Wednesday 2 March 2022

OMG! I Love Licking Out That Chocolate Crevice! | The Chocolate Smiths & George’s Bakery Collaboration Bar

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I purchased a George’s Bakery Collaboration bar a while ago and it has finally arrived so I thought I would tell you all about it today!

A photo of a large rectangular chocolate bar filled with golden brown square crevices, golden caramel, White Sea salt, white chocolate spread and dark brown chocolate with white squiggles and omg in white chocolate on a bright background

If you don’t know what a collaboration bar is then the best way to put is that it’s a chocolate bar all about collaborating with other small businesses to promote said business. The chocolate smiths do this by collaborating with businesses not only through promoting them on the wrapper of the bars but by putting some of the other small businesses most liked or most known product into the bar itself  and this time it’s the turn of the sumptuous, sublime and damn right sexy salted caramel crevice that blew up on TikTok not only for its hefty holes in the middle but for the titillating tutorial of how George makes it. 

‘George's famous cornflake crevice filled with the most delicious caramel, stuffed inside a milk and white chocolate bar with white chocolate spread. And of course. We had to feature his signature OMG!'

The texture of this bar is amazing. So many different layers and textures in one bar. Not only do you have the crunchy texture of the crevice itself, but you also have the gooey caramel, the thick spread and the slightly snappy chocolate. When you put all of these in your mouth via this bar, it creates a textural experience like no other. I love a bar with different textures in it so this bar just from textures alone ticks all of the boxes for me. 

A white hand holding a rectangular piece of dark brown chocolate with a cross section showing of a light golden brown cornflake block with golden brown caramel in the middle and white salt, white chocolate spread on a bright background

When I put a piece of this beautifully bulging bar in my mouth, the first taste that entered my mouth was the sweet yet slightly savoury cornflake crevice base itself. The crevice had a bit of a treacly undertone to it which instantly made me want to grab the whole bar and just ram it into my mouth. After this, the flavour of the devilishly decadent caramel flooded the interior of my mouth. Once this fabulous flavour flitted away from my tongue, a saline hit swam across my tongue. If you know me well, then you will know that I love not only Salted Carmel but anything with a good salty kick to it. I mean, who doesn't? This saline kick merged into the white chocolate spread which created a lovely flavour as well salty and creamy flavours are always a good thing too me. To finish off this bar to me, the last flavour that I got was the sightly sweet chocolate that The Chocolate Smiths are known for which ensured me that I remembered that this was not only a bar cranked full of delicious delights but an amazing collaboration between two small businesses. 

Would I get it again? Definitely! You get to support two small businesses, get to eat some amazing chocolate and also have the ability to lick out a delicious crevice which lets be honest is everyones number one fantasy. (This is all only possible if The Chocolate Smiths ever brought this bar out again). Now that I know what the products from George’s Bakery taste like too, I’ll definitely be making an order for one of their boxes very soon!  

Check out George’s Bakery. 

Check out The Chocolate Smiths

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

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