Sunday 11 July 2021

Favourite Summer Things Mini Guide 2021

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about some of my favourite items for the Summer that I have been checking out on social media. 

A birds eye shot photo consisting of different coloured and shaped food on a large bright brown wooden table with white hands on it on a bright background

Dr Martens Geraldo Brando Sandals 

If you've been following me on social media or on this blog for a while, then you may know about my love for Dr Martens. I love all of their footwear and other products that they sell. One of my favourite products from Dr Martens are the Jadon Max Boots as not only do they look lovely but they also are made out of durable fabric and just fit my aesthetic amazingly. However, I do think during the Summer we all need a pair of shoes or sandals that are going to make us feel our sensational Summer fantasies and I think that the Geraldo Brando pair from Dr Martens do that perfectly! I personally adore them due to having the closed toe style of a shoe mixed with the sort of fun summer style that comes with sandals. I for one am wary of waring sandals due to hating my feet and I think that these will get me to start wearing sandals again due to this particular pair of sandals having that closed toe finish to the product. Check them out here.

A photo of some black sandals with leather straps at the top that fit the ankle with a closed toe feature at the bottom to make them look more like shoes on a bright background

Hill & Ellis 

We all need a good bag to get us through the warm weather and all of those hectic vibes that come with enjoying the Summer to its fullest! Hill & Ellis, a wonderful brand, create not only amazing bags but colourful bags that will complement the Summer vibes that you may be enjoying right now but will also add a perfect pop of colour to your Autumnal/Winter fashion looks! Their bags are also made with sustainable materials and are made in the lovely city of London! I absolutely adore their products and think that they are amazing all year round! Check them out here

A rectangular large bright red satchel bag with black fabric straps on a bright background

Watermelon Malibu 

Who doesn't love a good drink? Is it just me or does Watermelon make you instantly think of Summer too? I guess its due to the amount of Watermelon based drinks that I have had during previous Summers. Especially Watermelon Mojitos! Malibu, which some already think as the epitome of Summer, have released a Watermelon version of their delicious drink and it is amazing. I absolutely love it and think that it is an amazing addition to a cocktail for those who love anything Watermelon. 

A photo of a white cylrindrical bottle filled with clear liquid with ,Malibu in black font with watermelon in red and green font on a bright background


If you have been living under a rock, which honestly I wouldn't blame you if you had been living under a rock during the past eighteen months, then you may not know what Jollibee is. Jollibee is a Fillipino fast food business that are slowly taking over the world! Jollibee focus on serving amazing Fried Chicken that will leave you feel happy for a while after you have eaten some. They also focus on creating an amazing homage to a well-known Filipino speciality which Jollibee have dubbed as the Jolly Spaghetti. This dish is amazing and reminds me of cold days where ally ou want is a hug in food form. They also offer a range of other dishes, have a brand spanking new store in Leeds and I think that their Fried Chicken eaten on a warm day in the Summer would be amazing! (Should I do a post on jollibee's food? Let me know down below or on my social media platforms!) Check them out here

A birds eye shot photo consisting of different coloured and shaped food on a large bright brown wooden table with white hands on it on a bright background

Short Dungarees 

We all need a look to kill the Summer in! I think that Short Dungarees are the epitome of Summer fashion. If you follow me on Social Media then you will know that I mean this with my whole heart as half of my feed is full of me wearing different types of Short Dungarees including ripped ones which I think are amazing. A true chefs (in this case designers) kiss! They go with anything and just make you feel like it's Summer no matter what! 

A person with a shaved head and silver rectangular glasses wearing a striped multicoloured rainbow face covering and red short dungarees, a bright blue shirt with white floral detailing and blue trainers on a rainbow background

So there we have it! A few of mt favourite Summer things! What are your favourite Summer things? Let me know down below or on my social media channels! 

Thanks for reading! 


Some of the brands and products mentioned in this post was in return for photos, or, products. All views are my own and this transaction does not change my opinions in this post at all. 

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