Thursday 11 July 2024

Let's Get This Party Started Right Now! | Lush Parties 2024

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Lush have recently revamped their Partiies so I thought that today I would talk to you all about them. 

If you are unaware, you can book parties at Lush for whatever reason you want. Whether this be a birthday, an engagement, an anniversary, to celebrate a graduation or just because really. Lush have recently decided to mix up some things and make the party interesting as always. 

A wide angled phot of a big red bouncy castle shaped shower jelly on n a light brown rectangular shelf next to a tower of cylindrical plastic clear tubs filled with small red bouncy castle shaped shower jellies with circular clear lids with a black circular label that says bouncy castle shower jelly lush in white font on a bright background

Now I know what you’re thinking…. What does a Lush Party entail? Well a Lush Party can entail anything that you would like it to entail. At £25 per person, Lush Parties can be personalised for whomever is wanting one. 

Create your own outfits and fashion show like the pros using Lush’s own Knot Wraps which are not only recycled from existing materials but also are an amazing ethical alternative to wrapping paper. In my opinion, most of Lush’s Knot Wraps are covered in quirky and amazing patterns so if I was to do this then I would be bold and pair some wonderful patterns together to create an avant grade look. 

Use Lush’s iconic FUN to create portraits of everyone at the party which then can be used to wash the body, hair and as bubble bath. 

Have a good old fashioned pamper session! Create bespoke Face Masks and apply them to someone at the party with your eyes closed. Experiment with some of Lush’s makeup which includes ethical naked makeup such as their Naked Mascara to makeover someone at the party and use Lush’s iconic Massage Bars to learn the art of massage on yourself and others for when you and your loved ones really need some relaxation and recharge. 

A wide angled photo of a white circular bowl filled with pink clay face mask with some red rose petals on the side of the bowl on a white rectangular shelf on a bright background

Make a Lush Product. Now this one is integral to every Lush Party. The VIP gets to choose what you all get to make and you all get to take it home to use. Isn’t that amazing. I have made a couple of products at Lush in my time and whether they turn out as a masterpiece or as something from my nightmares I have always had a blast making them. 

Now Lush have decided to change the party game up a bit and have changed the products that you can make and take home. The products that you can make are Rosy Cheeks which contains Rose Petal Infusion, Rose Clay and Rose Oil which are all known for their calming and soothing properties so if you suffer from redness or irritation then this face mask would be perfect for you to make at the party and use, the beloveds and interstellar Intergalactic Bath Bomb that is full of Popping Candy, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Cedarwood and Vetivert Oils (I’ve made this in store before and it is a blast to make), Sleepy Bubble Bar which contains Lavender and Tonka to help you relax and indrift off to sleep, The Comforter Bubble Bar which smells like delicious fruity Blackcurrant, Tony’s Magic Cow Bath Bomb which is made for anyone who wants a beautiful softening bath and a surprise seasonal kit for those who are having a surprise party! 

A group of a mixture of coloured hands grabbing a white circular bowl being ready to make a product at lush on a bright background

A photo of a white hand putting a purple and white oval shaped bubble bar into a rectangular light brown bag with lush on the front with a love heart instead of the u in red whilst the rest is in black on a white rectangular surface on a bright background

The brand new products that can be gifted into everyone’s goody bag included Brother Bear, a shower gel inspired by Discos, a shower jelly shaped like a Bouncy Castle and much more! 

Birthday Bear Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is a brand new addition to the Party Range and oh boy are they adorable?! 

This bath bomb contains Bergamot Oil, Lavender Oil and Lemongrass Oil. This combination of Oils create a truly beautiful scent that reminds me slightly of Spiced Apple which is weird to explain but if you ever get to smell it then you will know what I mean. Spiced Apples with a sort of Lemongrass undertone that ensures that the scent doesnt become too sickly sweet. If you have shopped at Lush for a while then you may know the scent of this beautiful Bear more commonly as Love or even Fizzbanger. I recently got to make one of these beautiful bears in store and I shouldn’t say this but I was looking quite forward to dropping them into the tub and watching them drown/dissolve… Is that bad of me? Anyways, this bath bomb created a truly amazing bathing experience and weirdly I got to make this the weekend before my actual Birthday so I used this Bath Bomb at the end of my Birthday. 

A pink and dark orange bear shaped bath bomb on a bright background

Bouncy Castle Shower Jelly 

Who doesn’t remember a Bouncy Castle being the epitome of fun at someones birthday party? Well now you can take that fun into the tub with you. 

This Shower Jelly contains Glycerine, Freeh Strawberry Infusion, Carrageenan Extract, Jasmine Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid, Geranium Oil and Cold Pressed Strawberry Seed Oil. This Shower Jelly shares its scent with a retro Lush product known as Strawberry Twin Tubs. To me, the scent of this shower jelly honestly reminds me of British summers. The strawberry mixed with the Benzoin and Jasmine reminds me of enjoying Strawberries and scream at a picnic in a garden on a warm day. The Geranium is mainly in the background of the Shower Jelly to my nose which I like as sometimes Geranium can overpower other ingredients sometimes. This Shower Jelly also contains Glycerine and Carageenan whilst the Strawberry Seed also helps to nourish skin so you know that your skin will be left super soft and supple after using this shower jelly! 

A wide angled phot of a big red bouncy castle shaped shower jelly on n a light brown rectangular shelf next to a tower of cylindrical plastic clear tubs filled with small red bouncy castle shaped shower jellies with circular clear lids with a black circular label that says bouncy castle shower jelly lush in white font on a bright background

Shower In The Disco Shower Gel 

Time to make shower time as fun as a good old fashioned disco! 

This Shower Gel contains Glycerine, Fine Sea Salt, Lactic Acid, Bergamot Oil, Davana Oil, Almond Essential Oil and Vanilla Absolute. For those that have been shopping at Lush for a while may know the scent profile of this Shower Gel via the Conga Shower Jelly or the Krang Shower Jelly that is a part of the current TMNT X Lush range. To me, the ingredients combine to create a quite creamy but fruity scent. The best way to describe the scent of this Shower Gel is to imagine a fresh smoothie that’s been made mainly with Raspberries and Vanilla Yoghurt or the Raspberry flavour of the Drumstick Squashie sweets. 

There are also some returning favourites that are still a part of the Lush Party Range 

A white hand held below a upside cylindrical bottle filled with sparkly dark pink/red shower gel with a slightly red and pink mixed rectangular label with shower in the  disco shower gel lush written in white font on a bright background

Confetti Cake Lip Scrub 

Is it really a Party if there’s no Cake?!

 This Lip Scrub contains Caster Sugar, Multicoloured Sprinkles, Organic Jojoba Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Icing Sugar, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil, Vanilla Absolute and Fine Sea Salt. To me, the Vanilla is the main star of this Lip Scrub whilst the citrus ingredients help to make it multidimensional and not one noted. I guess the best way to describe it is a very rich vanilla cake that has been kissed with citrus. I am very iffy with Vanilla but I really like the scent and taste of this Lip Scrub! I also adore the addition of sprinkles. Sprinkles evoke parties and having a blast to me and make for a great textural component when it comes to lip scrubs. Definitely one for anyone who loves Vanilla or needs some TLC for their lips on the go. 

A white hand holding a glass cylindrical  tub filled with white and multicoloured lip scrub with confetti cake lip scrub written in white on the side of the jar on a bright background

Gold Party Balloon Reusable Bubble Bar

Who doesn’t love a balloon on their birthday? Well now you can have one in bubble bar form! 

This bubble bar contains Buchu, Litsea Cubeba and Sweet Wild Orange Oils to create a truly zesty scent that evokes the vibe of Summer Parties! If you have shopped at Lush for a while then you may know the scent of this golden balloon via the Passion scent. I adore the scent as it truly reminds me of drinking cocktails that are garnished with half a Passionfruit whilst sat outside enjoying the gorgeous yet rare summery weather in England. This bubble bar is a reusable bubble bar which work a little bit differently than Lush’s iconic bubble bars. To use this reusable bubble bar just hold the Balloon via the stick under running water and let the bubbles form. Once you have reached the amount of desired bubbles in the tub just turn the tap off and put somewhere safe to dry such as a soap dish. 

A balloon shaped bubble bar coated in gold glitter on a thin light brown wooden stick on a bright background

Calm A Llama Party Piñata Bath Bomb

Time to smash this piñata into the tub and see what comes out! 

This bath bomb contains Popping Candy, Lime Oil, Nwroli Oil and Olibanum Resinoid.  If you have been a Lushie for a while then you may know the scent of this Bath Bomb via the Zesty scent family at Lush. I love the concept of this bath bomb. A piñata that reveals a multidimensional sensory experience. I think that everyone would love to receive this. Not only does it look cute but it creates a hell of a bath fit for anyone celebrating something. 

If you can’t get to book a party anytime soon then don’t be alarmed. Lush hosts Parties all year round to suit you. There is also the revamped Happy Bath Day Gift Set which contains some of the Party exclusives for you to use at home. (I mean no ones going to know if you buy the gift for some self care rather than as a gift for someone’s birthday… it’s not what I’m planning on doing at all…)

A yellow and pink llama shaped bath bomb with popping candy and multicoloured sprinkles inside on a bright background

If you are looking to book a party then contact your local Lush or desired Lush store to discuss the details of your bespoke party!

Have you experienced a Party at Lush? Have you tried any of the products in this post? What’s the ultimate product from Lush that you’d love to be gifted for your birthday? Let me know down below and on social media. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie c

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