Friday 6 October 2017

Ripped To The Max | Boohoo Man Haul


Welcome to a brand new blog post. Boohoo Man sent me a few items of clothing (that I chose) including a few things from their new Big and Tall range and I thought that I would talk to you guys about them today. I know that I'm not completely Big or Tall but I definitely end uo in the category of being too big sometimes for commercial items and too small for specialist clothing stores so I wanted to see what Boohoo Man's clothing was like.

The first item in this shopping haul comes outfit of the day post is the Boohoo Man Big and Tall Short Sleeve Checked Shirt in Charcoal. I love a good checked shirt as you've probably guessed in past fashion posts or on my social media. This checked shirt is a dark sort of charcoal and grey mix which is a bit different as you normally either get the sort of bright grey checked shirt or the typical red lumberjack shirt. The fabric is sort of a thick flannel which I think means that it would be a great shirt for layering at this time of year when its still a bit warm in the morning and cold in the afternoon. I also think that its a great piece of clothing to wear buttoned up for a more smart ook but also to pair with something else to give off a more casual vibe for the day.

I like the Big and Tall range from Boohoo Man as it ranges from an XL to a XXXXL which means that you should hopefully be able to find something that fits you no matter what shape or size!

The next item is Big and Tall 2 Pack Basic Crew Neck T-Shirt in Black and White. The fabric of this product is so soft and I believe that everyone no matter what shape, size, gender, etc should have a good staple tshirt that they can wear for well anything really. If you team it up say with something like a leather jacket or a bomber then it would make a great night out outfit or it can always be used with a pair of joggers for lounging around on those lazy weekends. You could always pair the shirt above and one of the tops to create a sort of smart casual look.

The next item that I got is the Black Ripped Knee Spray On Skinny Jeans. I got these a size up just because my legs are more towards the tree trunk side of things than anything else but I love these. I think that the knee rips give it a slight bit of edginess and add flare to any outfit that you wear and I think that black are the best colour when it comes to jeans as they will go with anything. I definitely think that they will be an Autumn staple for myself!

Shoes are from Vans a while ago as I love a bit of Disney and I think that again they add a bit of personalisation to the outfit as it shows that you like Disney and all things film.

Thanks to Edd who took these photos of me. If you want to see any of his work then please go and check out his Instagram.

Thanks to Boohoo Man for sending me these amazing products! Please do go and check out their new Big and Tall Range.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Fashion based blog post and I hope that you come back next time for another blog post!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

This blog post was in collaboration with a brand/business and was in return for goods/services. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own! 

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