Friday 24 January 2020

Moseying On From The Store | Moser Roth Chocolate From Aldi Review

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Welcome to a brand new blog post. How are you doing today? Let me know in the comments below! I thought that, today, I would talk to you all about, some of the Moser Roth Chocolate products, that I tried when I went shoping at Aldi the other week.

None of the products are available on the website, thus, are, in store only from what I've researched. Furthermore, as they're not online, I won't be able to go into as much detail as I do on other posts. I also went to try out the bar that Food Review UK, had tried, but when I arrived at Aldi, that particular flavour disappeared. I was sad, as I love Coffee and Chocolate. Instead, I thought I'd just pick a few bars up and give them all a go. 

A dark brown rectangular chocolate bar with moser Roth in gold font with mousse au chocolate in gold font with sour cherry and chilli in pink font next to two grey rectangular chocolate bars with moser Roth in gold font with dark chocolate 64% single origin Peru with Spanish almonds and Bolivian popped quinoa in white font next to a rose gold chocolate bar with moser Roth in gold font with Caramel Dorê Chocolate with Pecans and Himalyan Pink Salt in white font on a bright background

Moser Roth Private Collection: Mousse Au Chocolat - Sour Cherry & Chilli

This packaging on this product, compared to the other two items that I purchased was different. This product had a more shiny black rectangular packet to it compared to the other two. The next big difference is that, this product wasn't technically a share bar that the other two are. This product had five small bars that could be taken out of the cardboard sleeve individually.

The Chocolate shell of the bar, was Dark Chocolate with a hint of Chilli, whereas the interior was a smooth, sort of, fruit compote filling which consisted mainly of pure Sour Cherry. I loved the textural contrast between the crisp shell and the smooth filling. The taste contrast was amazing, as the Sour Cherry had a bit of sweetness, which cut some of the bitterness of the Dark Chocolate, and the Chilli that came after cut through some of the Sourness of the Cherry. Honestly, even if you don't really enjoy Cherry flavours, that much, I would still encourage you to try it.

Moser Roth Private Collection: Dark Chocolate 64% Single Origin Peru with Spanish Almond & Bolivian Popped Quinoa

As mentioned above in the Sour Cherry review, this packaging has a more dark grey rectangular cardboard sleeve that contains a bar of chocolate in sort of tin foil packaging. Honestly, the packaging reminded me of the bars, from a Swiss Chocolatier, that is known for their Red spherical truffles...

This one had a few problems for me sadly. The Almonds and the Quinoa, which meant that, you couldn't really feel or taste the Almonds, which pretty much meant that this was a Dark Chocolate and Quinoa bar more than anything. I didn't mind the texture of the Quinoa and I get what they were trying to do. I get that Aldi/Moser Roth were going for a sort of Chocolate bar with Popped Rice in it, like the Nestle Crunch bars, but for some reason, the Quinoa wasn't that crunchy so it was more of a nubbly feeling compared to a full popped rice sort of texture. I'm not fully sure why, but, the bar overall had a very big sort of soapy berry sort of flavour going on, and, after trying the bar over a couple of days, I'm still not sure as to why. I'm sadly not sure whether I'd get this one again

Moser Roth Private Collection: Caramel Doré Chocolate with Pecans and Himalayan Pink Salt 

This bar was amazing, but, there could be a few tweaks made. The Pink Salt in particular could be played with a bit. I get it, everyone likes salt in different amounts, but when it comes to Salt and Chocolate, I want to be able to know that there's Salt in my Chocolate. I realise that sounds stupid, but do you know what I mean? Some brands, I'm not stating names, but they don't go enough with the Salt when they've created a Salted Caramel bar and its just a bit meh. The Salt was a bit detectable in this bar, but, it was more of an after taste than anything and if I hadn't;' had read the packet, then, I wouldn't have realised that there was Salt in the bar.

The Chocolate itself, reminded me of Caramac, but with more of a burnt toffee taste. By that I mean that it was kind of sickly sweet caramel, with a bit of a burn to counteract the Sweetness. I loved the sort of burnt aroma in the Chocolate, but if you had too much then it would burn up and maybe make you feel like you had just eaten smoke. The Pecans, I loved as it created a textural difference. Overall, I would have this again, as it is amazing, even with it's flaws, just like most of my friends.

Have you tried any of the above products? Have you tried anything from Moser Roth? Let me know down below!

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