the bigger the monster. This bomb contains Coconut Milk Powder, Popping Candy, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt, Lime Oil, Neroli Oil and Olibanum Resinoid. I can bet that this will be amazing in the bath due to the softening Coconut Milk, the Salts and the Popping Candy and thus be amazing for sore bodies which I seem to forever be at the moment. My main problem with Big Foot is that it just doesn't have a strong scent to it. This bomb seems to be the successor of Monsters Ball and sadly it doesn't live up to what Monsters Ball used to be like. I think that since the scent name has been changed to Zesty it has been toned down and thus when mixed with the bath bomb base mix it makes it severely hard to find the scent within the product. Priced at £4.50. 

A three toed clawed foot shaped pink and green bath bomb with flecks if white salt on a bright background


Not all ghosts are mean, some are friendly! This bomb is returning for another year of spooktacular fun! Not only is this little Ghostie cute but they also have a rainbow design on them which makes the bath look beautiful and bright which we all definitely need when the doom and gloom hits us in the middle of Autumn. This bomb contains Lemongrass, Sicilian Lemon and Persian Lime Oils. To me this smells of citrus sherbet that you'd expect on top of an ice cream in the middle of Summer. This bomb is definitely a pick me up and if you are a Lushie then you may know the scent through the gone but never forgotten You've Been Mangoed Bath Oil. Great for when it’s hard to get up in the morning in the cold Autumn weather. Priced at £4.50.

A white ghost shaped bath bomb with a rainbow splatter design on the side of it on a bright background

I Want My Mummy 

Who doesn't want their Mummy to wrap them up in warm blankets and comfort them. I kind of adore this bomb. It's a new one but it reminds me of Scooby Doo and well I kind of love that Lush have gone that way with a product for Halloween. I'm probably wrong and its just a play on Mummies and their iconography towards Halloween but who knows? This bomb contains Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oils and Cupuaçu Butter. The mixture of Orange and Bergamot creates a rich toffee scent which most will know as the Honey I Washed The Kids scent whilst the butter makes the bath rich and creamy whilst it makes the skin feel super soft. I think that this bomb would be great for a sort of Halloween movie night or a pre-Halloween trick or treating sort of bath. Priced at £3.50. 

A white mummy shaped bath bomb with strips of white butter all over it to act as bandages on a bright background

Lord of Misrule*

The Lord is back better than ever and they're up for causing some mischievous   misruling! Lord Of Misrule is a staple for the Halloween range at Lush and as stated it is back better than ever. Last year, LOM came out in a sort of beachball/jester design last year and this ruffled some feathers but this year it is back as its very well known and beloved green on the outside, wine red on the inside bath bomb. This bomb contains Dark Simatran Patchouli Oil, Black Pepper Oil and Vanilla Absolute. LOM Bath Bomb also contains Popping Candy which will give off an amazing experience in the bath. If you haven't smelt Lord Of Misrule before then imagine a sort of slightly spicy, slightly incense like scent with a touch of creaminess which helps to soften it all and stop it from being too much. I am glad that it has gone back to the original design as I felt like last years had a very soft LOM scent to it whereas the original is strong and a little bit in your face which I adore. £5.50.

A green spherical bath bomb with a crown engraved into it on a bright background

Punkin Pumpkin 

Punk is not dead even if it's Halloween! This bath bomb is a staple at Lush when it comes to the Halloween. I mean it's a cute Pumpkin! This bath bomb contains Cinnamon Leaf, Lime, Sweet Wild Orange and Sicilian Red Mandarin Oils and Pumpkin Powder. To me, this smells of a slightly sweet yet still heavily spiced Pumpkin Pie and it is to die for. Think that if you want a great bomb to start the Halloween season off with then I would definitely suggest this one. I  always kind of pair this one with The Experimenter scent wise in my head. I'm not sure as to why. Priced at £5. 


Ahhh! The call is coming from inside the house! You better stop that bath from running and answer the call. This Bomb was out in 2021 as a Bubble Bar but they have had an upgrade and is out in 2022 as a beautiful Bath Bomb. This bomb contains Ylang Ylang, Almond Essential Oil and Benzoin Resinoid which creates a sort of light but creamy Cherry and Almond scent to me. If you have been a Lushie for a while then you will know this scent as Happy blooming. I am not the biggest fan of Cherry scents but I actually don't mind this one. I will definitely be pairing this bomb with the new Tarantula Shower Jelly. Priced at £5. 


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its an UFO! This bomb is a 3 in 1 bomb. This means that you can either use the three different parts of this bath bomb separately for three different baths or use the whole bomb as one for a magnificent and luxurious bath. This bath bomb contains Coarse Sea Salt, Popping Candy, Blackcurrant Absolute, Sicilian Lemon and Lemongrass Oils. To me, this reminds me of a sort of fruity cocktail. Whilst I was in store, I heard someone say that it reminded them of Puppy Love Bubble Bar and I kind of get what they mean as Puppy Love has that sort of quite sherbet like sweetness to it with a touch of fruit but I'd say that this is the Blackcurrant variety instead of the Raspberry version that Puppy Love is in. 

I love the concept of this bomb but I have a couple of problems with this product as a whole. The Lemongrass is separated from the main bomb itself and only comes through to me through the popping candy which is in the centre of this bomb that you can empty and use on its own which in essence means that unless you use the whole bomb as one you won't get the addition of Lemograss alongside the other oils in your bath. I also don't think that Popping Candy should be classed as a bath bomb on it's own/a part that should be used on it's own to create a bath out of the possible three from this bomb If the Popping Candy came with Bath Bomb or Bubble Bar powder like it has in products from previous ranges then I think that this would make more sense to me. All in all though, this would be a great product to give as a Halloween gift. I know some friends who prefer Halloween to Christmas so it would be good to give to them or to anyone who loves anything Space related. Priced at £8.50. 

A wide oval shaped green bath bomb with an orange top bath bomb with yellow pipes of popping candy in the middle on a bright background

Bubble Bars: 


Aliens can't just phone home, they can run baths too! This product has been out in previous Lush Halloween ranges. This Bubble Bar contains Bergamot and Litsea Cubeba Oils and Benzoin Resinoid. To me, this creates a really intense citrusy Lime scent to me and honestly I'd associate this a little bit more with what I want Zesty to smell like rather than what Zesty does smell like but this is just my personal opinion. I'd definitely recommend this for someone again who is into Aliens or to use for a bath before going trick or treating. Priced at £5.50. 

A oval alien shaped green bubble bar on a bright background

Bubble Lugosi 

Sleeping in bubbles is the true dream. This bubble bar is a quirky one and contains Bergamot and Olibanum Oils which creates a Blackberry according to Lush. If you are a Lushie then you will know that this scent is the Soap Of Sultana/Blackberry scent and that this is a change up of the old beloved Bewitched Bubble Bar that was a Halloween staple. To me, when I smelt this in store, I mainly got Watermelon. It took me quite a while to get any form of creamy Blackberry from this product. This threw me off quite a bit. This bubble bar also glows in the dark like Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble does.  £6.50.

A circular white black and red vampire inspired bubble bar on a bright background


You can see so much with just one eye! Not only does this bubble bar smell amazing but also looks it too. This Bubble Bar contains Buchu, Litsea Cubeba and Sweet Wild Orange Oils which to me creates a sort bright and zesty Passionfruit scent with a slightly creamy undertone. I guess imagine those well known creamy Orang ice lollies but Passionfruit flavoured. This Bubble Bar definitely could definitely have a role in Monsters Inc! £5. 

A triangular cone orange shaped bubble bar with an white eye in the middle on a bright background


A bath filled with bubbles is best place to get lost in! This Bubble Bar looks the part due to having a maze design on it and pays homage to the legendary David Bowie film 'Labyrinth'. This bubble bar contains Black Pepper Oil, Dark Sumatran Patchouli Oil and Vanilla Absolute. This bubble bar shares its scent with the Lord of Misrule family of products. Definitely would recommend for when you need something grounding and relaxing. Priced at £6.

A circular orange and grey bubble bar with an ornate maze engraved on the top on a bright background


Body Scrub: 

Toil & Trouble 

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Well in Lush's version, its for the shower so lets minus the bubbles! This scrub contains Fine Sea Salt, Lavender Flower Infusion, Peppermint Infusion, Labdanum Resinoid, Orris Oil, Patchouli Oil and Sage Oil. Scentwise, this scrub took me on a journey. When I smelt it in store, I mainly got the scent of slightly dirty fallen leaves which I know sounds weird but I got it somehow. When I smelt it out of the store, I instantly got the Peppermint Infusion and nothing else. When I smelt it when I got home from being out in Leeds, I got a mixture of Lavender, Mint, fallen leaves and Blackcurrant. To me, on this sniff the Blackcurrant was the most prominent of the oils. There is no Blackcurrant in this product which confused me and instantly reminded me of  Junk all at the same time as Junk smells of Blackcurrant without containing any form of Blackcurrant Oil. What do the two share in common, I hear you ask. Sage. This leads me to believe that Sage can make products smell of Blackcurrant which I am more than happy with. The scrub is fine and not too coarse for the body which is probably due to the Fine Sea Salt but this also means that it is great for that time of the week when you need to relax and just take care of your body whether this be in the form of a long shower or a bath that lasts far too long than it should do. If you can get to a store, I would definitely recommend trying this out! Priced at £12 for a 250g tub. 

A oval splurge of black shower scrub with purple bat shaped shower jellies on top on a bright background

Shower Gel: 

Blood Orange 

Halloween is the perfect time to get a little bit bloody. I love Blood Oranges to the point that once I walked around Leeds City Centre just eating one. I mean I do that with most citrus fruit including Limes and Lemons. This Gel contains Fresh Orange Peel Infusion, Fresh Orange Juice,  Organic Blood Orange Oil, Bergamot Oil and Davana Oil. Yes you read that right, three different types of Orange. To me, this gel is slightly sweeter than a typical Blood Orange but I think that this is due to the addition of Davana Oil. Saying this, this gel is uplifting, citrusy and severely orange and I love it! Do I associate this smell with Halloween? Not really but do I love it and will I use it during the Halloween period? Oh definitely! Personally I think that this could be one of those products that gets pushed into AYR. Definitely worth a try if you can get your hands on if! Prices start from £7 for 120g. 

A tall cylindrical plastic bottle filled with bright orange shower gel with a black rectangular table with blood orange shower gel lush in white font with a black cylindrical lid on a bright background

Lord of Misrule*

Lets cause some misruling in the shower! This Shower Gel contains Black Peppercorn Infusion, Dark Sumatran Patchouli Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Vanilla Absolute, Wheatgerm Oil and Carrageenan Extract. I do quite like the Black Peppercorn Infusion as it seems to add a little bit of an extra smokiness to LOM which makes the Gel stand out a little bit more compared to the rest of the products that share the same scent. The Carrageenan Extract adds a sort of nourishing thick texture texture to this gel which I quite enjoy. Prices start from £8 for a 100g bottle. 

A cylindrical plastic clear bottle filled with bright green liquid with a black rectangular table with Lord of Misrule shower gel lush in white font on a. bright background

Shower Jelly: 


Creepy crawlies love Showers! Last year we saw the marvellous Monster Octopus make an appearance for Lush Halloween. This year it’s Tarantula’s  time to thrive. This cutie contains Cherry Infusion, Davana Oil, Lime Oil, Almond Essential Oil and Activated Charcoal. These ingredients create a strong sort of fresh Cherry mixed with Almond sort of scent. I sometimes find Cherry scents a bit too overpowering but this isn’t the case for Tarantula as the Almond cuts some of that sweetness that the Cherry Infusion and Oil provides.  Definitely worth sniffing if you can get to a store and if so give this terrific tarantula a good old wiggle. Priced at  £8 for a 180)g tub. 

A black spider shaped shower jelly with rainbow sparkles running all the way through it on a white bright background

Shower Slime: 

Sparkly Pumpkin

Who doesn’t love some sparkly slime? This slime is a fun product for both children and adults to use in the shower. This slime contains  Grapefruit, Juniperberry and Lime Oils, Fresh Grapefruit and Orange Juices. The scent of this is amazing however it is slightly different to Sparkly Pumpkin to me due to the additional juices. Whereas Sparkly Pumpkin was spicy with citrus notes, this slime is the other way round. Definitely something to use when you need a perk me up during the Autumn months and fun to use. I haven’t used this year so I’m kind of excited to use it! Priced at £6.

Acircular pool of bright orange slime on a bright background


Monster Mash 

Let's do the Monster Mash! What is FUN? FUN is a multipurpose product from Lush that can be used as shampoo, bubble bar, soap, and much more. This particular FUN contains four different scents from Lush. Junk (Bat Art), Alien, Ghosty & Punkin Pumpkin (this is the main reason why I aren't including the ingredients on this product as I have already mentioned them all in this post). I love the concept of this but I wished that these were sold separately as I love some more than others. The scents are strong! I would definitely recommend giving this as a gift. Priced at £9.50 for 200g. 


Ghost In The Dark 

Ruh, roh! Let's go find those g-g-ghosts in the dark! Some people prefer soap over shower gel and Lush hasn't left those people out of the Halloween range this year. Ghost In The Dark is not only a lovely soap but it also glows in the dark! This soap contains Lemongrass and Bergamot Oils. This creates a bright and zesty scent If you are a Lushie then you will know this scent as Avobath. I love this scent but I think that it works slightly better in the bath bomb form but this will definitely wake you up and if you use it as a general hand soap then it will leave your hands feeling oh so smooth! Priced at £6 for a 100g slice. 

That's it for the Bath and Shower. Come back next time for the rest of the Lush Halloween 2022 Range. 

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Products indicated with an asterisk are to show that the product is around until Christmas. 

All photos in this post were provided by Lush PR. All views and opinions are my own. 

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